Summary: Naruto was reborn as a zanpakuto, and is content with his life amongst his fellow sword spirits. The thing is, his new name is Kyoka Suigetsu, and his destiny is to either kill his new friends' wielders, or be killed by them. HyourinmaruXNaruto

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Chapter 1: First Encounters


If ever there was a thought that crossed my mind about the afterlife, I can say with utmost certainty that this is not what I had expected.

Heaven, a place of peace and eternal rest. Hell, a place of suffering and eternal damnation. Maybe if I went down with a forbidden jutsu, I'd end up in the Shinigami's stomach. Reincarnation had crossed my mind a few times, because what happens when a person dies? Do they go straight to heaven or hell? Are they reborn as another person? Is there a cycle: some sense of order in the whole ordeal?


I, Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto, died at the age of twenty two. After spending years at war with the Akatsuki (only Zetsu was left, but Madara had recruited a few new missing nins), Madara, and Sasuke, they had finally made their move in person. It was without a doubt the most grueling and horrid battle I had ever gone through, and the win came with many losses. The entire Akatsuki was wiped out, but they managed to destroy the entirety of Konoha take out over half of our forces in the process. The attack had been unexpected, and our allies couldn't make it in time to help.

I took on Sasuke myself, and managed to kill him by going Kyuubi on his ass, but that battle alone had taken a huge toll on both my body and my chakra, not to mention that it lasted two days straight. That damn bastard wouldn't stay down! After that, Madara jumped in, and I knew that there was no hope of victory.

So, I did the only thing I could do to help win; I called upon the help of the only being I new of that could take care of that son of a bitch once and for all.


Akatsuki had already been taken care of, and this was the last battle, but no mistakes could be made, no chances taken with Madara. So I summoned Shinigami-sama and tore the bastard's soul out, damning him to Shinigami's stomach for the rest of eternity, and dying in the process. I remember seeing people coming toward me, hearing voices shout at me, even though they sounded like small whispers. Everything was so cold and distant, and then everything was black. I'm not sure how much time passed after that, but...

Then I woke up.

It was surreal; waking up after dying. Waking up with memories that are not yours, and yet you know that they belong there.

It was a peaceful place, with lush grass and gentle breezes. There was a large cliff that stood high above a beautiful beach, with white sand and a calm ocean. It was always night, and there were rarely any clouds to obscure the stares and shining moon.

It was home.

From the moment I woke up, I knew what I was, as if I had somehow known all along; A zanpakuto. My soul was bonded to that of my wielder, and nothing short of death could rip us apart. I knew everything about my wielder, every thought he had ever had, every feeling, I knew his history, and I knew his heart.

In my past life, my name was Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto, number one hyperactive knucklehead ninja, savior of Konohagakure no Sato, defeater of Sasuke Uchiha, Pain, Akatsuki, and Uchiha Madara, son Of Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato.

Now, my name if Kyoka Suigetsu, Mirror Flower Water Moon, illusion/light and dark zanpakuto, the most powerful illusion zanpakuto in existence and the only light/dark zanpakuto in existence, loyal partner and sword to my wielder, Aizen Sosuke. It is my destiny to stay by my wielder's side, to protect and guide him, to be his guardian and partner, his friend and mentor. It is my duty to help him, to give him power and to know him better than any other, even himself. It is my duty to be by his side and to help him achieve his goals.

No matter what those goals entail.



Naruto sighed, a small smile playing at his lips.

Sosuke was trying to contact him again.

His wielder was in his first year of the shinigami academy, and doing quite well mind you. He kido was already on par with that of a forth year student, and he would no doubt be a master within two or three years. His zanjutsu was good, but he still had much to learn. He could go through the stances almost flawlessly, but he is yet to have the muscle to back up the moves. The same could be said about hakuda. He was naturally gifted in hoho, it seemed; Sosuke was naturally light on his feet.

After an entire afternoon of meditating, Sosuke called it a day and went about his normal routine. After all, it was still only the beginning of his first year. There was plenty of time. He was close, anyway: He could feel it.


Being a zanpakuto was interesting.

Few retained the memories of their past lives, be they zanpakuto, hollow, shinigami, or normal soul. Naruto could remember everything, though, and he often wondered why. He had tried using jutsu, and he could still use it, but it was so different that it was barely the same. Elemental manipulation was much harder with reiatsu than with chakra, because instead of using the physical aspect of chakra to move the elements to your will, reiatsu uses the spiritual particles within the elements to manipulate them. This made pure reiatsu manipulation, no elements involved, much easier, though it took perfect reiatsu control to be able to use jutsu at all. But he had plenty of time to master it.

It kept away the boredom.

Because he was connected to Sosuke, he could see and hear what was going on outside. After being in the presence on other zanpakuto (the zanjutsu teacher and the meditation overseer showed the class their zanpakutos so that they knew what they would later be working with), he found that he could sense whenever they were near. This led him to believe that perhaps all zanpakuto had some sort of special connection, like a sixth sense.

He would look into this later.


How interesting. Sosuke was sleeping, so Naruto had decided to meditate and practice reiatsu manipulation to pass the time. Whenever Sosuke was in a relaxed state, he himself would usually feel relaxed also, and meditate.

This time though, Naruto had been expanding his reiatsu to cover his mindscape (well, it was actually Sosuke's, but seeing as how he was the one who inhabited it, he preferred to call it his own) and had found something very interesting.

There was indeed a connection between zanpakutos. Like how the hollows had their own world of Hueco Mundo, humans had the World of the Living, and Shinigami and pure souls had Soul Society, it seemed that zanpakuto also had their own little realm. There is technically no name, but the zanpakuto prefer to called it Haven, as it is the perfect place to get away to and out of the eyes of their wielders. Not to mention, there's always the company of other zanpakuto if wanted. After all, life in a mindscape is rather lonely.

After expanding his reiatsu, he found a disturbance in the ocean, and went to investigate. Nothing appeared to be out of place, but the air itself felt odd: as if it didn't belong. It was hard to describe, but it was as if there was physical tension in the air, almost like spiritual pressure, but the air itself wasn't heavy.

Naruto stood in that same spot for a while, balancing perfectly on top of the water, and the small waves and ripples in the ocean seemed to glide around him, as if not wanting to disturb him. He reached a hand out, and though his hand glided through nothing but empty space, he could feel resistance in the atmosphere.

Have you ever heard of the term 'the tension was so thick that you could cut it with a butter knife'? Well that applied here.

With a miniscule amount of reiatsu at the tips of his fingers (miniscule to him, because much like his chakra when he was living, he had an ungodly amount of reiatsu), the air literally tore apart, creating a gaping chasm-like portal in front of him. He observed it for a while, staring into the inky blackness. The darkness radiated misery and emptiness, and for some odd reason that he could not comprehend, he felt compelled to step inside.

Naruto cautiously inched forward, his fingers brushing the edges of the rip. It was much like the tension in the air he had felt, only much more. The air was literally so dense that he could feel it as if it were solid. He gripped the air, slowly placing one foot inside the portal. Almost immediately, reiatsu gathered to the bottom of his foot, making a wide path for him to step on.

'Come closer' the darkness seemed to call.

Naruto stepped all the way in, and the air slammed shut behind him, leaving him in the blackness. With nowhere to go but forward, he continued at a leisurely pace. Up ahead, he could see the image of a white desert in another portal. He was almost there when the path broke into pieces, before reforming, curving toward the left this time. With no choice but to follow, Naruto did just that, sending a brief glance back at the white desert.

Another portal opened up in front of him, looking like a door with a bright white light shining through, preventing him from seeing anything on the other side. He stepped through slowly, raising a hand to shield his eyes, before he was on the other side, the chasm closing behind him.

'Where in the worlds...?'

It...reminded him of Sosuke's mindscape. A lush field, with a cliff overlooking a beautiful ocean. There were delicate flowers spotting the landscape, all covered in a fine frost. It was nighttime, also, but the stars were hidden behind dark clouds and the moon barely shone through. In the distance, though, he could also see vast mountains with much snow, if the white peaks said anything. At the base of the mountains, rock gradually faded until it reached an expanse of desert.

It seemed as if this place had a bit of every terrain, and Naruto didn't have to wonder what this place was a second time. He knew the moment he sensed other zanpakuto spirits. They were all around, some interacting and some to their lonesome. He himself was alone, and no one else was in sight.

He made his way to the cliff that reminded him of his home in Sosuke's mind, and a deep sense of loneliness hit him like a title wave. He had only been gone from Sosuke for an hour at most (the trip in that portal took up most of the time), and he already felt as if a part of his soul was torn from the loss.

Naruto's brows furrowed, and he sat down carefully, his legs dangling off the edge of the cliff side. His chest ached with deep sorrow, and he wondered just how deep the bond between zanpakuto and wielder went. Sosuke hadn't even met him yet, didn't even know his name, and he still felt as is someone had ripped his soul in half. Did Sosuke feel the same right now? Was he causing his wielder pain? Did he even notice his absence?

His heart hurt, wondering if maybe Sosuke didn't even notice that he was missing. He felt selfish just for thinking that way. He didn't want his wielder to feel pain because of him, but it would also be reassuring to know that his existence was at least acknowledged, even subconsciously. Maybe it was his human past that was making him feel this way? He was never wanted in his past life, not for a very long time. Had his insecurities followed him in death?

No. He knew that he was just looking for excuses. He had become a new being when he was reborn. He knew of his past, but didn't feel a particular caring for it. It wasn't his past that was bothering him, but his connection to Sosuke. He could literally feel the bond between their souls straining, like a rubber band being stretched too tight. He didn't want to be away from his wielder, his partner, his Sosuke.

Yes, the boy was his in every sense of the word. His mind, his soul, and by extension, his body. He was connected to them, bonded to them: His and Sosuke's souls were intertwined, practically one. They belonged to each other, and now that they were separated, Naruto felt the most horrible ache down to the very core of his being.

'I would rather die than feel this again.'

Naruto's eyes widened at the thought, before narrowing into dangerous slits. He noted in the back of his mind how the inky sky suddenly turned a deep, bloody red, and the moon that was shining silver was now glowing an eerie bright yellow. The world was now shrouded in darkness, and everything appeared to be nothing but black silhouettes.

'Such selfishness!' Naruto growled to himself, glaring at the now raging black waters below him with eyes colder than ice. His irises flashed crimson. 'To harbor such thoughts, even for a moment-! I will not abandon Sosuke, not like everyone else. I will live until my purpose is served and I will endure as much pain as I need if it is the will of my wielder. To sink so low as to delve into thoughts of death- how shallow.'


"Do you know who that is?"

"No." Hyourinmaru shook his head, silver eyes glowing against his now completely black-silhouette, thanks to the odd effect of the inverted lighting.

Senbonzakura frowned. It wasn't visible behind his helmet, but Hyourinmaru knew it was there.

"I have never seen this spirit before. Can you tell where his abilities lie?" Senbonzakura asked.

"No." Hyourinmaru replied once again. "He seems to be manipulating the state of light, so it is probable that his domain is within shadow, but I cannot be sure."

Senbonzakura nodded in agreement, making a contemplative sound. The two spirits had been conversing before, sitting by a waterfall on the other side of the mountain range. When the atmosphere became heavy and the world turned inverted, they set off to check on the situation.

They were now standing at the edge of a clearing, observing a spirit neither had ever seen before. He had long snowy hair that fell just short of his knees, tied in a high ponytail with a purple band. Two silver bells hung from the band, jingling softly in the wind. Bangs split down the center of his forehead, framing his face and falling to his collarbone in layers. A white haori fell to his ankles, with long billowing sleeves and tied at the waist with crimson sash that had a small circle pendant with a mirror inside hanging from the knot. Loose white hakama fell low on a slim body, kept up with a royal purple obi that looked to be holding them just high enough for modesty. There were slits down the sides, showing that his thighs were wrapped in black bandages, and a pair of wooden geta clung to his feet.

"Appearances do not seem to help in guessing where his abilities lie." Senbonzakura murmured, noting how the mysterious spirit's eyes flashed from deep blue to purple, and then crimson for a moment.

"..." Hyourinmaru frowned, also noticing this.


Naruto's head snapped up, his attention going inward for a moment. He could feel his bond with Sosuke, stronger now than ever. He was trying to make contact again, and Naruto could tell that he would only need a little more push to initiate a connection.

'Just a little further, Sosuke. Calm and steady does it.'

As if his advice was heard, he could feel Sosuke calming, and Naruto just knew that Sosuke had finally did it. Willing himself back to his mindscape, a rather large circular mirror formed above Naruto in the air, and through it he could see his mindscape. Getting to his feet lightly, Naruto pushed off of the ground, jumping straight up and into the mirror. The moment his entire body was through, the mirror shattered, and the inverted world bled back to normal: red sky returning to blackish blue and yellow moon returning to silver.

Hyourinmaru and Senbonzakura said nothing, silently agreeing that they would find out more about this zanpakuto spirit.


Naruto appeared in Sosuke's mindscape, standing in the middle of the lush field, waiting for his wielder to appear also. Sosuke had gained his zanpakutos physical form over thirty years ago, before he was even attending Shino Academy, when a hollow appeared in Rukongai and tried to eat Sosuke. Needless to say, the hollow didn't succeed, and chose that opportunity to materialize for his wielder. Sosuke had never once been able to hear his voice, though, until now, when he finally set up a connection.

Spirit particles started to gather approximately ten yards in front of him, and Naruto watch in glee, but with an impassive face, as his wielder materialized in his mindscape. He was wearing the red and white robes of the academy, with his zanpakuto strapped to his left hip. The hilt was wrapped in green cloth, and the guard was a golden hexagon. His brown hair was mussed up, and thick framed glasses sat in front of dark brown eyes.

"You have finally reached me, Sosuke. I have waited a long time." Naruto murmured, his voice was deep and calm, flowing like a summer breeze.

Sosuke smiled, his hand resting on the hilt of his zanpakuto.

"And I have tried an equally long amount of time to reach you."

"I see." Was is pathetic that he felt better knowing that Sosuke tried to reach him as heard as he himself had tried? "You have not been in a state in which I am needed. The first time, you received my materialized form. You are in no danger, therefore it is not necessary to meet me. Had you been in real danger, I would have forced a connection."

Sosuke nodded, and Naruto was glad that he had a kind and understanding wielder. They were both patient people, and it seemed to make conversation particularly easy.

"That makes sense, what with zanpakutos usually being for combat." Sosuke observed, following his zanpakuto spirit as he led him to a sakura tree that sat close to a small pond. They both sat under the tree, and Sosuke took his zanpakuto from his obi and placed it gently on the ground.

"I am glad that you have been taking care of my manifestation." Naruto murmured softly, taking the sword in both hands and stroking the green hilt. "I would be upset, would anything happen to it. You will be a wonderful wielder, I can tell. Can you hear my name Sosuke? When I speak it, listen, for you will know if you are ready if you can hear my name. My name is-"

Sosuke smiled as Naruto handed the sword back, curling his hands around it gently. "A beautiful name, Kyoka Suigetsu, mirror flower water moon. What are your abilities? I cannot say just from your name."

Naruto stuck his hand in the pond, scooping out a pink water lily, and stroked its petals once before placing it in Sosuke's hands.

"I am an illusion zanpakuto, meant to deceive and mislead, but I am also a light and dark zanpakuto, with the ability to give light or take it away." He could tell that Sosuke was pondering his words, so he sat quietly while his wielder thought.

"Give or take away light..." Sosuke murmured. "What do you mean?"

"The ability to control light and dark. To create light in the darkest places, to take away light forever. I can blind a person for eternity by taking the light from their eyes, or plunge them into eternal despair by sending them into darkness. The void, the unknown, is where I dwell, but also in the open or in the light, where I rule over what is or is not seen. All is within my domain."

Sosuke nodded, comprehension in his eyes, along with excitement. "I see. Control over what is or is not seen. But is that not the same as illusion?"

Naruto smiled. "It is, but I am no mere illusion zanpakuto. I, Kyoka Suigetsu, am the strongest illusion based zanpakuto in existence. I have control over the senses, and can make anyone believe anything is happening. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, I can control all of these. I do not merely make one see something, I make them perceive and believe that what they are experiencing is real. The aspect of sight conforms perfectly to my light/dark affinity, do you understand?"


"Good." Naruto said, standing and holding out a clawed hand, which Sosuke took graciously. "Now, you will be tested, so that we will know whether or not you are worthy of my power."

Before Sosuke could comment, a large crack formed along the ground, stretching as far as the eye could see and farther. Cracks turned into fissures, into canyons and gaping chasms in the ground. The ocean was slowly draining into the deep gouges in the ground below it, and even the sky itself seemed as if it was breaking up.

Sosuke looked on in confusion, and his eyes widened when his sword disappeared.

"Hurry Sosuke. You must find your power before you can use it. You must find it before this world collapses, lest you forfeit the ability to use my powers." Naruto stood back, watching as Sosuke looked around, looking lost on where to start. Sosuke's eyes widened, before a small smirk appeared on his face, and he held out his hand. A single red ribbon appeared, and he gripped it tight, yanking it toward himself. At the end of the ribbon was a piece of what looked like glass, with a piece of what was once the sky in it.

Sosuke yanked harder, and a sword flew out of the glass. "Shatter!" Sosuke yelled, straining against the wind that suddenly picked up, trying to blow him off balance. "Kyoka Suigetsu!"

And the world that was falling apart-


Like pieces of a broken mirror, the world fell in tiny pieces around them, dissolving into the ground of the now normal mindscape.

"Very good." Naruto smiled, a slight upturning of the lips, barely noticeable really. "Sosuke Aizen, I give you reign over my shikai. You may come to me to learn of my abilities any time, practice makes perfect. We are now partners for life."



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