But better late than never, right? hehe (Please, drop the pitch forks and torches!)

If you don't remember correctly, we last left our favorite ghost boy flying to our favorite goth girl's house, only to find her in a very sticky situation...or should I say a slippery situation (That was a joke ;D)


Rain. Just what I needed in this situation. I was hanging off the side of my balconey, that I could handle, but now it was pouring cats and freaking dogs. This isn't good, I thought. I began slipping from the minimum railing I had to grasp.

"Hello? Is anyone out there?" I tried to yell over the sound of the rain.

Stay calm Manson. Don't panic. Deep breaths. You'll be okay. I thought to myself, just as my right hand fell of the railing.

Okay Time to panic!

"HELP! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME? PLEASE HELP!" I cried, not sure if those were tears or raindrops running down my face.

My left hand also began to slip, slowly, antagonizingly slow. I thought I would explode just from waiting for the fall. My hand began slipping faster, no way of stopping it. I knew I would fall. There was no way for me to survive this fall. I had to think fast. I tried to thrown my legs onto the ledge and pull myself up, but to no avail. Aparently it's just as hard in the sun as it is in the rain, also...it's more likely to cause you to slip...which I did. I was just a foot from the ground when all of a sudden...


I was frozen. I couldn't fly to her. I was frozen in fear and she was about to fall. Why was I being so stupid? Get over there Fenton! Save your girl! My inner voice called to me. With every ounce of energy in my being I tried to move. Tried and failed. I could hear her calling out for help. She seemed so scared and I was just the idiot that couldn't move. I wanted to scream back 'Sam, hold on!', but I couldn't speak. I saw one of her arms drop, and she had begun to slip even faster. The rain was now beating harder, faster. She tried to swing herself over the railing, but instead lost her grip.

I suddenly gained the power to move again. Barley thinking, I sped toward her, in hopes of catching her. I caught her, bridal style. She was about to hit the ground, but I caught her.

She seemed to be surprised when I caught her.

"Danny! Oh my god!" She yelled over the rain as she griped my neck.

"Hold on Sammy!" I yelled as I flew her somewhere we could be dry.

I flew all over looking for a good, safe, place to land for the night. I couldn't face either of our families and from the look on Sam's face, she couldn't either. Finally, I found a little abandoned house to stay at. I flew down and landed in front of the door.

"How's thit?" I asked, setting her down.

"It's fine" She replied, twitching her nose, like she did when ever she was tired.

I tried the door, but it was locked. I didn't see that one coming. I thought. I looked at her and she gave me a small, almost invisible, half smile. She took off her big combat boot (The only thing from her goth-stage she refused to get rid of) and smashed it against the door knob. In two seconds, we were in.

"I'll never understand how you do that!" I exclaimed as we walked in.

"It's a hidden talent...My...my dad taught me when I was 10..." She said, looking down at her feet.

Ever since the divorce she's really missed her dad. She rarley brought him up.

I decided to change the subject, "So, what were you running from?" I asked, noticing the bag of clothes in her hand and Danny Phantom doll clutched to her chest.

"Mom. I told her and she bugged out on me. I told her I was running off, but I got stuck on the balconey...yeah, it's not as easy as you make it seem...then again I can't fly. What about you?" She said, shivering.

"About the same. Mom flipped when I said we wouldn't get married, I asked how your dad would feel, called him and he told me he ripped the contract up in the divorce. We're free." I stated, smiling at her.

She stared at me wide-eyed and broke into a huge smile. She threw her arms around my neck and let out a cry of excitement.

"Are you serious?" She exclaimed, not letting loose of my neck.

"Yeah. He told me just an hour or 2 ago and I zoomed over to your place to tell you. Speaking of which, I never knew you had one of these." I said teasingly, grabbing hold of her doll and holding it above my head.

"Hey! GIve that back Danny!" She yelped, jumping high for it.

"It's gonna cost ya." I replied, shaking the doll.

"Okay! I'll do anything! Just give me my doll back!" She whined.

"Okay...hop around in a circle 10 times, do 7 push-ups, and then bow down to me chanting 'Danny is the almighty ruler' and the you can have it back." I said, smiling smugly.

She looked at me with a blank expression, then sat on the floor and stuck out her lower lip, like she did everytime I tried to tease her.

"Gosh Sammy, you're no fun!" I laughed handing her her doll back.

"Thank you!" She said, getting up off the ground and kissing me on the cheek.

Yup...This is gonna las t a long time.


Okay I know it's kinda rushed but i had alot of writers block...I hereby swear to never take a week to update something ever again. Scouts honor!

Goodbye MGF! (check my profile for the meaning of 'MGF')

-Alyssa Fenton 3