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Chapter 1

Rapunzel sighed on her bed, as she closed her book of fairytales. It was late in the evening, and she could here her mother moving about in the kitchen. The sound of her shifting around pots echoing throughout the tower. These stories all end the same, Rapunzel thought. As she slipped off her bed, and moved over to a bookcase filled with books her mother had brought her . The girl gets captured, the prince saves the day, then they kiss…a kiss would be nice.

"Rapunzel! Come help me in the kitchen!" Gothel yelled from down stairs. Rapunzel shoved her book back in place, and hurried downstairs. Gathering up some of her long blonde hair to move faster. Gothel was busy chopping carrots when she walked in. " There you are flower, could you peel those potatoes over by the sink?… and stop slouching dear, it makes you look unattractive." Gothel add in a sweet tone. "

" Yes mother," Rapunzel lovingly replied. As she stood up straighter and moved over to the potatoes. Mother could be a bit harsh sometimes; but she loved her, so it was for the best. It didn't take her long to finish peeling and chopping. After rinsing the potatoes a second time, Rapunzel sat them on the counter next to her mother, and watched her cook. Enjoying the way her ebony curls danced around her face as she moved. So beautiful

Gothel glanced over to her daughter, feeling a bit uncomfortable under her intense gaze.

"Flower isn't there something constructive you could be doing until dinners ready?" Rapunzel could feel herself blushing as she nodded and quickly rushed out of the kitchen, positive that her mother was giving the back of her head a odd look. Ugh what is wrong with me! Rapunzel thought as she moved to sit on a pillow in the middle of the tower. These odd moments between her and mother were happening more often.

All she wanted was to be closer to mother, that's it! She really didn't understand why a part of her felt bad about that. It's not like I want to kiss her or anything, I just… I want.. Rapunzel sighed heavily. She really wasn't sure what she wanted…. More hugs maybe? We haven't hugged in a week! Which was her fault. During their last hug, Rapunzel had kissed Gothel on the neck. Which lead to her acting weird and ignoring her for the rest of the day. It hurt a lot. I need to keep my emotions under control, Rapunzel thought as mother called her to dinner.

They ate in silence, Which was bugging Rapunzel. She glanced over to Gothel, who was pleasantly daydreaming about something. " Um Mother…I have a question."

Gothel lifted up her cup for a drink " Yes what is it?"

" Have you ever kissed a boy?" Rapunzel asked, As her mother choked on her drink, and started coughing


" A boy… have you ever -"

" Of coarse not!" Gothel interrupted. She had been with a few men; but it was never for love. Simply using them, then throwing them away. " I have more important things to do… and men are dangerous!" she added with a frown. Rapunzel looked down into her half empty bowl of soup. In my stories they don't seem so dangerous. Gothel reached over to Rapunzel, placing her hand under her chin to make her look at her.

" Trust me flower. Men are evil, and cannot be trusted." Rapunzel felt her heart flutter from the contact." Yes you're right mother," she agreed. Mostly because mother was touching her again.

"Obviously," Gothel add with a smirk. Then went back to eating her dinner they both walked up stairs to get ready for bed. Rapunzel jumped slightly in surprise as mother hugged her. Then lovingly returned the hug, so soft and warm. " I love you very much dear."

" I love you more."

" And I love you most," Gothel said. As she leaned down and kissed her forehead. Rapunzel watched her mother walk into her room, then made her way up to her own room. She laid out onto her bed, staring at the ceiling with a smile on her face. Mothers hugging me again! It felt so nice! I hope it happens again tomorrow. Rapunzel thought, As she slipped under her covers, and dozed off.

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