Where was I? Wasn't I supposed to be dead? I… Sarutobi? …Was this… This is my… my Edo Tensei? Who…? I knew that whoever had brought me and my brother back from the dead couldn't have done so with good intentions… especially if we were standing before a greatly-aged Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Without conscious thought, my suspicions were confirmed when my body was forced to attack my once-subordinate, my own will unable to do anything to stop the attack. My brother followed my unwanted example, and I looked over to glare at the snake of a man who was obviously controlling us.

The fight raged on for a long time, and though Sarutobi had managed to wound both Hashirama and myself several times, we just kept regenerating, forcing us to bring harm to our beloved Saru. When Sarutobi made his Shadow-clones in an attempt to seal us away I knew something was going to go wrong.

Sarutobi made the hand-signs and just from looking I knew what was coming - the Death Reaper Seal. He was planning on sealing Hashirama and I away, but I would welcome it if it would stop this senseless fighting.

When Sarutobi had grabbed the two of us, I expected us to be sealed away, but what I wasn't expecting was for the Shinigami to speak to me, stopping the sealing Jutsu from closing me away from this world forever more. The Shinigami's voice rang through my head, sounding like it was everywhere at once – it was deafening.

You've done wrong, it whispered to me, but I'm setting you free… That snake vermin is evil, using the Edo Tensei this way…

I gasped when a scroll appeared in my very hands from out of nowhere, and the shadow-clone that had a hold of me vanished. I looked around. My brother had been sealed away already, Sarutobi looking like he was at his limit. I was honestly surprised when the Hokage made no move to attack me – I thought that he would have taken this chance already. Another thing that surprised me was the fact that I had full control of my body once more. What was going on?

Inside this scroll is a binding contract… You're to serve this… Uzumaki Naruto, as punishment for creating this inhuman Jutsu…

With that, the Shinigami's voice disappeared, and I could only watch in helplessness as Sarutobi gave his life to seal that monster's arms. What did I do to deserve this?