Mio stood and saw her back in dilemma. Could she help or being a criminal in jail?


"Okay, I know. Thanks for the info. I'll called director soon."

"Click," he closed his cell phone. He had given what he knows to Takei. Now, his job is to get evidence from his suspect. But he found nothing during this time. His other partner, Takano-san, couldn't be doing this. He doesn't teach at laboratory since he taught about atom and the theorem stuff in the class. He always go home as soon as school's end. So it's hardly to think he's guilty.

The same as the other teacher, some people he had suspected were the president, vice president, and chemistry teacher. But the president never check any laboratories. He just kept checking the supply and reparation needs to upgrade the facilities. Moreover, he was on dense scheduled full of workshop and meeting with school's teachers or the other high school's headmasters.

And about the vice president, he got many chances controlling the management for many shortage each month. He was the one who is actually busy managing the school with that kind of president. He could handle everything, buying better equipment, upgraded instrument, sport assets, including the chemical supplies. However, it was too busy to handle alone. He didn't have the time doing mark-up. Hal knew his background clearly from his companions and it was verified that he's innocent.

And the last, Mizuki-san. He tracked her phone and didn't find any transaction or conversation involving drugs. The only time bothering him was when Mizuki-san was shopping. He followed her the other day, and found she only bought groceries. Surprisingly, the time she had spent was longer than needed. She could be guilty or not. And maybe many people were involved he didn't know.

I'll figure it this evening he thought. They had a lot to do before the party at Base III. Fortunately, it was a local smuggling. No foreigners involved. He sighed. It should be easier to handle. But, he had an unfortunate annoying partner he ever had. Hal didn't know what was Kai doing right now, or what was he good for (*peace, Kai!) so he, as always, work harder (#or hardest = =).


Mika ran through the corridor. She needed to find her, to answer her statement. But she couldn't find her since the last lesson. She ran without noticing the way along side. Someone was opening the door and came out. And what happened next could be predicted. "BRUUGH," she bumped into someone, fell all the books in the hands. "Girl, don't run in the corridor," someone said.

"Oh, I'm sorry sensei," she bowed in apologize. She could see the nametag on her chest. It was 'Mizuki Suzuhara'. Mizuki-sensei! It's her. 'God must be kind to me today'

"That's alright. Be careful to not day-dreaming when walking next time."

"Yes, ma'am. Uum Mizuki-sensei?"

"Yes?" She put on her smile to the student. Mika was about to ask something when a man came from behind Mizuki-sensei's back. He gave her a 'keep-away-from-her' glare.

"Uh oh, n-nothing. Sorry for my clumsiness. I'm going right now."

"Huh? Okay then. Hope you're fine."

"Thank you!" She ran again. Mizuki shook her head seeing that student ran off again. She turned when she realized someone's presence.

"Oh, Ito-san! How long you've been there?"

"Just now," he replied.

"Ooh, I have to put these books in the library first. We'll still get into walking in the city later?"

"Yeah. I can't wait." Her face turned red. Good face is really a big help, heh-heh, Hal thought OOC-ish.

Mika had run the second floor and now the third floor. She's panting hard. Where are you? She passed the laboratories. She passed the twelfth grade class. There was nobody, but she heard voices. She then turned her head and found a bunch of people there, in the classroom. 'Mio! What is she doing there?" she whispered, "Wait, was it Baldira and.. Nato. They're the big boss's hands. Whatever she'd done talking with them in this quite place. Dangerous!" She hid herself behind the nearest window, trying to eavesdropping them.

"Nato! That's soo boring. What are you d-doing lately, huh?" That's Mio's voice. She couldn't erase her accent, except when she changed crueler and serious occasionally.

"I'm just doing some negotiations with Leo. He's giving me so many tasks these days."

"H-how about you Baldira?"

"I'm just watching like usual. At base III."

"Hey, you have a lot of s-stressing work. I—I'll treat you in a café near the subway this time, come on. We rarely have a chance to hang-out since childhood, right?"

"It's been a while since we'd involved with SS."

"Well, old friends were the right choice to relieve stress."

"S-so, let's get going now."

C-childhood friends? So Mio wasn't lying at all. Maybe she could help me seeking any evidences. I must tell her before she changed her mind. But why did she want to hand over her friends to NCD? The three went out from the building, they're heading toward Stone Café, near the subway. Nothing she could do other than wait for her to be alone.


"Let's come in here. It is my favorite tea-shop. It sells a lot of rare tea. And we can have the afternoon-tea here."

Uninterestingly he said, "Really?" They went into a tea-break first, before going to buy many things. Hal watched, and there was nothing weird in her attitude. 15 minutes passed, and finally they finished their drinking.

"Okay. Next, I will buy some meats and fruits. And some utensils, too," she said cheerfully.

"Hmm," he replied faintly, entering the supermarket. They've spent a lot of time choosing the most suitable meats and fruits for dinner. He wondered why woman can walked so long carrying those heavy things. And how could she bought so many utensils beyond what she need. What about those square pan for frying egg-roll? Come on, we could do that as well with an ordinary one. Lucky, Hal's thought was only in thought.

Meanwhile, in Stone Café, Mika sat on the bench not far from the café, and she could saw them joking while she hide her face with those messy long hair. She'd been waiting for one hour and she didn't come up. "Ugh, how long they will stay there?" She growled. Lucky, her waiting didn't go into waste. They came out.

"Thank you for the treat, Mio-chan. It's delicious."

"Thank you, Mio," Baldira thanked her. And this time Mika tried to not chuckled for his different tone. Opposite with those times when she's on the base.

"You're welcomed."

"We'll go that way. Take care."

"Yeah. You too. Bye-bye." She waved her hands until they disappeared from her vision. She didn't turn her head when she said lightly, "And what made you come here?" Mika got startled plus shivered, "—Mika?"

"Hee-hee, I'm just curious. That is the one Maria's talking about, Baldira. Am I correct?" She grinned as innocent as she could. Trying to hide her panicked face but it failed. As ever.

"You already know who they really are."

"Yeah. And I'm just thinking if you could help me." She smiled.

"That's what I want to hear." It's not that Mio would give in her childhood friends but she knew there was nothing can stop them except the NCD, the police, or the rehabilitation. Knowing how stubborn they were, she could only choose them to be sent to jail so they could learn.

The sky was getting darker in twilight. Soon it would become a shining city among the thick darkness of night.

"Ito-san, if you're tired, you can rest on that bench or join me in. I'm going there for a moment."


"I'm just buying some wines on that bar. They have my favorite rose wine. We'll have a good time."

"No, thanks. I'll wait outside. Newspaper is better for resting my head."

"Oh, you're really my type. Hee-hee, I'll be back quick." He nodded. A bar, huh? He walked to the bar where she entered a few minutes ago. There were many people there. It's so crowded and the music beating fast and loud. He must see carefully and quickly.

"Hey, stranger! What are you looking for?" A bartender greeted him cheerfully.

Hal stepped closer and spoke in low tone, "I want some SS."

"Sorry, Sir. We're out of stock. It's still in process today. Tomorrow maybe it'll be ready."

"Oh, I should search other place. Thanks." Simply he turned around to the bathroom.

There was a pause before he continued, "And about the stuff, you could get them in some hours if you would, Mister."

"I'm busy." The bartender nodded with his wide smile. Still in process, huh? Did he mean, they still doing the delivery? Hal went into the corridor quietly behind the dance-floor room. There were three paths, one to the left, one to the right, and one ahead. He turned his head to any direction, convinced that there was nobody seeing him. He could sense the strange smell from the left, an opened door in the left, so he took the way. He peeked from the gap. People were busy moving boxes, and from the boxes, falling a little pale dusts. Bingo. This is it, the supply. Hal took some photos of it. Nice. He wonder why they were so careless in delivering. It's so obvious. And yet, he had to think twice now before he proud.


"What should I do Mik—err, E—Eto?"

"No, just call me Mika! I'm Mika Nohara right now." She nodded.

"This is a camera and a transceiver. I'll put this on your clothes. You will wear this coat. Hm, anyway did you ever go to The Groove?"

"No, never. I—I'm only joining party in the Base II. But I've never heard that name."

"That's okay. Your task is only visiting base II or talking with Baldira and Nato, or whoever friends involved with this. Your task is gaining necessary information. You must be careful to not be found out."

"I know," she replied with annoyed tone.

"Listen. If you're found out, you'll be killed for sure. At that time, you may tell about me. Just tell that I'm paying you."

"I'll be careful. And I will not spilling any even at my life's edge," she said firmly. This was Mio when she became serious. She actually had that strange habit of shyness in front of everyone when she didn't have any purpose. Kai smiled slightly knowing her weirdness.

"Thank you for your cooperation." And then Mio left Kai's apartment.

Though he put some of his trust for her, yet he's not that stupid. It bothered him, too. But instinctively, he decided to let her being an informant. It was risky, very much. There's a chance that she's not doing that purely but commanded by Leo, the leader. He knew Hal would raging at him about this. He cannot know this. But it couldn't stop him from reaching the cellular and press those numbers. Before he realized whom he called, he clicked the red button. "I'm not doing anything until now, but I really want to meet him now—" He shook his head.

"—without a guise. Ah! I have to tell him that rumor soon. That's it." He dashed to the bathroom.




Hal was busy with some photos in front of him. He'd been using his brain to the core on breezing peaceful Sunday. "This is when Takano has the duty to check the laboratory. Nothing is missing." "Next day when I checked, the toluene and piperidine supplies decrease in normal amount of an experiment, but there was no use of those substances from last practices. To calculate that, it's done carefully, who could it be?" He closed his eyes for a moment.

"Takano... it could be him but it's not filling the missing link. Mizuki, she maybe uses drug. They are suspected. And it's not impossible there may be other teachers involved." He stopped, feeling uncomfortable. He felt his skin cold. He ignored it.

"All of the students are just consumers or a free-lance worker to them when they had to. So this group chose to have most students as users only. So they didn't share the most important things. There are only 10 students except Kai. And Kai didn't get information beyond what he should and need to know. It's not like they would trust him so fast."

Kai was about to leave when he remembered that he forgot where was Azuma Mansion. He decided to open his net book and looked for Hal's mansion. "Haha, I don't know where he lived exactly until now. What a teamwork!" He inhaled deeply "Oh, it's better if I searched that mansion's details," he hummed and searched through his protected laptop immediately.

Surfing, surfing, surfing

"AH! This is..."



Hal had stopped his activity after he saw some people outside. They're not cops or his friends. From what they looked like, they were absolutely kids, high schooler. He then remembered someone saying yesterday.

"Good morning, Sensei..."

"Good morning. Do you need something?"

"Yeah, sort of. I just want to see someone. In this class by any chance."

"...Oh. You must be care for her so much until you checked here during hours."

"Yeah, she's special. Cute, yet so smart, or a bit sly."


"Don't 'huh' me. Heh, so the 'coolest' teacher in our school likes to see cuties secretly. Don't think everyone doesn't know. I wouldn't care of anyone but Mika." Kurai could see a glimpse of widened eyes from his teacher's face before it faded away. His teacher's eyes didn't move from his eyes.

"I've always been looking out for my students, you know. Hm... well, that's another topic. But I'm sure believed that she's not more than 'anything' you care for. Isn't it?" Kurai stiffened. 'Is he already know? But that's impossible.. Leo has...'

"Well, she's really more than anything to me. You musn't know since you're a pervert. And I know something is going on between Mizuki-sensei and you. Is it not enough?"

"I bet you were stalking me all day, then. Heh, did you say all those things just for some minutes talking to me?" Hal smirked. And Kurai's face was getting warmer, in anger. Never before someone humiliating him this far. This old pervert. It wasn't him for being angry like this. But this time, it's different about Mika.

"Let's see who you really are. You deserve to be punished, all of you who try to get closer to her. Can you survive your punishment?" he said convincingly as he chuckled.

"We'll see," he spoke as he walked away from the spot. Kurai gritted his teeth seeing the teacher's back. 'I'm smart. I couldn't be lost to him. Disgusting.'

Hal chuckled lightly recalling the scene. That guy must be falling in love for the first time. It was a big opportunity for him. Hal didn't expect Kai would do so well. At least, making somebody like him. Hal was sure he enjoyed being a girl. Even without disguise, sometime he found Kai was rather girly than Kai'd expected.

Back to reality again. The people he saw wasn't illusion. Hal immediately packed his belongings and the data he got. It's that obvious but his sense didn't prickled. He wonder if he's too tired to sense danger. And from the window in his mansion, he could see three men heading toward the front door. 'WTH? Who're they?'

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