A series of oneshots and drabbles based on a single word. Most pairings will be Michael and Fiona. The genres include angst, romance, tragedy, humor, adventure, family, and more. These are in no particular order or universe. This is something to work the muse while I try to write a full length story. Enjoy!

Title: Yogurt

Summary: Every time she sees yogurt, she wants to gag.

Genre: Angst/Tragedy

Pairing: Fiona/Michael

Word Count: 150

Disclaimer: Not mine!


1) Yogurt

Every time she sees a cup of yogurt, she wants to gag.

She never hated yogurt before. In fact, when she was younger, one of her favorite treats was a frozen strawberry yogurt with sprinkles. But that was another time, and after her sister died, she couldn't even look at strawberries.

Nowadays, anytime she goes grocery shopping, she has to go through the dairy aisle with great care. Because if she even catches a glimpse of the cold treat, she's reduced to a blubbering mess that would have made her former self go insane with anger. She's never been one to cry, but after last September, it's becoming a more and more common affair.

Yogurt was his favorite thing to eat. Especially blueberry yogurt. Now, she also hates the sight of blueberries. These things didn't kill him. A bullet did. But she didn't care.

She would never eat yogurt again.

The End

A/N: Aww, Fiona. Don't worry, there will be lots of romance, smut, fun and babies for our favorite violent duo! Thanks for reading, and please review!