Rescue 1

Sort of a Transformers Movieverse FanFiction

Dark shadows stretched from one abandoned structure to the next. The dim light cast by the system's red giant highlighted ancient stone ruins surrounding the open space where the red and white Cybertronian sat slumped against a crumbling wall.

Now he was seeing things. Wonderful. Drift took a firmer grip on his short sword and tried to steady his thoughts. The flickering movements on the edges of his vision had been plaguing him for cycles now. Now they were either taking more solid forms, or something was stalking him. Not that being hunted was anything new to the battle hardened warrior. The moment he had donned the Autobot symbol he had painted a target on himself. More Decpticons wanted him dead that any other bot except Optimus himself, and for now that worked in favor of his unit. These shadows were different somehow though.

They had appeared about a mega-click ago, staying close to sturdy cover, dodging from shadow to shadow, and generally acting suspicious. Every bit of training in the warrior's programming demanded swift action, bur Drift had learned long ago to trust in his instincts, and he just got the feeling that the flickering creatures were no threat. He slid his weapon into a more comfortable position and shifted his weight a silently as he could. Even if these newcomers posed no threat, the same could not be said of the Decpticons hunting him and his unit.

A tearing pain in his left knee servo demanded his attention. He ignored it and flashed a quick signal towards Kup with the reflective edge of his sword. The old soldier responded in kind and began to execute the attack plan. Drift slumped back against the wall and tried to look as helpless as possible. It was no easy task for the bot. One servo was damaged beyond easy repair and leaking energon into the sands below, his once white body plating was scratched and battered so badly he had turned a dull grey, but his optics still shone with a warrior's spirit, only a great fool would approach such a figure causally.

Drift heard a soft click directly in front of him. It was far too small to be the hunter he was supposed to be the bait for so he tried to ignore it. However that soon became impossible. Whatever it was it was approaching him. Fighting back the blurry feeling the virus had made all too familiar the bot cracked open an optic and looked down at the creature now standing at his side. At first he thought he was looking at a tiny floating head. But as he focused he realized that the lower part of its body was being obscured by a cloaking device. That explained the mysterious shadows, good to know his CPU wasn't going just yet, but it didn't explain the look on the creature's face.

The small being, an organic Drift realized, looked up at the bot with a mixture of compassion, worry, and scientific interest that reminded the bot powerfully of Ratchet, the Autobot medic he hadn't seen in megacycles. The creature let out a series of small high pitched noises. "As if it expects me to understand it," Drift mused, wishing again that the virus hadn't taken out his translation abilities. Suddenly the rest of the organic's body came into view. Despite being smaller than most minicons, it looked remarkably like a Cybertronian protoform; bipedal, five manipulators on each terminal servo, and four primary limbs. The creature's chest plate curved out over a slim waist. What organic surfaces its armor exposed were a smooth tan. A few gold filaments of fiber escaped out from under its helmet. But most startling was the expressiveness of the creatures face. Two blue visual sensors stared intently up into his own gold optics. Drift reminded himself that he shouldn't read Cybertronian emotions into an alien face, but the little one beside him seemed to be radiating compassion and worry.

A quick flash from Kup's position signaled that the rest of the Autobots were ready. The trap was set. The signal broke through the fog in Drift's CPU. With a start he tried to push the little organic away. When they had chosen this planet to deal with the Decpticons following their damaged ship they had deliberately chosen what they thought to be a lifeless world. These creatures must have been hiding well below ground when they scanned the rock, or they had arrived since. Either way they had no part in the Cybertronians' war. Drift attempted to herd the creature back toward the cover offered by the rocks with his free servo. He scowled down at it hoping to scare it off. If he could read its emotions, perhaps it could detect hostility in the Autobot's face. Things didn't go quite as planned.

Another tearing pain ripped through Drifts left stabilization servo. He fought against the blackness that followed the pain. When his vision cleared the organic wasn't by his side. He leaned back with a feeling of relief. One less thing to worry about. The feeling was however, short lived. From the rocks slipped two more of the small, cloaked organics. Drift frowned; these were carrying what were obviously weapons. A scratching feeling near his injury drew his attention. The first organic was climbing easily up his armor. It knelt over his injury and began to produce what appeared to be medical devices out of a carrying case on its back. More of its fellows were slipping out from the surrounding rocks. Drift counted at least thirty. All of them were armed. The Autobot began to feel slightly uneasy. They're weapons were small, but in these numbers they might be dangerous. However, they showed no hostile intentions.

One of them seemed to be in charge. Drift watched it signaling the rest of the organics. This one was larger and darker than the first and its chestplate didn't display the same curves. In a few clicks it had dispersed the rest into what was obviously a protective perimeter around the wounded warrior. The first organic was busily inspecting the open wound on the Autobot's knee servo. It selected one of its devices, and before Drift could remove the creature, activated it. Drift felt a painful tingle run across his servo then it went blissfully numb. He paused with his hand held over the organic about to remove it. The creature was smiling up at him. It patted his uninjured surface reassuringly and selected another device. Whoever these were, they wanted to help.

The commander joined the medic, or so Drift guessed were their positions, on the Autobot's leg. They conferred for a moment. Then the commander looked directly into Drift's optics and said something. The Autobot couldn't understand what was said, but the tone of the creature's voice and the expression on its face reminded the bot of the last time he had spoken to Prime. The Autobot leader had looked at him with just such a compassionate but tired smile and assured him the battle would soon turn in their favor. It had. Drift shook off the memory and wondered what could possible remind him of Optimus in the organic's fleshy features. The commander waved two more organics up and then jumped down himself. Along with the medic the two newcomers began busily working up a patch job on his damaged servo. The rest of the creatures reactivated their cloaks, becoming shadows once again.