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Chapter 1: A Promise

"Why do you always come here? Do you live nearby or something?"

"Not really."

She tilted her head slightly in confusion, but said nothing. He looked up, gazing at the red clouds.

"Because, it's the best view of the sky. It brings back… memories."

"Memories? Just how old are you anyway?"

Toshiro sat on his usual spot on the railing, a blue and white hoodie kept out most of the chilling winter air. The sun was slowly sinking behind the distant buildings of Karakura; his thoughts couldn't help but trail off to a certrain raven haired girl. Ever since that one day that he helped her and her team win a soccer match, he hadn't been able to completely remove her from his mind. Espacially whenever he saw a soccer ball or was watching the sunset. He had run into her a few times while on missions and when he did, he found himself either playing a game of soccer with her or just talking. The both of them rather enjoyed the railing that he was now sitting on.

Just yesterday, the younger Kurosaki had gone with him to see Grandma Haru. She was an older woman that he visited every time he came to the World of the Living. Though that particular trip to the elder woman's home was rather eventful; saying that he had to kill a Hollow who once was a shy, young soul that was bound to this world because of his longing to see the snow. In the end, he did.

Toshiro couldn't help but smirk when he remembered when Ichigo's sister had brought him to her home that one night. How her not-so twin sister Yuzu had gone on and on about how cute of a couple they made.

Ugh…that was embarrassing.

His smirk faded when he remembered something else. Something that Ichigo had said to him.

'Don't put Karin in danger, you hear?'

Karin Kurosaki…

"She's turning out to be quite the character." He murmured.

And with that said, the fiery sun disappeared from sight behind those small houses in the distance.

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