Title: A Messy Business - 30 of 30
Characters: Sherlock, Lestrade, John, will include Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, etc.
Rating: G
Word Count: 221B each (the drabble format I invented for the ACD Holmes fandom years ago)
Warnings: crack fic, fandom trope (see full prompt at link and below), basic episodic spoilers, basic ACD canon spoilers, speculation
Summary: Drabble series fill for for the sherlockbbc_fic meme prompt John is turned into a toddler/young child. He doesn't remember who he was, but he does know that he trusts and loves Sherlock. He likes Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade and, much to Sherlock's annoyance, he even likes Mycroft... Title comes from Prompt #1: Beginnings are always messy.

The draining effects of the re-transformation were obviously sapping John's energy. Lestrade watched as Sherlock carefully laid the child in his play-bed, covered him as he squirmed…he didn't want to know why Sherlock was hoarding shock blankets…and gently lifted one arm to tuck the stuffed cat under it. John rubbed his eyes with one small fist and curled up, soon fast asleep.

Sherlock ran a hand gently through the tangled curls, absently added a baby comb to his mental To-Buy-in-Preparation-for-the-Next-Few-Weeks list, and stood. He turned to find himself stared at, and bristled.


"Nothing, nothing at all," Lestrade grinned.

Sherlock looked at him suspiciously.

"Just a bit cute, that's all – now look, I can have you in for assaulting an officer!"

He fired the Union Jack pillow with deadly accuracy after Lestrade's retreating head. Laughter floated up the stairs as the detective inspector paused, no doubt to update Mrs. Hudson.

Sherlock looked down at the sleeping child, and rubbed his hands with glee.

John had rarely spoken of his childhood, but Sherlock had deduced that it had not been a happy one. That was a Horrible Thing, as Sherlock had had a lovely childhood, and John certainly deserved one. Now he had the opportunity to change that.

He would start, he decided, busily browsing hamleys .com, by getting John a Paddington Bear.

And because I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere close to filling the prompt, this will be continued in Part Two: Never Too Late.

"It is never too late to have a happy childhood." ~Tom Robbins, 1936