Rescue 14


A Transformers Movieverse Fanfiction

The General gave a short nod to Optimus and walked over to where Drift was chatting with Doctor Lennox.

"Doctor. Ready to go home?" He asked with a warm smile.

"Absolutely General," she replied with equal warmth. "Will Sunny and Sides be giving us a ride?"

The man flinched slightly but kept smiling as he answered.

"That's the plan. We're supposed to meet up with them and Captain Epps out in the north lot."

"Where have they been anyway?" the younger woman asked as she gathered up her things. "The quiet around here is starting to get creepy."

"They took Epps out to the test range to try out the newest body armor."

The woman snapped her head up with a sharp intake of breath. There was a sparkle in the General's eyes as he continued.

"But not to worry, Prowl is observing, so things won't get out of hand."

"Dad! You're mean." She protested.

"Ah ah, until we ditch these monkey suits it's General Lennox to you, Doctor," he reminded her, but he was laughing as he said it.

"Doctor Lennox, General," Drift addressed the two humans, who turned to look at him.

"Yes?" the younger woman asked.

"If it is not too much of an imposition I was wondering if you would grant me the honor of accompanying you home?" the red and white mech asked. "I am eager to learn more about this planet and from what I have heard your family has some experience with Autobots."

Annabelle Lennox shot her father an eager glance. He gave an almost imperceptible smile and nod in return.

"We would be glad to have you," the woman said warmly.

The mech smiled in return and they began to discuss the thousand little things that Cybertronian newcomers always seemed to be curious about.

"You two head out to meet Epps and the Lambo twins. I have to have a word with Optimus before we leave," the older Lennox said.

"Yes Sir General," she waved and led Drift off in the direction of the north lot.

Will Lennox smiled and jogged over to the leader of the Autobots.


"Yes General?"

"Could I have a private word with you?" Will asked.

The Autobot nodded and transformed. The general climbed up into his cab and the semi rolled slowly toward the hanger doors.

"I need the low down on this Drift character," the human said. "Annie's invited him home."

"That is good. Drift is a fine warrior and a loyal Autobot," Optimus said.

"Yeah, Ironhide mentioned him a time or two back in the day," Will said a bit dismissively. "But I need something to tell Sarah and Moe."

Optimus would have smiled if he'd been in protoform. The trust that this human granted him never ceased to amaze the mech. He still accepted new Autobots on Optimus's word alone, even after what had happened. The Prime weighted his words carefully. He knew what the human was asking.

"In addition to being a capable warrior Drift is the epitome of self control and discipline. He has in the past demonstrated a willingness to connect with organic life greater than almost any other of my warriors. You can tell both of the grandmothers that they need not fear him being a bad influence on their little ones."

The human nodded and smiled.

"Thanks big guy."

"You are always welcome," Optimus said. "We are here."

Lennox looked out across the near empty parking lot. Under the glow of a weak street lamp two Lamborghinis were racing around a Firebird while calling out taunting remarks to the laughter of two humans.

"She had a hard time this mission," the general said softly. "She lost too many good men. They both did."

"Indeed," Optimus replied.

Will had seen the eagerness in her eyes when she talked about the newest Autobots. Every warrior that was brought to earth increased the odds against the Decepticons and meant another Cybertronian had been brought home. But he had seen pain under that eagerness. A pain he knew too well. He jumped out of the cab and walked up to the laughing group. Epps nodded to him and leapt into Sideswipe's open door. Will climbed into Sunstreaker with a sigh.

"Don't worry boss man! This time I'll pay strict attention to the speed limits," the mech assured him.

Lennox gritted his teeth. He always missed Ironhide, but especially on these drives home.

The door to the firebird opened with a graceful flourish as Annabelle approached it.

"Doctor Lennox, would you do me the honor?" Drift asked.

The woman smiled. The twins usually either reached out and yanked her in or told her exactly where she should sit. This courtesy was a pleasant surprise.

"Why thank you Drift but the honor is mine, and please, when I'm off duty, it's Annabelle."

"Very well Annabelle."

The red and white sports car gently wrapped its seatbelts around her and started his engine. It rolled after the twins. The exit of the lot was guarded by a pair of gate posts that were just a little taller than regulation but otherwise unremarkable. As the first car approached the air between them became charged with electricity. A faint blue flicker ran between them before exploding out into a starburst. Just as Sideswipe streaked through the starburst settled down into a swirling blue portal. Sunstreaker followed and then Drift.

On the other side they pulled onto a winding two land highway. The single moon shone through the tall trees casting silver shadows across the cracked asphalt. Crystallized water, snow he recalled, covered the ground. Drift followed the twins as they rolled easily around each curve. He wondered idly why the youngsters seemed content to go so slow. Organic creatures flickered on and off his sensors beside the road. Ahead lights glowed warmly.

Atop a hill a cluster of buildings surrounded several tall structures known as windmills. The largest building, sheathed with red metal, was lit up with hundreds of little multi colored lights. It was surrounded by several automobiles of large sturdy designs. The Autobot could sense many organic and a few Cybertronian life signs in the structure.

Two massive doors rolled open as the lead car approached. Sideswipe transformed, lightly tossing Epps onto his shoulder, and strode into the barn waving and calling out to the gathered humans. Sunstreaker let the general out before transforming. Drift pulled in and opened the driver's door for Annabelle. She was immediately swept up into the arms of a cluster of women. The warrior sat in his alt mode for a moment watching the chaos that rolled around him. The majority the humans were female and displayed the same dark skin Captain Epps did. A flock of human sparklings, children, had swarmed Sideswipe and were clambering up him to get to Epps, squealing that their uncles were finally home.


"Mom!" Annabelle ran forward to embrace an older woman.

"Drift, this is my mother Sarah Lennox. Mom, Drift." The younger woman introduced them.

"A pleasure, Mrs. Lennox," the Autobot said.

"Please call me Sarah," the human smiled at him, "and welcome to our home."

"Okay, food's on the tables, find what you want and dig in," a powerful voice called.

"And this is Monique and Robert Epps," Annabelle continued the introductions as the speaker walked up with a man about the General's age.

There was a sudden loud noise from the far end of the structure. Sunstreaker had knocked over a stack of canisters. The attention of all the mature humans was diverted for a moment. Drift suddenly realized he was surrounded. The smaller humans had begun to scamper up his frame chattering softly. Two or three modified turbo foxes darted in and out around their feet.

"You're the new Autobot?"

"Wow! He has three swords!"

"I bet he can go real fast!"

Drift stood stock still for fear of hurting the little ones. They chattered away, not seeming to notice or care that he wasn't answering their questions.

"Whoa! Kiddoes, rule number five, rule number five!" Captain Fred Epps shouted.

"Awww! No fair," came a protest from somewhere around Drift's back.

"Recite!" Fred insisted.

"Protesting loudly the swarm scrambled down. The largest of the small ones stood tall and stated loudly.

"Rule number five; Autobots are not jungle gyms."

"And you'd better remember that," he growled playfully scooping one of the little females up and tickling her until she giggled.

"Help mommy! Uncle Freddie is gonna eat me!"

"Well make sure he uses plenty of salsa!" one of the older females replied laughing.

Another round of introductions followed. Drift carefully stored each of the names and relationships in a special file. It appeared that the gathering consisted of the two commanders of the first human combat unit to encounter the Decepticons their mates and two generations of offspring. Both the doctor and the captain were greeted eagerly by their relatives. The smaller humans produced the modified turbo foxes and introduced them as Nightshade, Dash, and Rex along with a host of organic pets.

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were playing with the children; telling stories of Cybertron before the war. Drift sat cross-legged listening to the conversation flowing back and forth between the adults. Home. He wasn't ready to accept this as his home yet; wasn't ready to give up on Cybertron. But when one of the children fell asleep in his lap with the turbo fox curled protectively around her, it occurred to the warrior that perspectives can change.