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-The Bleached Inu

Chapter 6

The forest was lush and green, small dew drops hung from the long blades of grass and the slightly yellowing leaves on the trees from the morning fog. The air was humid and moist, and not a demon in sight. Well, besides the one.

The young woman smiled at the calm serenity of the moment, kneeling down and flicking dew drops off of the small white flower she was gazing at. With the weight gone, the flower sprung back upright.

"I don't understand you humans' sometimes." the demons voice said behind her, "You appreciate such small things."

The woman scowled at his cold words, "We humans, appreciate 'such small things' because it is the Earth that gives us what we need and we are thankful." She said flatly.

The demon was silent, "You are the only human that would ever say such a thing, young Miko."

The young woman reached for an arrow, "I will shoot you."

The demon 'hmphed' "I'm sure you will…" even though she couldn't see his face, he was smirking.

Karin's eyes blinked open. She sat up a little on her bed glancing at the clock; her alarm would go off in 10 minutes. She quickly reached for it and shut off the alarm, maybe she could sleep a little longer and tell her sister that her alarm never woke her up or even went off; she wouldn't be lying.

But she found herself unable to sleep, that dream…those dreams…what were they? Almost every other night now Karin has been having odd dreams such as this, and they were starting to get annoying. But the thing was, the young woman, in every dream Karin was in her shoes, seeing what she saw. But never that so called "demons" face. Almost like memories.

Karin swung her legs over the side of her bed sighing.


She blinked again, looking down at her feet, she saw a really, really, annoyed aquamarine eye staring back up at her,

"Get. Off!"

It was Toshiro. Toshiro? Oh. Yeah. Crap.

The Day Before…

"So that why I wanted to ask you guys if he could stay here for a while? At least until his aunt can bring him back to America with her."

Yuzu's bottom lip trembled and her wide brown eyes sparkled with tears and what looked like stars? It was kind of cute…he father on the other hand hade the exact same expression; far from cute that one.

"Oh Daddy, he can stay can't he? Say he can!"

"Oh my little Yuzu-chan, of course he can stay! Oh you poor boy!"

Karin watched in somewhat of an agony as her "father" and sister cried loudly and hugged each other tightly. Grimacing, she turned to the white haired boy beside her looking just as pain watching them as she was.

"Well, looks like you can stay! Hehehe-"

Toshiro stared blankly in a short horror like state as she laughed nervously, "You can stay in Ichi-nii's room for the time being…but Yuzu will insist on cleaning it up first. So I guess you'll just have to stay in my room."

And there they were. Glaring at each other.

"Who told you to sleep so close to the bed!?" Karin argued her foot still on his face,

"Who told you that I couldn't sleep in a messy room- mph!?" Toshiro was cut off by Karin's foot pressing harder on his face and into the floor.

"Oh just shut up!"

"Karin-chan, Hitsugaya-kun! Hurry up or we'll all be late!"

The two of them looked at the slightly opened door, then back at each other, then at the clock…and back at each other. Karin lifted her foot off of the poor Captains face and literally threw him out the door.

"HEY!" Toshiro barked. Karin took hold of the door handle still glaring at him, "I have to get changed, knowing Yuzu she probably has something in Ichi-nii's room for you; use them."

She slammed the door shut.

Damn her, she won't make this easy…

Just be happy she isn't the frilly girly type! She can handle herself (unlike some people I know…)

Shut up, Hyourinmaru!

Sighing to himself and at his Zanpakuto, he trudged lazily over to Ichigo's room. Attempted to that is; the first time he got the bathroom, he second time he got it right. He did usually get to Ichigo's room through the window after all. The room was cleaned up by Kurosaki's sister, Yuzu if he remembered correctly; it was a big enough space, and it was right next to Karin's room, perfect for keeping an eye on her.


I'm not stalking her! It's my job to keep her safe! It's just I was the only one assigned to because I actually know her; even if it was just for a while.

Well, you two do seem like good friends you know, Master?

Toshiro just sighed and didn't say another word to his Zanpakuto. He needed to get changed; he did have school after all.

Breakfast alone was hard to deal with; even Yuzu felt the change in weather between the two. Did they get into a fight? Maybe having them share a room was a bad idea. She looked back and forth between the boy and girl standing on wither sides of her deliberately looking away from each other. Yuzu had tried several times now to start a conversation to ease the tense air, but both of them just gave a small "humph" and continue to be agitated. Finally, only 2 minutes from the school, Yuzu couldn't take it anymore; she snatched both her siblings and her "friends" ears and gave a rough tug pulling them as close as possible to her face without hurting herself. With loud yelps, they looked at the blurred image of Yuzu.


"What the hell Yuzu?!" Karin shouted dropping her soccer ball.

"I have had it! You two need to start talking or I'm going to lose it! I don't know what happened last night but you two need to get over it!"

Toshiro and Karin where speechless; Karin rarely saw this side of Yuzu and it usually took a lot to get her to show it. She must be PMS'ing or something…But she had to admit, the look on Toshiro's face was priceless! He probably had the same idea about her sister as everyone else does. Well their wrong (sometimes).

Yuzu's face softened a bit, but she kept a firm grip on their ears, "Aren't you two supposed to be friends?"

Toshiro and Karin didn't say anything at first, sure they thought of each other as friends (even though they won't admit to it) so naturally they didn't respond. Yuzu released their now red ears in a sort of satisfaction and skipped ahead of them without saying another word back to her happy self. Toshiro and Karin stared wide eyed at her retreating back holding their ears;

"Is she always that bipolar?" Toshiro asked,

"No," Karin answered, "And thank Kami for that."

"Good, I don't want to live with that for the next how knows how long."

Karin let out a small laugh, "You feel my pain then?"

Toshiro 'humphed' and walked on ahead his hands in his pockets. "Would it kill you to wear a skirt to school?"


"Hey, Karin!"

Karin stopped midsentence and turned around, "Raion!" she smiled.

Toshiro stopped in his tracks and turned as well. It was the boy from a few weeks ago…

Raion smiled down at Karin, "Why didn't you wait for m-"That's when he noticed the white haired boy standing behind her, the one that transferred, that apparently knew his best friend. "Oh, hey again." He said politely, "The new transfer right?"

Toshiro stared blankly at him, "Yeah. I'm guessing your Raion."

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

He was next to Karin now, "she just said it."

"Oh…right…" Raion said a bit awkwardly noticing how close the two in front of him where.

"So…you skipped a grade too huh?"

Karin snorted in an attempt to silence her laugh but failed miserably. She remembered the last time she had questioned him on that. Toshiro's eye twitched a little, "Yeah…I am." He forced out.

Karin snorted again her hand now over her mouth. A now confused Raion blinked, inside joke maybe? That thought upset him a bit for a reason he did not know why. Finally calm, Karin looked up at her friend, "He's a friend from out of town, he's staying with me while he's here."

Raion looked surprised, "Like, are your house?"

She nodded, "only for a bit though. Okay guys we've wasted enough time, we're gonna be late for school!"

She snatched both of the boys' wrists, Toshiro in her right Raion in her left,

"Hurry, before Yuzu beats us there!"

She took off in a sprint dragging the two boys behind her. At times like this Raion would usually smile, but today his gaze was on the white haired boy beside him no smile in sight. The transfer student looked a bit pissed and glared at Karin's back but did not protest.

What was their deal?

Remember when Karin had thought that sitting in the back had its advantages? Well, she took that back. Now that "Mr. Grumpy-Face-Taicho" was sitting right next to her, class was pretty much unbearable. She couldn't stop herself from sneaking a glance at him every few minutes or so; she didn't know why, but the fact of having him here was disturbing to her in an awkward sort of way. Normally when a new student came into the classroom she would ignore them completely; but knowing Toshiro and the reason why he was here was unnerving. She used to like sitting in the back so she can whisper to Raion almost all the time without being noticed. But now she was afraid too. Toshiro would probably tattle-tale. Suddenly, she saw a frown on his face. He always had a slight scowl but this one had a meaning, she couldn't help but wonder what it was.

Toshiro looked at Karin; and seeing her already looking, gave a mocking smirk. Scowling, cheeks pink, she turned her attention back to the front. She hadn't realized she was staring… stupid.

Toshiro sat in the class room listening to the teacher drawl on. He really didn't need to listen; he knew most of this stuff anyway. And if the rare occasion that there was something that he didn't know, he wouldn't need the information. Instead, he thought of Momo, his sister. She was awake now, but still in the delusion that Aizen was doing something to help them! Even after… Aizen.

Toshiro scowled in hatred. What was he up to know? He snuck a glance towards Karin almost afraid she was gone. She was already looking at him; to amuse himself, he sent a smirk her way. She flushed a little noticing her staring and stubbornly looked back at the board in the front of the room.

She was so young, Toshiro thought, he felt kind of sorry for her to deal with this all in such a way. He also respected her for handling it with the little maturity she had. Kind of reminded hinm of himself when he was younger…

Raion couldn't focus on the lesson. The total time he spent looking at the board their Sensei was writing on was at least ten seconds; the rest of the time he watched Karin and the new student in the two seats in front of him. Karin had not spoken to him nor has she passed a note yet and did not doubt that she wouldn't later on. Her head turned slightly every once and a while towards Toshiro. After a few minutes of this, she looked again but this time her eyes lingered. This made Raion a bit uncomfortable. Toshiro looked at her and cast her a smirk. He saw her blush even from where he was sitting and found himself scowling.

Could he have been reading this wrong? Wait, was reading? Karin was his friend! She could do anything she wanted to! Even if that meant liking a boy- No matter how much he tried those words did not seem to fit together in once sentence, to him anyways. Did he- he couldn't, no way! How would that eve-

The bell rang and everyone got up to leave.

Light footsteps echoed through the large empty hallway. Well, almost empty.

"Ulquiorra! Hey, Ulquiorra!" Tamashī hollered.

"Really, there is no need to yell." Ulquiorra stepped out from the shadows his hands in his pockets.

Tamashī snorted, he despised this guy…

"You really shouldn't speak to me in such a way; you know fully well what I am and what I'm capable of, so don't push it you bastard!"

Ulquiorra blinked, "Yes, I do what you are and what you can do; but that also goes the same for you to me. You know perfectly well what I myself am capable of. You are the one who should be worried. Besides, haven't you heard? I don't have a soul for you to steal; no one here does."

Tamashī growled his hands clenched into fists. But it was true, no form of ignorance could prove otherwise, if he had ever gotten into a fight with this guy he'd be dead within the first five minutes.

The fourth Arrancar turned his back on Tamashī; "If that is all then I suggest you leave before you do something you'll regret."


Ulquiorra stopped mid-step, "When will I get my sword back?"

Fourth looked over his shoulder, "That is not for me to say. Lord Aizen will return it to you when he is finished with his work." With that he left, leaving a fuming Tamashī Nusumu behind him.

The grown demon sat on the grass, back up straight and legs crossed properly looking over the sun set over the small village. Was she going to come tonight? Like he should care…since when has he ever cared for anything?


The demons pointed ears twitched at the sound of his name being called.


She did come…why does she keep coming?





Toshiro's light eyes snapped open to meet the dark ones. Karin smirked, "Jeez Toshiro, did your first day of school knock you out that much?" She laughed. Toshiro just scowled and sat up; his previous dream will haunt him for the rest of the week.

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-The Bleached Inu