Universe at Battle 2 part 1.1 by Androidfish7

Me: What better way to kick off the book then with a great beginning! There isn't!

White got done explaining to the rest of the group and Blake's gang what they had to do. "Their headquarters are actually in Cuba, so we'll have to find travel accommodations" Said Doctor Jones. "Well, that's simple, now that the zombies are gone, Blake and I can fly you there" Explained White. [Me: Remember earlier when White tried to fly up the 600 story building? Well, he and Blake can fly anywhere so long as zombies aren't near. Zombies have a chemical in them called Shalem [not real] that kills off flying, so you can understand how birds and winged animals died off before anything else] "Alright" Said Doctor Jones. "Blake, you take Jorge and Karie, I will take Eugene, Eustace, and Doc" Said White. "Gotcha" Said Blake, as they flew away. "Hey Doc, I don't suppose you know if we're near Cuba" Said White. "Actually, we are flying over the gravestone of Fidel Castro right now" Said Doctor Jones "Guys! We can drop down now!" Said White. They reached the ground, and were met by hundreds of People with all sorts of crazy guns. "Whoa!" Said White, loading his AUG. The sword would not be useful here. "Hey you guys, drop your weapons and no one has to get hurt or killed" Said one guy with a microphone. "White, you can't even considering giving up" Said Karie. "Of course not. Weapons free!" Cried out White as the group loaded their guns and began shooting. The group got hit a lot, but suffered no fatal or structural injuries. Strangely enough, Eugene commanded the fight, shooting with his Desert Eagle without a suppressor, making it have even more range, and White took a few bullets in his head, impairing his vision slightly, so he was a little off target. Eugene killed off about half the force! They came up to the building. "I say, we just blow it up" Said White, taking out a bunch of Semtex grenades. "I second that motion" Said Eustace, taking out his fully loaded Banger. "Wait, it's completely explosive resistant" Said Doctor Jones. "Well then we have even more fun and kill everyone in that building" Said Blake. "Yeah Blake, we'll do that. Bastards shot me, they can get annihilated, and why not make it fun, make a blooper film over some kills, and I would say we torture this Joel Millington guy until he kills himself, we should then blow up the inside of the building, and burn every corpse in this god forsaken, oops, I meant forsaken building [not an Atheist comment, you will see]" Said White.

Me: And part 1 kicks off!