Magical Reboot

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Queen Nebula looked out of one windows in her bedroom and out upon her kingdom. She took a deep breath of the fresh air and smiled, the air smelled like freedom.

A grin formed it had only been a few mere months since the Winx Club and Princess Roxy had freed them, defeated the Fairy Hunters and restored the belief in magic to the humans of Earth.

But there still was a lot of hard work ahead for the Earth fairies. Just having Earthlings believe in magic wasn't enough. If Earth was going to regain its place in the magical universe than changes would have to happen to get Earth back on track with the other realms.

Magic would need to become part of every citizen's daily life; there was no way it could be gone around. The Earth fairies would once again have to take control of the plant.

Thinking about it all made Nebula's head spin, she didn't have a clue how they would get this all accomplished. Earthlings had become set in their ways and where not going to change that willing. As much as she hated to admit it Nebula knew the odds where she would never seen her sweet home return to its glory. It would take decades if not longer to reboot the plant.

The Queen felt like she had been hit as she chest contracted, oh how it bother her to see what had happened thanks to the Hunters. If it wasn't for them Earth wouldn't be in half the messes they were. There wouldn't be all the wars, the countries wouldn't have tanked, the plant would be in better shape, quality of life would be better and the magic would be strong.

But she couldn't change what had happened, it was much too late. All she could do now was work hard to fix the damage that had been done. And hope – hope that it would work and her beloved home would be okay.

Nebula looked down and began to make her way towards a magical crystal ball. "Show me the Earthlings" she commanded, following the order the ball glowed and showed her an image of citizen who happy went about their lives unaware they were being watched.

But not all of them where as ordinary as they seemed to be, as rare and surprising at it was, very few of them had the magic gene; magic was within them. But alas they didn't know, at least not yet but they would soon. The fate of Earth was not only in Nebula's hands and the Earth fairies, but also in the new fairies and the humans. And the only way the future would look bright is if they all worked together to make Earth yet again one of the most magical places in the galaxy.

There was a knock at the door, the Queen turned to see who it was. There stood Diana and judging by the look on her face Nebula knew that it was time. Time for the start of all the changes they had been planning for weeks to began. Earth was changing, this time for the better.