New data Chp 3 ( Erotic Tails X Rouge crossover story)

New data - Chapter 3 Legal stuff...again: Tails and rouge are owned by Sega and renamon and guilmon by Akiyoshi Hongo this is simply a fan based parody everything is used under fair use. Don't read this if your not 18+(or 21+ depending)

Sharing there second intimate time together rouge had finally made her move on tails, Enjoying every moment of corrupting tails's innocence rouge still had so much to teach him little did she know a certain red digimon had been watching from afar curious as to what this fun new "game" could be and he wasn't the only one watching. The end of our story starts with a...

BANG! nearly jumping out of his fur tails quickly noticed the door to his room creak open further trying to get a closer look tails sat up slightly, However rouge was quick to swing her arms around his neck and force his head down in between her breasts her voice slightly horse and her breath still heavy "oh no you don't im not even half done with you yet" while tails had no complaint being sandwiched between rouges huge breasts he knew renamon was in there and this was the perfect chance to "talk" to her alone but first he needed to satisfy rouge's urges once again. Playfully sliding his paws from her waist and onto her boobs tails slowly groped rouges chest suckling on her right breast as he slowly moved his mouth up her right breast kissing as he went, removing his right paw and slowly sliding it back down her waist towards her crouch tails bought his mouth across her areola (which where surprisingly small considering the size of her breasts) slowly placing his lips over her nipple in his inexperience tails slightly bit down on her nipple, "AH no go slowly hun use your tongue and suck its all about taking your time" responding with just a simple nod of his head and a flick of his tails he slowly kissed around her nipples his paw slipped between her thighs a single finger rubbing slowly towards her woman hood.

Rouge placed her hands on the back of tails's head pushing him down into her breast as he began to suck her nipple slowly dancing his tongue around as he took it into his mouth his finger now rubbing slowly up and down her entrance. Moaning quietly in anticipation before tails had a chance to enter her they where interrupted by a second crash and a high pitched moan from tails's room. slowly pulling him self away from rouge with a sigh he kissed her nipple one last time and supported him self above her in a push up position "im really sorry rouge but iv got to make sure renamons ok in there" a worried look on his face expecting rouge to be mad he hung his head slightly breaking eye contact, Rouge sighed quietly and lovingly placed a hand on the side of tails's face "its ok hun just hurry back ok" looking into her eyes again tails smiled and passionately kissed her one last time before standing up and climbing the metal stairway to his room unaware that the reason rouge was so ok with him leaving was was one because she knew full well renamon wanted to fuck tails and the more experience he got in her eyes the better and two because for the last half an hour she had noticed out of the corner of her eye guilmon peering through a window when he thought they weren't looking and now she was going to punish him for spying on them.

Slowly creaking the door open the room was pitch black the curtains had been drawn "renamon are you in here?" not hearing a reply as he walked into the room trying to fumble to find the light switch stretching his hand out in front of him he suddenly felt him self grab hold of something very soft, at that moment the lights flipped on and he discovered what he was holding was renamons waist and he was literally inches away from her chest with her breasts still fully exposed. Standing in absolute awe for a few seconds just as tails got a chance to speak just as he stuttered into a sentence renamon grabbed ahold of his face and forcefully kissed him practically pushing her tongue down his throat at first tails resisted but it didn't take long for him to lock his tongue with hers and kiss back. Renamon began to deepen the kiss quickening her pace, she grabbed ahold of tails's hands and forced them onto her chest pushing his hands down forcing him to grope her.

Keeping him in her embrace renamon walked tails over to the bed pushing him roughly causing him to fall flat on his back laying spread eagle on the bed Obviously quite erect. slowly crawling on her hands and knees towards him she grabbed ahold of his man slowly pumping as she kissed the tip of his cock, "ahh ah r..renamon whats got into you" Her voice was seductive and husk as she replied "you idiot its not whats got into me its what hasent got into me iv been without a mate all my life and after seeing you a bat girl fuck like wild animals i couldn't hold it back any more your going to be my mate!" kissing the tip of his man hood even more she took a few inches in her mouth bobbing her head up and down a few inches of his shaft as she pumped the rest with her paw, gasping in pleasure tails replied "but what if rouge finds out i..." placing both her paws on tails's thighs she took the entirety of his length into her mouth to shut him up. Her pace was hectic and feeling was amazing all tails could do was simply pant and attempt to string a word together.

Pulling her mouth off his cock lapping the drips of pre cum from him as she freed her mouth with a loud plop renamon with the look of the devil in her eyes slowly crawled further up the bed grabbing ahold of tails's member and sandwiching it in between her breasts she slowly grinded them along his length "i told guilmon to keep her busy he may be a virgin but yourd be surprised how confident a digimon in heat can get" moaning tails replied "i can well imagine" smiling again renamon crawled the rest of the way up the bed this time laying his manhood flat she sat right ontop of his crotch grinding her now soaked pussy against his manhood "if you really want to leave now you can...or i can bend over that desk over there and you can fuck my virgin pussy as much as you like" . At this stage one part of tails was telling him renamon obviously wasn't her self at it would be wrong to take advantage of her like this but the rest of him was screaming for him to just say he'd stay.


Peaking through the keyhole rouge needed to make sure tails was pre occupied with renamon before she could have her way with guilmon, smiling to her self as tails froze unable to answer she already knew the outcome and as much as she wanted to watch she pried her self away from the door gently lifting her self off the stair way with her wings so as not to make a sound. Landing by the hanger door she called out to guilmon "oh guilmon i know you've been watching me and tails play our special game came in here right now" slowly emerging from the bush he had hid in after he had suspected rouge had spotted him guilmon slowly walked into the building his head hung in shame he thought he was in big trouble. Acting like a school teacher scolding a student rouge pointed at guilmon as she pretended to scold him "now guilmon you shouldn't spy on people like that im going to have to punish you now" quickly bolting his head up in a panic a sheer look of horror on his face guilmon quickly responded "oh no please miss rougemon i didn't mean to i don't know why i did it i just felt all funny and happy when i saw you and Mr tailsmon play please don't punish me!". He was falling right her paws...or so she thought little did rouge realize just how sexually aggressive a horny digimon gets.

Smirking rouge grabbed ahold of guilmons paw and lead him over the room laying her self across a pile of cushions guilmon simply steered down at her taking in every part of her naked body, the sent of her recent mating beginning to drive him mad. "Now guilmon ill let you off but only under one condition that game me and Mr tails where playing is called sex but i like to call it fucking basically you play this game by taking your penis and putting it in my vagina thats this thing" moving her paw down to her pussy rouge used two fingers to spread her self wide open inviting guilmon to fuck her "then you push your self in and out intill you shoot a whole bunch of sticky stuff into me that bit feels really good by the way". Breaking out into a sweat guilmon could slowly feel nature taking over his innocent nature slowly slipping away his sweet thoughts replaced with visions of taking rouge with these thoughts his penis stiffened and escaped from its sheath. Rouge simply watched in amazement as he continued to grow and grow down there by the time he was done he must of at least been 8 inches his manhood covered in tiny spines along it.

Suddenly this didn't seem like such a good idea, in an attempt to back down she tried to rise to her knees to blow him but guilmon was quick to respond he held her down with both his huge arms drooling her stared intensely at her pussy as the head of his penis slowly pushed against her opening, This was the first time rouge had not been in control when it came to sex she was used to being the dominant and now here she was in risk of being dominated by a virgin. With a genuine mix of fear and hornyness in here voice rouge spoke up "guilmon i don't think we should play this ga" she was cut of mid sentence as without warning guilmon slowly pushed him self into her, slowly pushing the entirety of his cock into her rouge could only gasp and slightly arch her back as the digimon showed an expression of pure bliss, grunting and making ah sounds with every extra inch oh him self he pushed into her once guilmon was finally fully inside rouge he stopped for a few seconds the two of them panting madly "guilmon please no i...ah...iv changed my mind" ignoring her plead he let nature take over roughly pulling back his hips guilmon thrusted into her, the spines on his penis nulling some of the pain and increasing the pleasure and all rouge could do was hold onto the pillows behind her for dear life.

(Back in tails's room)

Simply nodding to indicate his choice renamon wasted no time in strolling over to the other side of the room and assuming the position, Bent over the desk her huge breasts bulging out from under her, her tail swaying left and right enticingly as she looked back at tails "what are you waiting for tails fuck me! iv waited all my life for this now for the love of god fuck me!" springing from the bed tails grabbed ahold of her buttocks he couldn't help but have his tongue half hang out of his mouth as he took ahold of his cock and slowly lined it up perfectly with her pussy. Grabbing onto her with some force he pushed his hips forward gently as she slowly backed her self onto him watching as his head slowly breached her he quickly reached her hymen looking at her with a concerned look she simply nodded "do it tails take me" drawing him self out slightly tails made one quick thrust breaking her hymen and taking her virginity.

Screaming out in pain a slight tear rolled down renamons face as a small trickle of blood escaped from her pussy "im so sorry! i went to hard didn't ill stop" reaching round and grabbing ahold of the scruff of fur on his neck renamon looked him in the eyes "don't you dare stop now! how many times do i have to say it! Tails FUCK ME!" still uneasy tails had no real choice but to oblige pushing him self back into her he began to pick up a rhythm starting slowly at first eventually she started to help out thrusting her hips back, swallowing his cock with her hungry pussy. the two of them remained intertwined for hours changing the pace delaying there orgasiums unaware that at the same time rouge and guilmon where doing the same by this point all four of them had become pure sexual animals nothing but the thrill of sex mattered all of them lost in the pleasure moaning and panting like whores the only question is who would be the first to blow.

Renamon couldn't take it any longer she wanted tails's cum inside her quickening her pace this was the only sign tails needed to quicken his "tails im ready..ahha...make me yours completely you can cum inside me",Guilmon had reached the same point, rouge having lost any urge to resist clinged onto him as he began to shake violently. Tails and guilmon pushed them selfs over the edge using the last of there energy to furiously fuck there mate, gritting there teeth there pace'es became brutal the screams of pleasure got so loud all of mobious probably heard it. there bodys began to tremble they could feel them selfs about to blow it only took one final powerful thrust as tails pushed himself all the way into renamon they both exploded in a roar of pleasure his burning hot cum shooting into her as she simply lay in pure bliss droll running uncontrollably from her mouth her body twitching every time he shot a hot stream of cum into her.

As guilmon exploded into rouge he threw his head back into the air letting out a mighty roar as he pumped literally gallons of his seed into her. Rouges stomach even slightly grew to accommodate the load, removing his cock from her a few streams of his lead erupting onto her chest and face before she quickly wrapped her mouth around his manhood taking the rest of his load in her mouth as huge globs of digimon seaman escaped from her pussy her eyes rolled into the back of her head slightly the heat and pleasure was amazing.

Finally the couples collapsed side by side next to there mate exhausted and barely able to talk rouge simply kissed guilmon on the check and cuddled upto him, while tails collapsed with renamon onto the bed the two of them holding each other in there arms "tails..i think i want to stay here a little bit longer" over joyed tails did his best to muster a smile in his drained state "theres nothing i would want more"

The end of chapter 3

Well there we go thats the end of new data the first set of erotic stories iv ever written. Thank you to everyone who read these stories your comments and encouragement where a huge help and if people demand it enough i may write another chapter to tie this up better... and have a guilmon X Rouge X tails threeway but at the moment im concentrating on other stories as always any feedback is greatly appreciated even if its just to say this is hot XD

Have an awesome day everyone.