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Inspired by Maroon 5 – Chapter 1 – Won't go home without you

"It was a mistake."

"Oh really? You stood me up, and I think that was a very clear indicator you do not wish to see me after all."

"Prowler, Ah didn't mean to get overcharged. Blaster wanted to talk about some stuff, and-"

"And so you'd rather spend more time with him then."

"No! Please, just give me one more chance to make it right," pleaded Jazz, kicking himself over and over again mentally for being so stupid. It was supposed to be his and Prowl's first date last night, and in his nervousness, he had gotten so drunk he had passed out in the rec-room, leaving Prowl alone and waiting in his quarters.

Those light blue optics pierced him, accused him.

They had every right to.

Prowl put on an emotionless mask in his day to day duties to make sure other bots didn't see how sensitive he really was. Jazz knew this. Should have taken it into consideration. Poor mech was probably feeling vulnerable after his accidental rejection, when it had taken so long just to get the Praxian to actually be willing to go out with him, to take the chance, perhaps learn to love. The saboteur moved forward, visor flashing in the darkness of the night as stars burned brilliantly over their helms.

"Please, Prowler. Ah really mean it. Ah know Ah promised to treat ya so right and Ah mucked it up on our first date," the visored mech said quietly, wanting to touch, to hold that beautiful doorwinged frame in his arms and reassure him that he was sincere, but it would be pushing too fast too soon without Prowl's permission.

Prowl's doorwings twitched and he sighed. He stepped forward in his own admission of being comfortable around the other black and white. "I was afraid of that happening," he admitted.

"Ah know. Ah knew it and yet it happened. Ah really didn't mean to. Ah was nervous because Ah didn't want to mess things up, thought high-grade would take the edge off just enough so we could enjoy the time together instead of being awkward," said the slightly smaller mech empathically.

The chevron helm canted to the side as that smooth tenor asked, "You asked me out…you're so full of confidence, Jazz, why would you be nervous?"

A slow, gentle grin spread over the handsome faceplates. "Because Ah really want to be with ya."

Prowl finally gave in, smiling back. "If I said I was going to give you one more chance…"

"Ya would make me the happiest mech in the world right now," replied Jazz instantly, a bright grin lighting up his face.

The Praxian chuckled, moving forward at the same time Jazz did, their arms going around each other. Humming, the saboteur said, "Ya know, let's start over. Tonight can be our first date."

"And what would we do?" asked the tactician playfully.

"Go to Vegas! See the lights! Ya know if we get security clearance, we can make it by midnight," teased Jazz back, snickering at the look of consternation his comment caused.


"Aw. Okay then. My quarters?" asked the visored mech, pulling away from their embrace reluctantly. "To talk," he assured before Prowl could think he was suggesting anything untoward.

Taking Jazz's hand and squeezing it, Prowl reminded gently, "Yes. But…last chance. I…I don't want to be hurt ever again by you."

"Ah won't ever go home without you," Jazz promised, taking that hand and gently kissing the knuckles. They went back inside the Ark and talked the night away, learning their hopes and dreams, their weaknesses, their fears. It bloomed, it thrived. It was a promise kept by Jazz for all time.

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