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3rd person POV

"This key is that we need," Illias, the controller of Katara's Gang, said. He was pointing at a picture of a silver key on the huge computer screen behind him. The key spun in different directions in the picture. "If you get this key, I will be able to control the minds of everyone in the world."

Katara's Gang was hidden in a huge, dark underground dojo. Three out of four of the tall walls were lined with computers. Weapons were hung on another wall. A balcony that was about 30ft, stretched around the whole dojo. It held the mind control machines and the secret entrance to their dojo. It was a place that no one would be able to find.

"Go to your chambers my minions," Illias said. "I want all of you to be prepared. Our mission will be in full affect tomorrow."

"Yes master," said Katara's Gang. They all turned around and began to march to their chambers.

"Katara wait a minute," said Illias.

Katara stopped in her tracks. She turned around and walked over to him. "Yes, master?" she said.

"I am putting you in charge of this mission," he said. "Can I trust you?"

"You can trust me master," Katara said.

Illias grinned. "Good. Now go to your chamber."

"Yes master." Katara turned around and began to walk away.

"Now that I am in control of ten assassins, I can finally get control over everyone in the world." Illias laughed sinisterly. "Nothing can stop me now! Not even those foolish ninjas!"

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