Someone's Hero: Chapter 1

AN: Well here is my 'prequel' to Just Need Someone. I got back to playing Mass Effect 1 and with a few promptings from my readers in the past plus my friends I am going to do the ME1 version of Aura so folks can see how she evolved. Plus I am then going to rewrite Just Need Someone going through ME2 to reflect her growth and struggles there.

AN2: As stated this uses my Aura Shepard who starts off as earthborn and then war hero. She starts off as renegade then moves towards paragon. The story will start from the beginning of ME1 and go from there.

Aura stood by a window, staring down at her long time home. God how she hated the memories there, the stench that the clogged streets gave off. "..Paradise my ass." She muttered feeling the new SR-1 Normandy's engine power up and the ship's pilot ring off the approaches for the jump relay. As she made her way to the bridge passing by the eager new crew she thought further to herself. "..Does he have to announce every bit?"

Rounding the CIC she soon emerged onto the bridge where their VIP passenger Nilhus stood watching the jump unfold. As she listened to the pilot, now as she recalled named Joker, read off how good he was in skill she listened to the banter.

"..Yes that is the official story, only an idiot belivers the official story." Joker said.

"..That's enough, your soldiers not children act like it!" she said with annoyance.

Then the captain's voice came over and she heard the testy tone in his voice. "..Damnit.." she growled in thought. "..Right I'm on my way.." she said in reply.

Ignoring the further banter from the crew she preceded down the corridor to where their navigator was talking it seemed to their chief engineer. Presley turned to face her, "..Congrats commander, looks like we had a smooth run. You heading down to see the Captain?" he asked.

"..I'm on my way to give him a status update right now." She replied. "..Like I would be doing anything else right now." She thought privately, honestly was the whole crew brain dead?

Figuring she may as well try to get to know the crew some she asked the navigator a few questions on their mission so far and what he knew of Nilhus. Finding little else she said, "..Information is on a need to know basis just like I have been suffering through, if or when you need to know what is going on. I will be sure to relay it to you." She said moving aside as he snapped off a salute.

"..Understood commander!" he said.

Not feeling in the mood to talk further she bypassed the squabbling junicor officer Jenkins and the ship's doctor who she had yet to meet. "..And with any luck I wont have to." She privately hoped.

Entering the comm she found only Nilhus standing and waiting for her. "..Ah commander good I was hoping you would get here first." He said.

"..Talk about what?" she said defensively.

Their Turian guest went on to describe the beauties of Eden Prime. "..I'm a marine not a tourist guide." She replied.

Quick to reply to her snap back he taunted her about how safe was the colony really. "..You got something to say Nilhus just say it." She said.

She listened to his sort of teasing tone asking her if she was 'ready for this', "..Is that some sort of Turian come on?" she thought neturally.

Then Captain Anderson came in breaking her thoughts, "..I think it is about time we told the Commander what is really going on here." He said.

"..This mission is far more then a simple shakedown run." Nilhus prompted

"..I figured there was something you weren't telling us, Captain." She said in a more friendly tone to him.

Finding out about a secret payload and then that it was a new Prothean artifact she asked about details and then Nilhus's comment about it effecting more then just Humans. Detecting a hint of worry in his tone she said as such, "..Are we expecting trouble?" she asked.

"..I'm always expecting trouble." He replied moving to her right side.

"..There is more then that Commander Nilhus is also here to test you." Anderson said.

"..Figures that's why I bump into him all the time since he came onboard." She snorted.

Listening to the recruiting Spectre speech from Anderson and then Nilhus's compliments on her own abilities she figured she may as learn what the next step was. "..So what's next?" she asked.

Nodding ot his reply and Andersons showing she was ready. She was readying to leave when Joker came in with a distress call. The three watched as it played out. Aura taking a slight interest in the female solider fighting in it. "..Strong willed woman.." she thought.

As the message was replied and Joker ordered to set a course for 'fast and quiet' Aura felt her stomach drop. The mission she knew as Anderson said would get a lot more complicated then it had been before. After getting her mission orders from the man she turned and headed out the door to ready the troops.

As the now three assembled in the hanger bay Aura wished the colony's roads were large enough to drop the Mako down with them. Watching Nilhus jump out first she shook her head as Anderson relaid their mission objectives and how Nilhus would fit into things. "..Read, able and rearing to go sir!" she said.

Grabbing the drop rope she slid down letting out a soft cry of excitement and freedom. Landing with a soft thud she unslung her assault rifle and after ensuring Jenkins and Alenko were ready as well took point to move things forward.

"..This place got hit hard commander. Keep your guard up." Came Nilhus's helpful radio call.

"..Idiot so much for radio silence." She thought.

Halting the group as they rounded a bend she sniffed and listened to the air. Something in her bones did not feel right as she and the others edged forward. Then suddenly as she signaled for Jenkins to move up two floating drones shimmered into view and opened fire, taking the marine off guard and dropping him quick.

Moving up quickly she found the young marine dead. "..Ripped right thorugh his shields commander. Never had a chance." Alenko stated.

Feeling a moment of sympathy for the young marine, she stated. "..We'll see he gets a proper burial when we're done here, but for now I need you to stay focused." She said pointedly.

As more of the small drones appeared the now pair took cover to take them out. Afterwards they moved on, "..Lot of burned out buildings here Shepard. I'm going to check them out I will meet up with you at the dig site." Nilhus said.

Aura said nothing in reply just moving on as they came under fire again. Again after destroying the pair Alenko and Aura moved forward hearing running feet and the sound of blaster fire.

Seeing the female marine from before in the distress call Aura unslung her sniper rifle and opened fire over her head causing her to duck. Four shots later with an overheated rifle Alenko and Aura moved forward. "..Thanks uh Commander was not sure if I could have taken them on my own." She said then introduced herself and her unit.

Aura quickly got a status update and an idea of who they were now facing and what the young Williams had gone through since it had begun. "..Take us there Williams, let's get some payback." Aura said.

"..Aye aye ma'am." She nodded in agreement

Quickly handling the geth guards around the dig site and finding it not there the three salvaged what they could from the area and moved forward. Aura taking a moment to add some ammo modifications to her assault rifle.

Again listening to Nilhus tell her where they would meet and his change of plans, the three moved up the hillside carefully on alert. "..Some scout you are.." Aura muttered.

"..Sorry Commander?" Alenko asked hearing her.

"..Nothing, move up." She ordered.

"..Careful looks like the work site got hit hard." Ashely said as it came into view dead marines strewn about the area with dead geth.

"..Looks like a good place for an ambush too, be on your guard." Alenko cheerfully offered.

The warnings proved well needed as Aura jogged forward and soon found herself in an ambush of strange cynthetic human like figures. One charged at her as she got off a shot with her assault rifle winging it, but it exploded with some sort of charging knocking her back and her shields more importantly down.

Thankfully Alenko and Ashely were there to back her up and soon after recovering herself the three made short combined work of the strange things. "..Oh god they were still alive..what did the Geth do to them?" he asked heaving a bit softly.

"..Keep moving, time for poking and prodding later." Aura said.

Once the three had got into the buildings up ahead they found two survivors. Listening to the report of the attack and the heroic efforts of the Marines Aura shook her head finally at the assistant. "..Whats up with your 'friend' there?" she asked.

Listening about the man's instability and medical problems, plus more of his ranting Aura had enough. "..Say good night Monwell.." She teased then slugged him hard with her right fist.

"..He's better off, we can't stay here to babysit and you cant come with us. He was a danger to you and your safety. Mission objectives come first." Aura replied ignoring Alenko's protests.

"..I suppose your right, by the time at least he awakes the meds will have kicked in." Dr Warren said.

Aura nodded then paused, offering over the woman a spare pistol they had found earlier. "..Here take this, just in case." She said and without another word left moving for the spaceport.

As they rounded a bend carefully on the hill ahead, they heard a far off, bang resound across the hillside. Up ahead was the southern end of the space port. Looking through her scope she found a massive ship and several more geth in view. Taking the surprise iniative Aura opened fire with her sniper rifle and soon the three were being rushed by more of the synthetic humanoids and geth. But through skill and luck they emerged victorious once more.

"..I think I heard movement from that farmer building over there." Ashely said moving to Aura's right.

Aura nodded and signaled for the group to check it out. Using some omni-gel to override more easily the group jumped back as a voice cried out. "..We're coming out we're unarmed!" a man said.

"..Is it safe? Are they gone?" a woman asked hurriedly.

"..We took care of the enemies." Aura said confidently.

Listening to their banter and what happened for them during the attack Aura decided that time was of the essence, "..We got to go." She said.

Hearing they were perhaps hiding something she paused and looked back. "..You got something to tell me Cole?" she asked.

Hearing about a small smuggling ring made her pause further, though she reflected on her past life and where she was now as a result. "..Your breaking the law Cole." She said snorting at his innocent protests.

Deciding to act on his guilt she prompted him to show any further items of use. Taking both the pistol and extra ammunition Ashley then pressed for the smuggler's contact name. Remind him that the man could be part of this attack the three nodded as the name came forth.

Coming up the ramp Aura paused seeing Nilhus's dead body with a gunshot through the head. "..Ah damnit." Aura said.

"..Commander its Nilhus." Alenko said.

"..No shit.." The female marine said shaking her head.

"..You know this Turian?" Ashely asked.

Aura just nodded about to explain when the marine said more, "..I hear something behind the crates!" She said sending everyone to alert with weapons redrawn.

"..Don't shoot! I'm one of you! I'm human!" a man cried running up.

"..What are you doing sneaking around back there?" she demanded

Aura listened as the man revelaed to be smuggler they were looking for and how another Turian shot Nilhus. "..What are you talking about?" she asked.

Listening again to what happened she shook her head, "..So this Saren is a backstabbing coward.." Aura spat asking where the turian went.

Getting more information on the beacon Aura finally pointed out the obvious bit of information that was having Ashley chomp at the bit to reveal. "..Your Cole's contact here on the docks." She said, then listened to his protests and lies of how it didn't matter anymore.

"..You smuggle any weapons?" she asked.

Deciding to let Ashely handle things for a bit, Aura finally stepped in, "..Just give me the grendades." She said.

Taking the offered explosives Aura considered her own past once more. While certainly no saint herself she figured she should at least put on a good show for the smuggler and remind him of where the law stood on the matter, seemed only fair. "..Alot of marines died her Pal maybe you should make it up to them." She said.

Taking the top of the line hardware she found it was just a basic explosive mod. "..Not a very good smuggler then.." she snorted pocketing it for later use. Were she him she would have recognized that such a common item would not have much resale value.

She had barely got the thought out of her head and the item pocketed when they were once more under attack. The next twenty minutes were difficult as the three made their way to the train but eventually they emerged victorious and were off. Along the way Aura took the moment to get her breath caught. "..Not half bad moves back there Willams. Quick on your feet and decent shot." Aura commented checking over her own hardware and making a few quick modifications.

"..You know what they say Commander, every marine a pair of boots and rifle. I'm just a fast learner." She said.

"..Uh huh.." Aura nodded with a faint chuckle.

As the train finished it run they trio saw geth laying in weight ahead for them, each group laying out demolition charges. "..Ah crap." Aura thought. "..Alenko get to it, Ashely and I will cover you." She said figuring the tech and adapt would have a better handle on things then she or Ashely.

Alenko nodded and got to work, and over the next few tense moments one group and bomb after another the group moved and disarmed the threat. Eventually emerging near the loading platform for the space port. Dealing with a few more Geth and cybernetic humanoids silence fell across the area as the group worked to gather up supplies.

Seeing the beacon glowing Aura got a bad feeling off it and turned to report the matter to Normandy. As she turned to address the group she saw Ashley walking up but Alenko was moving closer like a young eager child to look at the beacon closely. He got no more then a few steps when it started to glow and drag him closer against his will. "..Idiot!" Aura snapped rushing forward to try to simply drag him back.

Instead she was forced to grab and throw him away, but in so doing she was even closer then before and felt the tendrils of its energy reach out and pulse deeply into her mind. Images of war and robots were thrown through her head. Death, destruction, and innocents lost in a matter of seconds. She felt the pulsing ebb grow stronger then blow her back hard onto the ground, blackness encompassing her quickly. "..Urgh.." she groaned softly before passing out.

AN3: Well there's Chapter 1 I'll be continuing chapter 2 soon.