Author's note: Okay this time I'm trying something new today folks. This story is an inspiration from GeckUp of deviantArt based on her awesome artwork for some of us who are patiently waiting for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Hope you enjoy.

"Ah sweet, sweet Manhattan, it's good to be back home again." Spiderman reminisced swinging all over the city of New York glad to be back in his hometown after being away for one year. He then spotted a bunch of criminals broke into a jewelry store stealing a priceless necklace, bracelets, and rings.

"Come on move it we have got out of here before the cops show up!" he exclaimed.

The thugs were then caught by Spiderman web as they were tied up. "What the hell?" he muttered.

"Hey there you guys, did you miss me?" Spiderman greeted.

"Damn, it's Spiderman, but I thought he was…"

"Hey superheroes need vacations too you know, so since I'm back I'll make it easy for you guys." Spiderman said.

Spiderman held the criminals on the wall and left a note of "Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman." One police officer looked at the note as he could not help but be happy that Spiderman is back.

"Thanks again for giving me a second chance Mr. Jameson." Peter thanked.

"Don't mention Parker, and thank the guy who quit earlier, as long as you keep the photos of Spiderman coming then your needed at the Bugle. That web head is bound to slip up sooner or later and I'll be there to see his true colors for the menace he is." Mr. Jameson muttered.

"What are you waiting for a welcome party; get me photos of Spiderman ASAP, MOVE IT! Jameson shouted.

"Uh, yes sir." Peter replied quickly running out of the building.

"And don't slack off this time." Jameson reminded.

"Don't worry Peter, Jameson missed you, but he just doesn't want to admit it." Robbie whispered. Peter could not help but smile as missing Jameson's grumpiness.

Spiderman spent the afternoon swinging around the city patrolling every street and corner from crime activity.

"Aside from those thugs, everything seems to be normal every since I was out, but still can't let my guard down for anything." He thought.

The alarm sounded as a bank robbery took place at a local bank. Scorpion empted out nearly all the vaults to get the money he needed.

"Hey Scorpion, good to see you again and back to your old tricks, oh man you never change." Spiderman teased.

"Spiderman, and here I thought you have retired." Scorpion shot back swing his tail around. He then shot out acid at Spiderman, but quickly evaded his attack. Spiderman dodged every blow of Scorpion aiming from a counter attack. He then grabbed Scorpion by the tail and swung him around. Spiderman shot most of his web to pinned Scorpion on the wall.

"You think this will stop me web head." Scorpion said. He shot his acid to get free from Spiderman's web. He then shot acid on a chandelier as it was about to fall on a couple of people. Spiderman rushed in to save then them as Scorpion got away.

Spiderman looked all over outside for Scorpion as his trail had disappeared. "It looks like Scorpion had learned some new tricks. Well at least I got some good pictures." He got his camera from his web.

Meanwhile at the Manhattan airport a young beautiful Chinese Interpol agent woman had just got off from her flight.

"Yes sir, I just arrived at New York, my investigation will begin from here." She said talking on her cell phone.

"No, I haven't found any help sources just yet sir? She said. She then spotted Spiderman swinging from building to building.

"That is until now…" she figured.

She grabbed a newspaper by the Daily Bugle with photos of saying Spiderman is back in town. "Photos taken by Peter Parker, very interesting, perhaps I pay a visit to the editor here." She read the paper.

"Unbelievable, that wall clawing menace is back in town; well he should have stayed hidden, and where is my coffee?" Jameson exclaimed after receiving news about Spiderman's slamming his fist on his desk.

"Mr. Jameson, there is someone who wants to see you about something." the assistant said.

"Whatever he or she is then tell him I'm busy at the moment!" Jameson shot back.

"Well sir she is a professional agent from Interpol who wants to ask you some questions." She reminded.

"Well what are you waiting for bring her in I don't have all day?" Jameson demanded.

"I assume you Jonah Jameson." She asked.

"Yeah and who are you?" he asked.

She showed her badge. "I'm Chun Li, an agent from Interpol, and I want to know about your employee that takes photos of Spiderman as well as bringing down a notorious criminal." She replied.

"You mean Parker? He always got photos of Spiderman right on time saying he is a hero, but is really a menace to society and he knows it." Jameson said.

"Maybe you're not seeing his point of view. I mean he did save a lot of lives, and the criminal I'm looking for certainly isn't Spiderman." She suggested.

"Parker, it's about time, you near dead line on photos of Spiderman. What kept you?" Jameson cried as Peter arrived with photos of Spiderman battling Scorpion.

"Sorry Mr. Jameson, it's hard to get photos of Spiderman while he's roaming around the city carelessly." Peter said.

"Whatever, I could use these for the next article. Spiderman lets the Scorpion get away. Now get me more photos of Spiderman pronto! And while you're at it you could show this lovely young lady around the city, since she is here on business, maybe even give her some tips on catching Spiderman." He suggested. Peter aimed his camera at the lovely Chun Li admiring her for the first time.

"I'd be honored to meet Spiderman." Chun Li accepted.

"Well take my advice, that wall crawler is nothing more but a menace. You'll be finding yourself trying to bring him down rather than chase him down." Jameson warned.

"I am pleased to meet you Peter Parker. I am Chun Li." Chun Li greeted offering handshake.

"The pleasure is all mine, but what does a professional Interpol agent like you want with a simple freelance photographer like me?" he asked curiously and cautiously.

"Don't be so simple minded. I'm interested in your work and not just as a cop."

The two of them walked through New York together as Peter showed Chun Li around the city.

"What brings you out here to New York; surely it's not a business deal with a rival company?" Peter guessed.

She chuckled at Peter's small joke. "Not exactly, there have been multiple dealings with Shadaloo and S.I.N, and we have more than a reason to believe that the dealings are coming from New York by a notorious crime boss I am tracking down and with you and Spiderman's help I'm sure we could bring him down and his empire down." She explained.

Peter looked the other way not facing Chun Li as he was cautions and shy at the same time around her.

"Well, Spiderman has faced a lot of criminals, so whoever he is I'm sure he'll help out in taking him down." Peter assured.

"The criminal I'm looking for is calls himself the Kingpin." Chun Li replied.