Ello~ So this story I actually got the idea from a picture and I even entered it in a contest at a college in a far off land. Dun know if it'll win or not because it's a cut version of this but we shall see! Anyways, this is Britannia Angel!Arthur how ever he's a bit different from what you might think. You won't find that out until later chapters.

Warning: Rated M for future gore/smut

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How long had it been since he was imprisoned? How long had it been since he last had contact with the world? Lying on the floor of the glass prison he was in, the Angel felt lifeless. When was it that he had died? Or was he only knocking on death's door, begging for entrance? It had been centuries since he was locked away from the world. At this point he was truly ready to give up hope. No one would come for him. Time would continue to pass and no one would even know he existed. This is how things were every day. Perhaps though, someone's curiosity would get the better of them and bring them to this foul place…. That was just an empty hope.


Running through the dark forest, a sandy blond-haired boy was trying to escape from what was pursuing him. He had come to the forest out of curiosity. He was told of enchanted creatures that roamed between the trees and brush, deep into the forest, and how, at the very center, was an invaluable treasure: One that had laid there for centuries, forgotten over the years and left to the imagination of man and beasts. There was a point when it was known what the treasure was, but, with time, it faded into mystery: a silhouette placed within what had now become a myth.

As Alfred ran, he found himself becoming short of breath. It had seemed like hours since they had started chasing him! He figured this would be just a fun adventure to go on, to try and find the treasure. He didn't necessarily believe in the enchanted beasts but treasure he knew was real. The myth told of it being invaluable and he figured that that part at least was a lie. It was just an exaggeration of what it truly was. It probably was just some piece of jewelry that had become broken over the years. But, even if it wasn't something incredibly special, even if it was already gone, at least he was still getting an adventure out of it. That in itself was a treasure.

Eventually the loud barking and howling started to die down behind him. Were they really backing down? Perhaps they were giving up! This didn't stop Alfred from running though. If he let up now they might easily gain on him once more. Then he would be dead for sure.

It would be a long while until Alfred finally deemed it safe. His adrenaline rush dying down, he began slowing his pace gradually; falling to his knees, his hands were balled up into fists on the cold forest floor before him. His chest quickly rose and fell under his baggy white shirt, his body begging for the cool night air to make the heat dissipate. Eventually things started to calm, and he managed to regain himself. Pushing himself up from the ground, Alfred examined his surroundings.

Where was he? Nothing looked familiar now; no landmarks, no signs, nothing. Well this was just great. Not only was he exhausted but he was lost in a forest full of strange animals and beasts! That sure was one day to ruin his night. Taking a moment to stretch his poor aching limbs he then continued on, at this point, just wanting to find a way out.

That was when he heard it. He had just turned around to head in the opposite direction when the sound came from just off to the side. To him it sounded like a whisper though it seemed to flow through out the forest like a soft mist would through the trees. This sound, this song; it was just so beautiful! It was beautiful like the song of a Faerie, mysterious like that of a Temptress, as hypnotizing as a Siren's melody! It was like nothing he had ever heard before! The language was unknown yet he could tell it was one of sadness and of someone who was lonely and despairing. It was hard to believe a sound like that could even exist! Something so beautiful born from someone so sad…..

Turning towards its source, he started off at a steady walk toward the sound; everything around him fading away. He had forgotten about the forest, the monsters it held, the many dangers that lurked in the darkness. The only thing that Alfred's mind was focused on was the beautiful song that grew louder with each step.

Soon the dirt started to clear away, replaced by old, worn out stones. Without even noticing, he had walked into an ancient temple; once sacred ground that at one time was worshipped. By who and what though, was a mystery. Reaching the center of the temple, the song began to fade. As if snapped from a trance, he looked around the ruins at everything; confused as to where he was.

In the dim moonlight, he could make out some odd markings on some of the stone pillars. Dead, dry leaves littered the floor; weeds growing out of cracks all over the place. Cobweb and moss was everywhere as well; fighting to take over the stones. Everything was just so lifeless; all except for something just ahead of him.

An altar made of the same gray stone as everything else, wore a brown, worn cloth that may have once been a brilliant red. On it were intricate designs of an ugly mustard colour that may have been a gold at one point. What adorned the altar though was what drew Alfred's attention. A black pedestal, shaped like a dragon's taloned hand, held a glass sphere in its palm. It looked like a small snow globe that had not been tended to in centuries. It was tainted with inches of dust, yet a bright, soft light was still able to light it up.

Cautiously, Alfred stepped towards the altar, a single thought in his mind. 'IsthisthetreasureI'vebeenlookingfor?' Standing just a foot away from it, he reached out with a shaky, unsure hand and placed it gently atop the glass globe. A sort of warmth seemed to be radiating from it, more so inside it! In one swift movement, he brushed the dust away from the top, allowing the dazzling, soft light to shine through; illuminating Alfred's face.

He stared in wonder and amazement. What was inside the orb- who was inside the orb was just so….. So unbelievable! Inside was an Angel; only a few inches tall. He laid on the floor, on his side, arms out in front of him; his hands hiding his face. His beautiful, pure pallid wings were sprawled out behind him, lying limp. His pure white chemise lay neat and clean on his slender frame. The small being appeared to be asleep or at least Alfred hoped he was. From the amount of dust around, the Angel could be dead for all he knew!

The cerulean-eyed male continued to stare for a moment before lightly tapping the glass. Suddenly, emerald eyes shot open and looked up to the ceiling of his prison. Slowly, he began to sit up, his wings folding neatly into his back. They both stared at each other a moment in silence. Finally, Alfred spoke. "Were you the one who was singing before?"

The small Angel just stared back at him, emerald eyes not blinking. Alfred had to wonder if he understood what he was saying. As if to answer his thoughts, the Angel responded, "Yes. It was me. In order to pass time or relieve my feelings, I would sing to myself. I never thought someone would hear me and follow my song."

"It sounded so sad…." He said quietly to himself; a distressed look upon his own face. "So, um, what are you exactly? How did you get here?"

For a split second Alfred could have sworn he saw a dark, sinister look on the Angel's face but it was soon replaced with a look of remorse. He couldn't help but wonder if what he saw was real. "As you can probably tell, I'm an Angel. As for why I am here, well, that all started centuries before," he began. "I used to be known as the Britannia Angel. My name is Arthur. I was considered one of the more stronger of the Angel's in Heaven; below the Perfections though. You see the land I guarded, the Island of Great Britain, holds great power that attracts Demons and the like. Well, one day the Seven Sins decided to deal with me once and for all. Together they managed to seal me away out of the eye of Heaven. Over the centuries I was forgotten and up above gave up trying to search for me. They deemed me dead…."

Shaking his head a bit, Alfred couldn't believe what he was hearing. How could something so tragic happen to a being such as he? Opening his mouth to respond, a loud, high howl was heard right behind them. Quickly turning around, he came face-to-face with the monsters that were chasing him earlier. This time though, he could see them more clearly. There were four of them; they were twice the size of wolves. As they stepped into the moonlight, their black, leathery skin shined brightly, their muscles visible underneath and their rows of sharp fangs were dripping with drool. One of them was whipping around its serpentine tail, hitting pillars hard enough to make them shake; small clouds of dust filling the air. He could hear their heavy breathing, small, sharp inhales through their noses. What was odd though was how each of the beasts had no trace of an eye. No socket, not even at least one. There was nothing. Alfred couldn't figure out for the life of him how they managed to see him to chase in the first place let alone find him again.

For now they were just closing in on Alfred, their threatening growls causing the hair on the back of his neck to stand on end. Suddenly the Angel's voice rang through the growls, panic laced in the words. "Hurry up and run!"

Without a second thought, Alfred grabbed the glass orb from the pedestal and broke out into a run; as fast as he could. The monsters must have been taken by surprise for when he ran past them they hesitated slightly in lashing out at him. Immediately they started after him though, only just a few feet behind the two.

"Wh-what the hell are those things?" Alfred gasped out as he ran.

Trying to keep his balance inside the orb, the Angel responded, "They're called Infurnus Canus! They're Hell Hounds! What ever you do don't let them get you!"

"I-I wasn't planning on it!" he yelled back.

The two didn't get far before one of the beasts finally caught up and lunged at Alfred. Letting out a surprised yelp, he fell hard onto the stone floor below; the orb in his hands flying through the air only to hit the ground with a loud shattering noise. The blond looked on in disbelief. He said over and over to himself, "That didn't just happen…." Yet at the same time another part of him screamed it did. The poor Angel was dead and it was his entire fault! And now, he too would die….

From the shattered glass a small whirlwind of bright pastel light began to arise. In a matter of seconds it got bigger and bigger until it was just a bit smaller then Alfred himself. The colours began to clear and in their place was the Angel, life size and even more divine in person. Once he was free from his prison, he didn't waste any time. Grabbing the silver cross from his neck, he began to quickly sing something in an unknown language, as if uttering a spell. In no time, the cross transformed and became a brilliant, silver sword, as long as the Angel could reach.

In the next second, he lunged with such speed at the monster atop Alfred. Swinging the blade with such ease he sliced through the beast's thick leathery skin. Yelping in pain as it fell off of Alfred onto its side, its breathing and movements soon ceased after a few seconds of flailing. The other three hounds that remained started to back away, one of them whimpering out of fear. Swinging his sword in a small arc, from shoulder to his foot, to flick the black blood off his blade, he glowered at the hounds a moment before they finally turned tail and ran off. Letting out a small accomplished huff, the Angel made his way over to Alfred who was now pushing himself up from the floor.

Reaching down, he carefully helped the blond to stand, looking him over to make sure he was unharmed. Once he confirmed he was alright, a small sigh escaped from the smaller blond. Eventually, Alfred broke the silence, saying in a quiet, shaking voice, "I-I thought I killed you…."

Blinking a moment, Arthur smiled softly and held the frightened boys face, gently, in his hands. "I'm alive and well; there's nothing to fear now. I'm forever in your debt for what you've done. After all these centuries I am now free to roam where ever I so please."

Staring back at him, Alfred gave a small nod. What was to happen now? Arthur was free; Alfred had found what the treasure was….. Has the story come to an end? "Where are you going to go? Back to Heaven I assume."

Shaking his head slowly, Arthur let out an amused huff. "I'll be going where ever you go. Can't you tell? Nothing I can do will ever be enough to repay you, but the least I can do is follow you and protect you."

"Th-that's not really necessary! You really don't need to do that, it's too much!" he quickly said; now feeling a bit guilty over what was to happen.

"It doesn't make a difference what you say. My mind is made up; I'll be yours to command. Yours to use how ever you wish."

Letting out a small sigh, Alfred carefully removed the Angels hands from his face. Looking up to the sky in thought, he brought his attention back down to stare into Arthur's emerald eyes. After a moment he finally spoke. "Fine, fine, you can stay with me." Arthur's face light up with excitement, his wings starting to bristle slightly with excitement. Looking around the ruins once more he finally asked, "How do we get out of here?"