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Matori HQ, 07.00 am

Masataka has given a new assignment. This time it's about drug smuggling around the Senior High School A. It is a popular SHS, which get a lot of medal in Olympiad, and many of the students come from elite family.

"It seems the shabu-shabu they're selling have over 600 consumers around A junior & senior high school. According to second division, it's organized by 10 people with 3 places, some sort of base camps for storing and producing. But as long as they searches, they've found no evidence. The students are so smart at hiding the clue and doing smuggling carefully. Even the school's side itself doesn't sense anything about drug in their own school. It's been spreading only at A school so that the insiders keeping it a secret, and it works."

"Hm, so we must put on a disguise again? How boring," Hal croaked.

"Well, another case, another disguise. I'm sure this will run well. What will I be this time? Hm-hm.." he hums softly.

"Don't take it easy. Don't you learn from experience? How many times we have to use Plan C because of your stupidity, and how many times you caused an uproar and any other confusion out of the plan!" Hal yelled at Kai.

"Eh? But I believe this time it will surely run smoothly. Okay! Then I just obey your orders later. It's not gonna be worsen though," Kai replied with smile.

"From where did you get those MUCH positive thinking after what happening so far!" Hal/Kaji yell concurrently.

"We all must think good before doing, right?" Kai replied with fire glowing in his eyes and his fists clenches.

"Okay. If you have those guts, you'll surely do this alright. You will be a popular girl in A High School. No protest!" the director said firmly.

"Pfft—," Hal covers his mouth. Quivering in restrained laughter.

"Eeeegh. I don't want to be a girl anymore. I've had enough of that when I meet Narita-san," Kai yelled back as his cheeks turn red in anger and disagreement.

"Plus, girls are far more communicative and can obtain hot news from almost everyone." Kajiyama said as the matter of fact (a 'sound convinced' opinion, to be exact).

"Yeah. I think so, too. The elite girls are most likely gossiping everywhere, even can tell about hidden rumors in school and the chance they will giving you a clue is higher than the boys who are more likely to stay aware," the director added.

"B-but..." Kai pouted.


Hal walks away from their discussion there and brings the papers with him. And this person, nothing else he could do rather than run after Hal. When Kai is nearby, suddenly he stops and it makes Kai hit him on the back.

Rubbing his nose, Kai speaks, "What's wrong, Hal?"

Hal turns his head toward Kai and closes to his face, "I hope you fortune and not exceeded in comeliness," he said. Kai marks his words in confusion. Then, Kai continues walking as Hal is heading out the office.

The night before his actions, Kai is praying.

"Dear Lord, I hope tomorrow I will be useful for this entire scenario we make. I hope something harmful will not happen in this case, or it happens only to me, or at least it happen after this case ended. Please grant Your follower wish," he said with hi expectation. Then he goes to sleep.

The next morning, he's woken up by alarm. At 05.00 a.m., he is busy reading fashion magz to style his hair and clothes. He put on high school uniform to his body. It fits perfectly. He wears the black shirt with first button buttoned down. He ties the brown ribbon to the collar. Yellow blazer with two pockets at the bottom left and bottom right, usually for keeping hands, for girl's style since most boys keep their hands in pants pocket. It has dark grey lines. The dark grey skirt that matches the blazer is 20 cm below the blazer. School rules, long socks and stocking are prohibited. The socks must be in plain white, black, or brown. So does the shoes. Shoes mustn't be higher than ankle. Bags are the free-of-rules one. Everyone can choose their own bag, from schoolbag, handbag, briefcase, plastic bag, and even a carrier! Anything that would fit the schoolbooks and a pen (at least) is allowed.

Now he opens another book, "How to Be Popular Girl in 30 minutes" (feel free to skip this section if you guys don't like these girly stuffs). It's already 05.30, school's bell at seven, and 20 minutes walking-to-school time. 1) Use a natural elegant style of hair, that doesn't look like boy, such as pig-tail, wavy or curl hair, a bun with braid, or for beginner just loose your hair, it's best for wavy long hair. "Oh, yes. Mari-san had given me the best choice of wig. Next." 2) Put on natural make-up that suit your face or personality. Cute style, use watery-gloss, put pink cherry brush on your cheeks. For distinctive(?) beauty, using strong colors (green, purple) on eyelids and darker color on lips (red, black). For beginner, put pink/reddish color for eyes, with sparkling pink/pale gloss. "I just have the pinky stuff. So I choose the latter." 3) Be kind and polite. Inner beauty is the most important part... after good-looking ;). Kai's sweatdrop. "Who made this crazy book?" (the writer of course! *kicked out*)

He looked at the mirror. Adoring himself. Realizing the time, he put on the shoes and walking to the school. He greet everyone he met on the way as the book said (actually it's his real personality). He arrives on the gates at 06.30 am, enough time to walk around the school. He will used to his..her(from now on) name now, Mika Nohara.

"Ah, good morning, Miss. You are Mika Nohara, right? I am Akabane, the sports teacher here. It's so early of you. Would you like me to accompany you walking around the school?" the sports teacher greeted her kindly.

"I'd like to," she chuckles.


Hal is smoking cigarette and sitting on his chair. He's been there since a week ago, replacing the former teacher who'd die in car accident. "Well, you are here now. I'm sure it will be longer than expected." He sighs.

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