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Chapter 4 part 2


The very words made Gothel feel ill. Im going to kill that old bat! mark my words! Gothel thought heatedly as she sorted through jars inside their pantry. She had returned to the tower much later then she'd promised, but thankfully Rapunzel didn't seem to mind.

After she helped her mother into the tower, she rushed back into her room; to do god knows what. Gothel stilled for a moment, glancing towards her daughter's room. It wasnt like her to not bug her during the day. shrugging she continued with her usual cleaning rutine. The annoying nagging in her was disappointed, but the real side of her was glad. The last thing she needed right now was her daughter breathing down her neck. She knew in a way that Rapunzel might develop feelings for her, which is why Gothel tried as she got older to leave her by herself more often. So much for that... irately she spent the rest of the day throwing out old food, making medicine, and adding finishing touches to a new dress.

Gothel cringed in pain, as she pokedherself again when another pull went through her. She lifted her dress in furry, halting as she felt a familry warmth coming towards her. She sat back down trying her best to act natural, when Rapunzel walked into the room and plopped down onto a large pillow. Her vision never left her work as her daughters eyes burned holes into her, eventually the deathining silence got to Gothel "I thought you were going to stay up there all day."

Rapunzel shifted around uncomfortably. " I just thought you didn't want me around.."

Gothel looked up at her surprised. It was true, but still; she hadn't been expecting that. Rapunzel began stroking her hair nervously. " I mean -I've been messing things up a lot lately. I just thought you wanted some Space?"

Gothel smiled "Yes you have, but that doesn't mean I don't want you around dear." Rapunzel grinned for a moment, then frowned worriedly as she glance down at her Mother's injured hand."You're bleeding!" Gothel looked at her hand surprised by the amount of blood. Before she could even reply, her daughter was by her side. Her breath hitched when Rapunzel took her hand into hers. She grabbed some hair, and wrapped it around her hand; Singing the same song her mother taught her when she was young. The room filled with a golden glow, that slowly died out as she recited the final words. " What once was mine.."

Rapunzel removed her hair and gingerly ran her fingers over the top of her mothers hand. Gothel watched her. She had a feeling this wasn't good, but couldn't bring herself to move away. Rapunzel was staring at her now and before Gothel could say anything her mouth was on hers.

Gothel froze. Her mind taking a long time to register that another female is kissing her. She stared wide eyed at her daughter and made no attempt to kiss her back. She snapped to reality once she felt Rapunzel move to her bottom lip and pushed her away. Gothel stood up peeved, ignoring the pained expression on her daughters face and turned to leave. Only to stop as she called out to her.

"Why don't you want me?"

This made her turn around in disbelief. Wasn't it obvious? She was a female! And her daughter! Well not by blood, but it still disgusted her. "You are my child! What could possibly make you think there could be anything more then that?!" Gothel spat.

Rapunzel wrapped her arms around her stomach, failing to hold back tears. "But in my fairy tales, after they kiss they live happily ever after!"

Gothel Frowned, and rolled her eyes. "Life isn't a fairy tale Rapunzel!" she watch her curl into a ball and cry for a few minutes, until the smell of smoke reached her nose. Her gaze left the weeping teen and lingered on their fireplace. Small puffs of smoke where coming out of it. What on earth?.. Oh no.. the smoke continued to grow and eventually caught Rapunzels attention. She stood up and walked behind her Mother as large flames began to leap from the fireplace, they both jumped as a huge flame shot out, and landed in the middle of there living area. The flames around the form faded away to reveal a haggard figure, with curly white Hair. "Ahhh so this is where you stay... Good lord is all this hair?!"

Gothel rushed over to Golla placing a firm hand over her mouth. "How in the hell did you find me?!" she whispered angrily. Golla moved her hand away. "All it takes is a lock of hair girl ha-ha" Gothel Rubbed the back of her head. Clever old bat...

"Um Mother, who is this?" Golla looked at her granddaughter and then the girl shocked. "Mother? I thought you were barre-" Gothel clamped her hand around her mouth then moved up stairs. "I'll be back in just a moment flower!" when they reached her room she slammed the door behind her. Gothel closed her eyes and focused on her daughter to make sure she was still downstairs, then turned towards Golla who was Smiling at her knowingly. "You called her flower..." Gothel crossed her arms, she should have known it wouldn't take her long to figure it out. Golla chuckled. "How did this happen?"

Gothel leaned against her bed post "Kings taking things that don't belong to them, is how this happened."

Golla Nodded and began stroking her chin. "You stole a child from a royal family?.. Impressive. And to think I thought you could stoop no lower." Gothel stood up straight, ready to deliver her best insults until she realized something. " Can you still perform the spell?" Golla stared at her blankly. "The girl is the one you touched?"

"...Yes." Golla fell out onto the floor in laughter. " Oh this is to good! If only your Mother were alive to see this!"

"Can you do it or not!?" Her Grandmother stood up and walked towards her door. "Perhaps tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that."

"Golla!" She chuckled. "Calm yourself! I'll remove the spell; but first I need time to gather ingredients." Gothel rubbed her Temples. " How long will it take?"

"Oh a day or four.."

"Four days?!"

"Yes Girl four! Spells like these take time to reverse!" Gothel frowned. She hated how she always took her time with everything, but she had no choice. She jumped when Golla Snapped her fingers and vanished In a puff of smoke. What?... Rapunzel?! She ran downstairs to see Golla engaged in a conversation. "Who are you?"

"Oh i'm you Grandmother Dear!" Rapunzels eyes lit up, and she wrapped her arms around the strange women. "I have a Grandmother!" it was such a strange, yet nice feeling; to hug someone other then her mother. Gothel moved over to them with a disapproving scowl. "Isn't there something you need to take care of?" Rapunzel released her. "Do you really have to go? I have so much I want to ask You!"

"Yes she does!" Gothel emphasized by dragging Golla away from her towards the fire place. Golla yanked her hand away and shot her a dirty look, before looking at her Great Granddaughter lovingly. "Don't worry dear, I'll be back again in a few days." she pulled a piece of her hair out and began waving it in front of there fire place until a small fire started and pulled her in. When she vanished the fire disappeared to, leaving Gothel and Rapunzel in the dark.

"She's amazing Mother! And so nice." Rapunzel eventually said in the darkness. Gothel moved over to a table and lit a candle "Things are not always what they appear." There was a long pause until Gothel sighed and motioned towards the stairs. Her daughter followed her closely behind until they reached there rooms and departed. Gothel washed up and tried her best to rest, but it was the same as the night before. She groaned, then slid out of bed hoping that a glass of wine would help ease her mind. When she opened her door she didn't even jump when she saw Rapunzel sitting on the floor on the other side of the wall. They locked eyes for a long moment then Gothel exhaled defeated. "Do you want to come in?" she didn't have to wait for a reply as Rapunzel nodded her head then followed her into her room. Gothel laid elegantly down onto her bed and instantly fell asleep as her daughter laid down next to her. Rapunzel moved in close to her laying a hand onto her side, she watched her sleep for a few minutes before she too dozed off.

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