Janet clenched her fists around a single wooden stake as the car drove into the night. Dr. McKinley was at the wheel with Dr. Scott in the passenger seat. They'd stuffed their captives in the trunk, bound with rope which was unlikely to hold them once they woke up. Their time was short. Janet watched the countryside zip by as the forested area grew unsettlingly familiar. She saw where the car had broken down. She saw where the pickup truck had stopped for them. In no time at all she saw the lair of the vampire up on the hillcrest. Janet sucked in a deep breath.

"I can't believe I'm back." She mumbled. Cosmo pulled straight up to the front door. He turned around to face Janet.

"You don't have to come in. Scotty and I can handle this." He tried to calm Janet's thumping heart. She wanted badly to say that she'd stay in the car but she knew the odds were against her teacher and the good doctor. Dr. Scott was wheelchair bound and at far more risk than she.

"No, I'll come with." Scotty nodded in agreement.

"I'll stay behind. I'll only slow you down." He put a hand on Cosmo's shoulder. "Good luck, old friend." Cosmo nodded and got out of the car. Janet followed. They circled around to the trunk and lifted the lid. Two bound vampires were wedged inside like an yin-yang. Riff Raff's eyes shot open in a murderous glare. His burns had healed up already but there was a bit of char on his shirt where his skin had ignited with the holy water. Cosmo grabbed the creature by the shoulders and pulled him out of the trunk. The movement of her brother had woken Magenta. Her rage was more outwardly displayed than her brother's.

"You little bitch! I'll drain you dry!" Janet held her stake to Magenta's neck.

"Try me." Janet hissed.

"Get up and get moving to the door." Cosmo commanded. He held a stake in one hand and Riff Raff's upper arm in the other. Magenta begrudgingly shimmied out of the trunk and began walking to the front door. Janet followed in synch with Cosmo, who was at her side with Riff Raff. The doors opened of their own accord, not having been pushed open by any of the party. The castle was lit with millions of candles. It was almost a completely new place. In the dining room sat Frank. He looked to them pensively, though completely unsurprised by the presence of two who plotted to destroy him.

"Cosmo, how lovely to see you again. I see you have brought me three things I've misplaced. My servants and my snack." He stood, wearing a shear dress of sorts over his usual corset and fishnets. His heels clacked as he walked slowly toward them. Upon meeting them he cupped his right hand around Magenta's chin.

"Be a good girl and show our guests to their seats." He said calmly.

"It will be done master." Magenta purred. Her arms snapped the rope she was bound in like it nothing. Janet was then grabbed with great speed by the neck and thrown into the dinning room. She landed with a thud on the table, among plates and cutlery which were never used but merely sat out for looks. The wind was knocked out of her and a fork was digging into her back as she slowly rolled over. Back at the door, Magenta had disarmed Cosmo and thrown him in the direction of one of the dining room wall. He landed sideways in one of the chairs. Riff Raff snapped his bindings and rolled his shoulders to remove stiffness.

"You realize of course you are outnumbered and barely armed. Why do I get the feeling we've done this before?" Frank said in a haughty manner. The heel of his hand tapped his forehead suddenly, as he remembered something he had not truly forgotten. "Of course, years ago! You and your friends tried to kill me and my mother. You may have succeeded on the later account but, was it worth the price you paid?" Cosmo looked ready to stab Frank in the face.

"Your sister was a tasty treat indeed." Magenta cackled. She removed her cape to reveal a short skirt and fishnet tights underneath. She wore a corset on its own which showed off her white powdery skin. Riff Raff wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his cheek against hers. They smile a matching grin of delight. Janet got off the table and joined Cosmo at the side.

"You haven't won yet Frank!" Cosmo spat. "I'll release my sister's soul from your clutches if it kills me!" He pulled out a flask from his pocket. It was made of silver and was engraved with a cross.

"I'd love to rid the world of you myself but you're just not worth the effort. Magenta, you and your brother haven't fed yet." He walked toward the stairs. Cosmo rushed at Frank but was blocked by Riff Raff, who bared his fangs. The grotesque transformation earlier came upon the vampire much swifter than before. His shoulders shrugged as the back of his shirt tore open, revealing large wings. His eyes were black as pitch and his horns curved out in a reverse "S" shape. He let out an animalistic screech and grabbed Cosmo by the shirt collar. He flapped his wings and took Cosmo up to the full height of the main entryway, about two and a half stories up.

"Submit." Riff Raff's voice was all demon now. Cosmo responded by pressing his flask into the monster's face. In it's truest form it did not feel as much pain but the combination of the cross symbol and the silver cut like a knife. His grip loosened and Cosmo dropped. Hi lost his flask on the way down but grabbed the second floor railing in time to stop his decent. He climbed up and over it in hot pursuit of the master.

Janet was left downstairs with Magenta, now half transformed and smiling evilly.

"Would you like pain or pleasure? Personally, I prefer pain." Magenta leaped at Janet. Janet's stake fell from her hand as she hit the floor. Magenta's weight on her chest was suffocating as Magenta bared her fangs and laughed. A knife had fallen on the floor from the earlier scuffle and was within Janet's reach. Just as Magenta was about to bare down on her Janet stabbed the creature in the neck. Magenta leaped backward, clenching her neck wound and moaning loudly. Janet felt a smile creep up on her but soon lost it as she looked more closely. Magenta's moaning was accompanied by her wicked smile as the blood poured down her neck and into her cleavage. The wound closed up quickly as magenta laughed louder.

"Shit." Janet cursed. She ran back and grabbed another knife, now one in either hand. Magenta jumped onto the table in a crouch and licked her bloody hand. "You're sick!" Janet yelled.

"That's what they all said to me. The world doesn't change. I've always been sick to you humans, even when I was human. Now I have the luxury of being sick and a murdering psychopath." Janet sliced at Magenta's arm and watch it immediately close up. "You can't beat me little girl. I'm stronger than you." Janet was circling the room as Magenta remained on the eh table, taunting her. She was searching her peripheral vision for the stake she'd dropped. There it was, under the table.

"If you're so strong then show me how it's done!" Janet taunted. Magenta laughed and leaped at her. Janet dropped down to the floor and scrambled for the stake. Magenta had her by the legs and wrenched her onto her back by the hips.

"I hope you're as sweet as your tongue." Magenta rushed at Janet's neck but met the sharp end of the stake before she could taste nectar. It wasn't a clean kill but the multitudes of blood which spurted from her chest dramatized the act. Magenta screamed and ached her back as Janet slammed her fist into the end of the stake. In a moment the stake met the heart and the scream faded into the air. The blood evaporated off of Janet as the dust of the vampire settled over Janet's body. Clothes were all that remained as Janet coughed and reclaimed her stake.

The death scream of Magenta jarred Riff Raff's attention from Cosmo just long enough for him to throw holy water in the demon's eyes. As the beast fell with a sickening thud to the wood floor below Cosmo scrambled to the ground floor. Janet joined him quickly and offer him her stake. He took it and knelt down over the blinded beast.

"Repent." Cosmo said and struck the stake cleanly into the heart. Riff Raff was reduced to ashes in moments. Janet stared at the ground where the impossible creature had been moments before.

"Just leaves the master." She mumbled.

A/N: I totally thought I could fit the whole ending in this chapter but then I saw the length and I was like, yeah-no. I figured since I was killing off my fav vamp couple in this I might as well make it as bad ass and sexy as possible. Magenta's pain line was one I stole from Pinhead in one of the Hellraiser movies. I forget which one but man is it a great line. XD R&R and I'll get the final confrontation chapter up soon! Sorry for the wicked delays, been VERY busy with school.