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This is my first ever story iv written and im quite pleased with it i love the tails x rouge partnership so i just had to write a story of my own. Feedback would be greatly appreciated as ill be the first to admit iv got allot to learn as far as writing goes but any way enjoy.

It was well past the late hours of the night and twilight had begun to break over the horizon slight cracks of crimson light socked through the slated blinds into to a certain foxes workshop. While the rest of mobius slept tails had worked tirelessly through the night on what he was convinced would be his greatest invention to date this is his story of an even greater discovery.

5:12 AM Tails's aircraft hanger Workshop

Tapping his foot impatiently tails ran his paws through the plumes on his head as drips of sweet dropped from his forehand he had been working on his latest invention all night a device which could use chaos energy to instantly transport any living creature from one point to the next. "argh this is the 25th time iv ran iv ran this darn thing and all it ever seems to do is try to cook me!" un crossing his arms tails stared at the giant metallic platform scaning each and every part for a single fault his calculations where perfect he had run them enough times to know, The platform was large enough and contained every part needed, he was powering it with three chaos emeralds so power wasn't a problem yet every single time he actually got to chosseing a location it just fizzed out after getting very warm. sighing heavily tails turned away from the behemoth of a machine and paced back over to his desk on the far side of the hanger where several monitors buzzed away. Brushing the pile of crumpled papers and candy bars from his keyboard tails slumped down on his swivel chair throwing his head back in frustration lines of data and code running through his mind as he stared up at the ceiling closeting his eyes for the first time in a while he began to relax letting the failures of the last few days leave his mind when suddenly something new entered his mind all he could think about was rouge.

The two of them had been working together over the past few days she had been collecting emeralds for him in return for well he wasn't quite sure what she wanted back when ever he asked she always giggled and just said "Oh your'll see" when ever he asked just what that meant rouge would just kiss him on the forehand and tell him he was "cutely innocent". He kept playing the last few days he had been with her through his head everything shed said and done his heart begun to pound faster for the first time tails began to notice "other" aspects of rouge in way she looked and acted around him. That low cut suit she always wore and the way she would constantly hug and push her self against him how she always used to bend over in front of him how that moment he was quickly awoken by a very familiar giggle "Seems little tails isn't as innocent as i thought" quickly opening his eyes the first thing that greeted tails was rouges eyes as she hovered a few feet above him. She had made an annoying habit of waiting intill tails least expected it before she would swoop down and scare the hell out of him. Quickly trying to jump out of his chair in a fit of shock he tumbled over backwards accidently grabbing onto rouges sleeve and bringing her down with him the two landing right ontop of each other. For a few moments tails stared in rouges eyes his face lit up a bright red whilst rouge stared back a seductive smirk across her face before finally tails broke the silence "r. what are you doing here" purposely pushing her self even further down on tails her breasts resting on his chest makeing it impposible for him not to stare down her clevage she replied "Now is that any way to talk to a lady epically one that caught you in such a...compromising position" Tails was once again baffled "w.. are you talking about?" shuffling her self up his body her cleavage now almost directly level with his eyes she whispered into his ear "lets just say you should really stop day dreaming without any pants on" Tails may be a sheltered teen but even he got what she meant by that.

Blushing even heavier he turned his head to the side and hastily apologized pure embarrassment in his face "Im so sorry i was just ah yes your right i wont let it happen again im just ahh" rouge simply placed a single finger over his lips to quite him. kissing tails gently on the fore head and running her hand across his face sensually leavening her hand to rest on his cheek she stared into his eyes again "its alright Hun its all part of becoming a man...but" and this was the point where her smirk intensified "im curious what made you...feel like that" she already knew exactly what the cute little foxes answer would be as he meekly replied "I...Iv got work to do rouge cant this wait" frowning playfully rouge sat her self on tails chest allowing his eyes to scan the entirety of her skimpy outfit for the first time today "ill take this suit off if you tell me".

Shaking slightly tails froze for a second every moral fiber in his body said no it told him to just push her off continue with his work act like nothing happened. But even stronger was the primal urge he felt deep down inside of him self a feeling he was experiencing for the first time "I was" he paused for a second "i was thinking about you"Running her hands down tails face onto his chest rouge almost whispered "what kind of things where you thinking about"tails broke his eye contact with rouge his awkwardness forcing him to once again meekly reply "i was thinking about how yourv been so close to me and how.. amazing you look how.." tails began to pant slightly lust overcoming his once innocent mind "how great stareing at you makes me feel"


Grabbing ahold of tails's hands quickly rouge forced them onto her chest leaning into him his bare erection now pushing against her as her perfect boobs now hovered over his face again with his hands held against them. "go on Hun give into it" burying the last of his conscience tails wrapped his hands around her still covered breasts his senses going crazy his hormones taking over his panting intensified. "oh before i forget a deals a deal" slowly moving tails's hands from her chest she rose to her feet intill she was standing directly over tails and slowly removed the straps on her suit. First her right shoulder strap, Then the left and finally she undid the zip on the back of her suit and allowed it to just fall to her feet, kicking it away with her foot she now stood over tails completely naked, His eyes darted from place to place taking every small detail. Her perfectly browned fur, her curvy legs, the way her wings slowly curled and folded into place, her perfectly rounded heaving breasts each one easily almost as big as his head and finally her glistening pussy. Resuming her old position straddled on his chest he instantly grabbed a hold of her breasts fondling them slowly his eyes narrowing his excitement building at that moment she leaned into him again his erection now pushed right against her bare behind "beg for it tails" his response was almost immediate "Please... fuck me rouge please i want to know how it feels".

Rouge moved at an almost blinding speed as tails held onto her breasts she pulled him towards her kissing him wildly there tongues meeting as he tails kissed back almost just as passionately. At that moment rouge without warning forced her self down onto tails his manhood entering her with a satisfying squelch the two of them breaking for a second from there kiss as they both moaned in ecstasy in that moment tails lost his for a moment enjoying the feeling of there embrace rouge looked into tails's eyes again resting both her hand on his face "take it easy Hun let me take the lead" Simply nodding tails kissed rouge again pulling her down into his embrace as she slowly raised and fell against him. The feeling of ecstasy was incredible tails never imagined this kind of feeling possible his heart was beating a thousand miles an hour, his tongue locked with rouge there breath meet her hands clasped around his face his around her breasts following her body as rose and fell the room became even hotter it felt almost as if thought to him the two of them where literally melting together as one. As rouge began to move faster and faster tails finally took the lead releasing his hands from her boobs allowing them to rock freely he roughly grasped her ass and thrusted roughly up into her.

His pace was brutal pure bestial urge had taken over inbetween kisses rouges moans intensified she was practically screaming. What seemed like hours passed before tails broke his lips from hers and spoke "rouge im gonna cum!" "Oh god tails cum inside me fill me up for the love of god do it!"This was the only encouragement tails needed with one last power thrust he pushed his manmeat as far as he could into her hitting her cervix as they both screamed in ecstasy his whole body tensed as he released a powerful torrent of his red hot cum into her jolting his hips violently as cumed into her multiple times all the while rouge rested in utter bliss eyes almost closed as she moaned tails's name. Slowly pulling her self from him his cum drooling from her womanhood and down her leg she rested her head on his chest the two panting heavily taking in the moment. When suddenly a female voice interrupted them from behind "what the fuck!" the two lovers turning there heads quickly sure they had been caught red handed where instead greeted by another sight a woman covered in thick golden fur and sporting a pair of purple fighting gloves stood a few feet away "who the hell are you rouge screamed" her face lighting up as she tired to cover her self. The stranger replied in an angry tone "My names renamon!"

End of chapter 1

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