Authors Note Jean is half black and half white so yeah anyway this is my first fanfic it will include the main 6 characters of MLP FIM. Yes there will be naughty things later on but not right now...In terms of start this will be alittle bit slow. Sooooooo please be nice and please Review...oh and ps I will try to get a new chapter in as qucikly as possible...after MW3 comes out it might be...delayed alittle bit oh and i have school work to do so please be

Chapter 1: How it began

Jean walked around his house bouncing up and down in excitement about his new game system coming through the mail.

"Oh man I can't wait to get back on live. Going 4 weeks without gaming was soooooo not cool." Jean said running out of his room. He slowed himself down as he reached the top of the steps and began to slowly make his way down the steps. The door opened behind him and Jean quickly turned around.

"Big brother where are you going?" his sister asked. Jean smiled

"Nowhere really, I am just going downstairs to wait for my package to come. Go back inside and have fun with your friend ok?"

His sister smiled "ok." She slowly closed the door and Jean continued downstairs.

Since jean was 10 years old he had always been interested in video games to the point when all he thought about was when the new game or game console comes out. His past calendars were all riddled with the names of games. His mother and father thought he wasted his time with his video game obsession and try to steer him towards basketball because of his height. He was 6'2 and he weighed about 161 pounds. He reluctantly joined his high school basketball team to please his parents. He was rather surprised at how good he was in the sport but it would never hold his interest to long for after ever game he was seen reading the latest edition of Gamer Info magazine in the locker room. His long black hair was the object of jealousy amongst the older kids as well as kids his own age. Because of this he was almost always alone. As a result he always left the house with his black beanie cap which he wore on his head no matter what the season.

Jean opened the refrigerator and pulled out a can soda than closed it as he walked away. Jean was 15 years old but his parents still trusted him to watch over his younger sister who is 9. Jean never treated her badly like most of the other children he heard about. He felt as if she was his friend as well as his sister.

"Damn, what's taking my package so long to arrive?" he whispered to himself opening the can of soda. Jean looked outside and saw that there was a flash of light coming from the backyard.

"What the hell?" he yelled as he nearly spilled his soda. His sister opened the door.

"What wrong Jean?" she asked

"Nothing, go back in your room and play. I have to check something out in our backyard." He said

He quickly put on his slip-on shoes and made his way out the door to the backyard. Just then another flash came from the sky nearly hitting him.

"What the hell? There's not a cloud in the sky," Jean gasped. "Why am I out here that last flash almost got me?" Jean turned to go back inside. Suddenly another flash of lighting ripped through the air striking Jean as he opened the door. Blackness surrounded him as well as silence as he fell to the ground.