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Third Person P.O.V

It seemed that things in Empire City were much more peaceful and pleasant ever since the Supah Ninjas defeated Illias.

After the fight, they had gone back to Mike's house where they saw a news story about Illias on the news. He had been arrested for kidnapping, robbery, and attempted murder, since he tried to kill Mike. The police didn't bother to arrest the assassins, since they were forced into Katara's Gang by Illias.

Illias was sentenced to life in prison. He most definitely deserved it.

It was at Mike's house were Mike and Amanda had talked about both of their feelings, how much they wanted each other, and kissed again, much to Owen's discomfort. They were both happy to be dating now. They waited long enough for it to happen anyway.

As they were in Mike's house, Amanda's knee had gotten worse while they were at Mike's house. It had continued to throb, swell, and turn red. They quickly took her to the hospital, were it was discovered that she only had a sprain. The doctor wrapped her knee, and told her she should be fine in about a week. She didn't even need crouches. She was allowed to walk, even though she had a limp.

After begging and pleading with his dad and the doctor, Mike was allowed to go back to school. The scar in his side was almost completely healed, and he felt good as new. There was always the occasional slight burning sensation he felt, but it was pretty bearable. It felt good for him to be able to get out of the house and be somewhat productive. Bed rest was most definitely not his favorite thing in the world.

The weekend had gone by pretty fast for the Ninjas. Before they knew it, it was Monday, and they were walking down one of the hallway of Benjamin Rush High School. Many people started at the trio with shock, confusion, suspicion, and anxiety for many reasons. Basically everyone at Benjamin Rush High knew about Mike getting stabbed. But no one expected for him to be back at school so soon. A lot of people didn't expect to every see him again. They expected that he would either be dead, paralyzed, or afraid to face the world again.

Mike wasn't that weak. At least, not anymore.

Another thing that brought on their stares was seeing Mike and Amanda holding hands. Whispers could be heard going through the halls of Benjamin Rush High. Seeing a cheerleader holding hands with Mike, who to some was considered a 'dork', wasn't an everyday thing. By the end of first period, one thing was agreed on: they were definitely dating.

As the day went by, the stares diminished. People went on with what they were doing, and so did Mike, Amanda, and Owen.

Soon, it was the end of fourth period, and the trio was walking down the hallway again, getting ready for their next class.

Amanda still limped, much to Mike's concern. She couldn't really straighten her knee, or put that much weight on it, but she was still able to manage. Mike still felt concerned about her knee and couldn't resist the urge to question it. "You're sure your knee is ok?"

Amanda sighed. "My knee is fine Mike." She turned her head to look at him. "You don't have to be so concerned." This has probably been the fourth time Mike has asked about Amanda's knee. Although she thought it was kinda cute and she loved him for being so concerned, he didn't have to stress himself out over it.

"I just want to make sure you're alright," Mike replied. "I mean, you can't blame a guy for being concerned for his girlfriend." Mike gave Amanda a goofy smile when he said the last word, which made Amanda giggled and blush.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," they heard Owen grumble. The couple chuckled.

As they continued to walk, they saw Kelly standing in their path down the hall. They didn't think much of it until they were closer to her. She was standing with both arms crossed in front of her. She had an eyebrow raised in question. "How did this happen?"

The trio looked at each other, confused. "What do you mean?" Mike asked.

"This!" Kelly gestured to Amanda and Mike with one of her arms. "How did you two end up dating?"

Amanda shrugged. "What's so weird about that? I like Mike, and he likes me. So, we're dating."

Kelly stared at them in confusion. "There is most definitely something very wrong with the universe." And with that she stalked off.

Mike and Owen stared after her, confused. "She'll get over it." Amanda said to them.

They proceeded with their walk down the hall. As they turned the corner, they came face to face with a person they didn't think they'd ever have to see again.


But, something seemed different about her appearance. She was still short, she still had long brown hair with side-swiped bangs, and she still had big, brown, doe-like eyes. The three studied her until they realized that she was … smiling? Nervously?

The four of them stood there awkwardly until Jasmine decided to speak first. "Uhhh, h-hi." She spoke nervously, as if the confidence she had as an assassin was drained from her body.

The Ninjas stammered out various greetings. They didn't know what else to say. It was only three days ago when Jasmine was trying to kill them, and things were just way too awkward.

"How's your knee?" Jasmine gestured to Amanda's knee. It was clear that she was attempting to start a conversation and, somewhat, diminish the awkwardness.

"Uhhh, i-it's fine, I guess." Amanda looked down at her knee, and then at Mike and Owen, unsure of what to do.

Jasmine looked at the three, waiting for what would happen next. She soon got tired of the awkwardness and told them what she had been planning to tell them since Saturday. "Listen, I'm really sorry about everything that happened in the past month. I really didn't want to harm you guys. I just wasn't in control of what I was doing. Literally. Can you guys forgive me?"

Mike, Amanda, and Owen stared at Jasmine, their eyes as big as saucers. Jasmine was actually being nice to them. Usually, she was mean, tough, and threatening. Even though she still had a great amount of muscle for a girl and was still very tough looking, the mean and threatening composure she had before completely disappeared. What used to be cold, stern brown eyes were now kind and friendly. What used to be a threatening scowl was now a warm and inviting smile with what seemed to be very deep dimples.

The sudden transformation made Jasmine even more beautiful than she was before in Owens eyes. While the other two composed themselves, Owen continued to gape at her.

"Of course we forgive you," Amanda said with a smile.

"Yeah." Mike added. "No worries. It's probably best if we put this whole thing behind us anyway."

Jasmine sighed in relief and smiled. She had been worried all weekend that the Ninjas would hate her guts and wouldn't even try to hear what she had to say. It was a relief to know that all was well between them.

Just then, the warning bell rang, signaling that class would start in a few minutes. "I better go." Jasmine said. "I don't want to be late for class."

Jasmine began to walk away as Mike said, "See ya," followed by Amanda saying, "Bye!"

Just as Jasmine was making her way down the hall, Owen finally came to his senses. "Jasmine wait!" He ran after her.

At the sound of her name, jasmine stopped and turned around to see Owen running up to her. The sight of him made her smile. "Yeah?"

"I was just thinking," Owen began, "that maybe we could probably, you know, hang out sometime?" Jasmine raised an eyebrow at him, and smiled. "I mean, as friends."

Jasmine giggled. "Maybe we can."

Owen was taken aback by her response. He didn't expect her to actually say something that was close to yes. He expected her to completely blow him off.

Good things could come from this.

"I really gotta get to class," Jasmine said walking backwards. "I talk to you later." She waved to Owen as she walked away. Owen stood there, waving goofily at her.

He spun around and walked back to his friends with a new confidence. "I told you she loved me." He told them with a smile.

Mike chuckled. "Yeah. Keep telling yourself that buddy." He patted Owen on the back playfully.

Owen rolled his eyes. "Let's just get to class." He began walking down the hall towards their next class.

Mike began to follow but suddenly felt restricted by Amanda, her fingers intertwined with his. She stood in her place, refusing to move an inch until she got what she wanted. When Mike turned around to see what was up and met her blue eyes, he realized exactly what she wanted. Mike smiled, stepped closer to Amanda, leaned in and kissed her. Their lips moved in sync together until they broke apart a few seconds later, smiling at each other.

"You two really need to get a room!" Owen said to them. They chuckled and followed Owen to their next class.

Everything seemed to be going perfect. Mike was back in school, he had the girl of his dreams, Owen seemed to have a chance with Jasmine, and Illias was finally defeated.

Or so they thought…


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