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Justice League Bride Wars: Attack of the Bridezillas
Chapter 3

(Saint Matthew's Cathedral - Father Peter's office)

Father Peter McMullen expected some friction from the two brides, but he was surprised to see the two almost coming to blows. Mrs. Sage - who wanted an actual marriage instead of simply being satisfied after eloping - seemed ready to ring the neck of Ms Prince. The priest thought back to around two hours ago when these two first got here.

(Saint Matthew's Cathedral - Father Peter's Office - Two hours ago)

Helena looked at Father Peter and at Diana Prince. She wasn't stupid and could tell who the woman actually was. After all there were so few women - even when wearing secretary outfits - who looked like a certain born to be a supermodel Amazon princess. She took a seat next to Ms. Prince and listened as Father Peter began to speak.

"Ladies, first allow me to say how sorry I am about having to call you both in to see me. You see our church secretary, Elga, has been out on maternity leave. Elga normally sets up the appointments such as funerals, weddings, the whole nine yards and to be honest I've been lost without her here. That said there has been a bit of a problem with the wedding date of the 24 of December..."

Helen's eyebrow twitched, but she kept her face cool. "What kind of problem? When I called you said the date was open."

"It was. Well, I thought it was. You see I penciled you both in for the same time."

After letting that sink in Diana asked, "Can't you simply adjust one of our slots to either an earlier or later time?"

"Normally I would, but most of the employees of the church will be leaving at five. Beyond that point only myself, sister Agnus, and our priest in training Anthony will actually still be here. For that reason five pm is the last time frame I can hold a wedding. Everything before hand is booked solid. Though, the 27th is still open."

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that." Diana replied with a frown. "That day is far too personal and important to Bruce."

"Well why don't you tell the old man to suck it up?" Helen suggested, "I'm not changing my date just because some uptight rodent won't budge."

"Helena, that is beyond uncalled for!" Diana snapped, "You know how important that day is to Bruce! It made him who he is!"

"Well how about using that day as some symbolic thing for him overcoming loss?"

"How about you have your wedding on the day your parents died!"

"How about you go f-"

"Have we not forgotten this is a church?" The priest exclaimed.

"Sorry, Father, but I'm not going to change my date or time." Helena apologized, "You or Diana need to figure something out."

"Isn't there another option?" Diana asked hopefully.

"The only other option is for one of you to be dropped. We can't hold dual weddings at the same time. This isn't Las Vegas; it's the house of Almighty God!"

Diana couldn't help but feel a little foolish after making the suggestion. "My apologies. May I ask who made their date first? I feel it is most fair that the person who did gets the slot."

"Yeah, who made their date first?"

"I'm afraid I didn't record who made theirs' first." He admitted sheepishly, "I'm not exactly good with organization."

Helena let out a sigh. "Look, I'm a devoted Catholic woman. I was baptized in the Catholic Church and think of it as a second home. I've not only been to this parish but I've been going here at least once a week for quite a long time. Father Peter, you welcomed me personally when I began. It makes sense I'm married here."

"I may not have visited your place of worship before, but I know that Bruce has when he was a child." Diana chimed in. "He came here with his parents when he was young."

"Bruce hasn't been to a church since he was eight, Diana." Helena scowled, "Plus I'm pretty sure he's Atheist."

"He is not!"

"I do remember Thomas and Martha Wayne being here, but I cannot play favorites. You will have to come to a decision among yourselves." Father Peter instructed.

"Sorry Di, but I think that in this case I should be the one to get the date. After all, I'm more connected to this church." Helena pointed out. "Just have it on the 27th."

"Do you not know what the 27th is? I will not set our wedding on that day!" Diana exclaimed.

"You don't even believe in God, Diana! Why don't you get married on an island or something?"

"I wish to be married in a church!"

"I wish you weren't a stubborn pain in the butt!"

"How dare you!"

From there the shouts between the two simply began to escalate.