Author's Notes: Hey there people here is another chapter. So we are near the end…I might be able to end this thing in 8…well make it 7 chapters now…maybe even less than that. I know some of you know what comes up after this chapter if you don't…well you'll be surprised in the next chapter. I will keep this AN short by ending with that.

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Twilight's livingroom…

"How about we get started on what happened to you Twilight? You gave us quite the scare when you locked yourself in the room." Rarity said. Twilight and Jean stared at each other for a second. Twilight looked at Rarity and sighed.

"I-I don't want to go into too much detail so I'll tell you the condensed version. I was enchanted by somepony last night and when woke up today I…I just didn't act like myself." Twilight said before she stared at the ground. Rainbow Dash lifted an eyebrow.

"But Spike said you were in your room with another st-"

"I don't want to talk about it." Twilight interrupted.

"Twilight are you alright?" Jean asked her mentally.

"I'm alright. I just don't want to talk about it with them right now." Twilight replied mentally.

"I-I'm sorry everypony. I just went through something I rather not talk about right now." Twilight said staring at the ground once again.

"Twi, I don't know fully what went on in yer room but we promise not to push you ta talk about it until you're ready to." AppleJack said as she took off her hat and rubbed her forehead. Spike, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash all nodded in agreement. Gilda turned her head away so no pony could see and made a face as though she was about gag.

"This is way too sappy for me…I'm so darn hot and bothered by this dork…I need to find a way to relieve myself." Gilda thought. She took a step towards the door but changed her mind at the last minute and retracted her front claw back to the ground. Jean glared at her angrily as he contemplated telling everypony what she did to him not too long ago.

"Do you need us to stay with you Twilight?" Rarity asked.

"I just want Jean to myself…but I don't want to seem selfish…*Sigh* I guess I have to learn to share his heart." Twilight whispered to herself. Jean turned to her.

"Do you want me to stay here with you and I go visit AppleJack next wee-"

"No Jean, this is something I must learn to deal with. Go with AppleJack I'll be here with Rarity and Rainbow Dash." Twilight said mentally.

"Rarity. Rainbow Dash…if you don't mind I would like you two to stay with me. AppleJack you can go have your day with Jean alone." Twilight said.

"Wha…I mean whatever." Gilda said.

"Yeah you better not say shit." Jean said. Gilda glared at him.

"What did you say?" Gilda asked.

"I said, you better not say shit." Jean repeated. Gilda sat up but immediately sat back down once she noticed that her juices had stained the floor.

"Hey what's this all about?" Rainbow Dash asked. AppleJack stood up and stared at the griffin as though she was about to buck her in the face.

"Shoot, I need to do something. The last thing I need is for this dork to snitch." Gilda said to herself.

"I-I-I-I'm….sorry Jean." Gilda grumbled. Everybody in the room held their mouths open in shock.

Sugar Cube Corner…

"A problem?" Pinkie asked. She stopped hopping and stared worriedly at Fluttershy.

"Y-yes." Fluttershy said in an almost whisper.

"Well what is it?" Pinkie asked. Fluttershy stared at the ground and began moving her hoof in a circle on the ground. Pinkie moved her left front hoof under Fluttershy's chin and lifted her head up so that they were staring eye to eye.

"Come on Fluttershy, you can tell ol'auntie Pie." Pinkie said smiling. Fluttershy let out a sigh.

"I…want my turn wi-" Fluttershy mumbled incoherently at the end of her sentence.

"You want a cupcake?" Pinkie asked. Fluttershy shook her head no and moved her head away from Pinkie's hoof. Pinkie lifted an eyebrow as she trotted around her so that she could see her face.

"You want something…but you're not telling me what…is it because you're hungry because I can't do anything when I'm hungry except cook because that's the only way I can eat and if I can't cook I can't eat and if-"

"I WANT MY TURN WITH JEAN NOW!" Fluttershy yelled before covering her mouth with her right front hoof. Pinkie stood there and stared at her for a second. At first she didn't know why but then an idea struck her head as she trotted behind Fluttershy.

"You want to do the funny hug with him do you Fluttershy?" Pinkie asked. Fluttershy let out an Ep as she tried to cover her marehood with her tail.

"Why didn't you just say so? I'm sure Jean would be happy to help you with that problem. But why are you in heat now? It isn't time yet…is it?" Pinkie questioned.

"I-I…don't know but that's only half the problem." Fluttershy said.

"Don't worry about it Shy. Whatever it is I'm sure we can fix it in a hurry. I think Jean maybe at Twilight's house still. Come on!" Pinkie said before grabbing Fluttershy by the hoof and running towards the front door, dragging her behind her.

Bubble Shine's House…

"WHAT?" WiseFree asked in disbelief. Bubble jumped back not expecting Wise to shout so loud.

"I-I wasn't able to keep him down…h-he kicked me in stallion hood and ran away." Bubble Shine said smiling nervously.

"Never in my bucking life have I ever heard such of thing. You make the plan than you screw it up! What if he tells Princess Celestia?" WiseFree asked in a panic as he galloped back and forth.

"We don't need to worry about anything. He doesn't know who I was…I had a mask over my face." Bubble Shine said. He was sure that WiseFree would accept his lie. WiseFree stopped and stared at him in relief.

"Thank Celestia you were smart enough to hide your identity. Let's hope he doesn't cause a stir." WiseFree said.

"What do you think we sh-"

"Nothing, we do nothing. I'll go and talk to him…once I find other mares to join my herd." WiseFree said as he made his way to the door.

"What do you mean? Didn't Rarity and Pinkie take you up on your invitation and why do you want to talk with him so bad?" Bubble asked. Wisefree shook his head no.

"They all are too in-love with the thing and I want to know why…*Sigh* This is sad. The only thing we got going for us are the mares who quit on trying to win that humans heart…I know for certain that whatever magic thing that transported him here…must be giving him some kind of boost." Wise said before he opened the door.

"You…ever thought it could be fate?" Bubble asked. WiseFree turned and looked at him in confusion.

"What do you mean?" WiseFree asked.

"You know like fate must've come together or twisted or-"

"That's crazy Bubble Shine." WiseFree. He then turned towards the open and walked out.

Twilight's livingroom…

"Wow, I didn't know you had the ability to apologize." Rainbow Dash said. Gilda blushed.

"Yeah the fuck right. Only noobs fall for shit like that. She's after something but what?" Jean asked before he stared closely at the ground beneath Gilda. As he strained his eyes he noticed that near her claw there was a wet stain.

"Did she wet herself? What a fucking noob. Maybe I should blast her out in front of everybody. "Jean thought to himself. Before he could get a word out Gilda shot him a wink than turned away. Jean sat there in shock. Twilight noticed the wink and scratched the back of her head.

"Did I just see what I think I just saw?" Twilight whispered to herself.

"What the fuck! This fucking chicken beast likes me? That means the stain on the floor is…AWWW HELL NO! NO FUCKING WAY! FIRST I HAD TO FUCK A MALE HORSE NOW THISBEAST THING WANTS A GO? FUCK THAT!" Jean thought to himself as he stood up.

"WHAT IN EQUESTRIA AM I DOING? I-I just winked at him…I hope none of these stupid ponies notice." Gilda thought to himself.

"Hey AppleJack, how about we get going?" Jean asked as he quickly made his way towards the door.

"Um…ok. Are you sure you'll be alright here sugar cube?" AppleJack asked as she trotted after Jean. Twilight shook her head yes.

"I'll be fine." Twilight said with a smile. Gilda watched as Jean and AppleJack walked out.

"This is so weird why would she wink at him?" Twilight thought to herself.

"So, um I guess that yellow Pegasus isn't here?" Gilda asked as she slowly turned her attention to Twilight.

"Yellow Pegasus?...Oh you mean Fluttershy. No she isn't here." Twilight said as she smiled nervously at Gilda.

Ponyville Square…

"P-Pinkie…wait I have something else to tell you." Fluttershy said as she managed to pull herself free from Pinkie's grasp. Pinkie turned around to face her.

"What else can there be Shy. You want Jean to fill you up with stallion juice…or would it be human juice…hmm both look the same and shoot out from the sa-"

"Pinkie!...I'm sorry but please listen to me…if its ok with you. Yes I do want Jean…bu-but I think we should stay away from Twilight's house." Fluttershy said. Pinkie scratched her the back of her head.

"Why?" Pinkie asked.

"B-b…because Gilda was there." Fluttershy mumbled.

"Oh, WAIT WHAT? I thought she…hmmm." Pinkie tapped her hoof under her chin.


"Let auntie Pie check this out. You stay here." Pinkie said before galloping towards Twilight's house.

Sweet Apple Acres…

"She rapes me leaves than come back and try to get me to like her by winking at me. That's like an elite beating you into a pulp and but then turns seconds later asking for your friendship." Jean thought to himself.

"Welp here we are Sweet Apple Acres." AppleJack said as she pointed her hoof towards the wide open land which was littered with apple trees. Jean stared at them in amazement.

"Wow, it's like Candy Land only healthier." Jean said. AppleJack giggled to herself.

"It's nice ain't it? This field has been worked by my family on for many generations." She continued.

"Fucking epic. What do y'all do with all these apples?" Jean questioned as he ran to and apple tree.

"We sell them." Big Macintosh said as he stepped out from behind the tree jean was running towards.

"You again?" He shouted as he skidded to a halt.

"Eeyup." Macintosh replied.

"This just isn't my day." Jean said as he turned to run away from him. Big Macintosh quickly ran towards him and grabbed his shirt with his teeth stopping the young human from running away. AppleJack ran towards them in a panic.

"Stop! Stop right it now you two!" AppleJack yelled. Macintosh let released Jean and snorted.

"Ah wasn't gonna hurt him." Macintosh said.

"Then why the fuck did you grab my shirt with your teeth you dick sniffer!" Jean yelled.

"What did you call me?" Macintosh asked his face twisted in anger.

"Stop it Macintosh." AppleJack said.

"Haha, bitch!" Jean said pointing at him.

"That goes fer you to Jean. I don't want y'all fightin like it ain't mature. I want you two to apologize to each other now." AppleJack commanded. Jean and Macintosh let out a frustrated sigh as they turned away from each other.

"Sorry." Macintosh huffed.

"I'..I'm sorry to." Jean said. Macintosh than slowly trotted away.

"Dick muncher." Jean whispered.

"Spineless coward." Macintosh whispered as he slowly trotted out of Jean and AppleJack's view.

"I don't know why these two hate each other." AppleJack said as she tapped Jean on the leg. He turned around.

"Jean I don't know why ya two are at each other's throats but…I would really like it if you two find a way ta get along." AppleJack said. Jean let out a sigh as he squatted near AppleJack.

"I'm sorry AppleJack but I just don't like him. He fucking kicked me in the balls an-"

"I understand but please…stop fightin with each other." AppleJack said as she slowly moved herself in front of him.

"Yeah yeah, ok." Jean said. AppleJack smiled as she turned around and stared at the sun. Jean stared at her flank as her tail swished side to side.

"I never thought the day would come when I find a horse sexually attractive." Jean thought to himself as he reached out his right hand and began to stroke her left flank cheek. AppleJack let out a surprised yelp.

"Jean what are ya doing?" AppleJack asked as she quickly turned around.

"I love the shape of your butt." Jean said with a smile.

"My…butt? You mean my flank?" AppleJack asked as her face turned a deep red.

"Whatever you call it. You wouldn't mind if we do it out here would you?" Jean asked. AppleJack turned her face away from him.

"W-we can't do that kind of rodeo out here sugar cube. It ain't right." AppleJack said as she slowly trotted away.

"Besides, I ain't gonna buck your apples until you and my brother get along. Now let me show around the field." She continued.

"Damn…well may be looking at apple trees will help me forget all my troubles." Jean said to himself as he followed AppleJack.