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...3 Months Later East Bay, California...

An alarm rang shrill and Jean slammed his hand onto it. He groaned and rolled from the bed. He stood and stretched.

"Ah, fuck... I hate School... cuts into my gaming time..." Jean said as he shuffled across his room, kicking his Xbox controller. "Shit I hope that isn't my special edito-...oh thank gawd it isn't." Jean said looking it over.

"JEAN! BREAKFAST!" His mother called.

"*sigh*" Jean picked up his black controller and threw it on his bed.

"Coming mom. I just need to choose my alternate costume." Jean yelled back running to his closet. He pulled out a pair of blue jeans, a black t-shirt with the words Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a towel and face towel.

"I am going to play the shit out this and Skyrim!" Jean shouted as he rushed out of his door and into the bathroom. He quickly pulled back the shower curtains, undressed, then hopped into the warm water with his face towel in hand.

"Don't take too long Jean, you don't want to be late to again. Being late twice isn't being responsible!" Jean's mother called again.

"Okay!" He said as he began rubbing the soap over his body. Within ten minutes he shut off the water and hopped out of the shower with a drying towel around his waist.

"Hey, cutie! Are you taking a shower? Mind if I join...OOO! And mind if Gummy joins too?"Pinkie voice echoed in Jean's mind as he reached for his toothbrush which sat in a pink cup on the sink. Jean paused for a second before shaking his head and grabbing his toothbrush and the toothpaste.

"Now I know how Max Payne feels...minus the deaths." Jean thought as he began brushing his teeth.

...Twilight's House, Ponyville...

"Hey, Twilight, what are you-" Spike stopped as he saw the purple mare sit silently amongst the stacks of books. Her head, however, wasn't tilted down towards the open book which lay in front of her. She was staring blankly out the window to the right of her. As Spike tiptoed closer to her, he saw sadness in her eyes. Spike let out a sigh as he stretched his right arm out and gently placed his claw on her back.

"Twilight, you can't let him get you down. He's nothing but a stupid immature coward." Spike said, trying not to sound too harsh. Twilight snapped from her trance and stood up on her hooves.

"I wasn't thinking about...him. I could care less about him. " Twilight snapped as she shrugged off Spike's claw and trotted towards the kitchen.

"Well, it's good you forgot abou-" Spike was interrupted by a soft sob coming from the kitchen.

"Jean better not ever show his face around here..." Spike thought to himself as he grabbed a box of tissue then hurried into the kitchen.

...Jean's house East bay, California...

Jean happily dug his fork into the stack of warm buttery pancakes drizzled with hot syrup.. His sister sat sat to the left of him and watched as he barbarically tore off a piece of pancake and stuffed it in his mouth. His mother and father watched him from the other side of the table.

"Jean honey don't eat like that. You're going to get dirty." Jean's mother said. Jean stopped and looked up at her then at his father.

"Sorry, mom but these pancakes are epic and these bac...on...strip-"

"I-I know your kind eats at first I was a bit...upset but...please promise me you won't hurt or eat any of the animals here..."Fluttershy's voice echoed in Jean's mind.

Jean dropped the fork on the plate as a tear slowly fell down his cheek. His mother stared in shock.

"Son? Is there anything wrong?" Jean's father asked standing up from his seat and walking over to him.

"Bi-Big brother?" Rena called out rubbing him on the back. Once Jean's father hand rested on his shoulder, Jean snapped back into reality and quickly wiped the tear from his eye. He smiled at Rena then looked up at his father.

"It's nothing. I...was just a little angry from last night. I can't seem to get this one achievement Tekken 6...but I atleast got my homework done." Jean said cheerfully before returning to scarfing down his pancakes. Jean's father slowly returned to his seat and scooted his chair closer to his wife.

"He's been acting weird since he got back. He's turned away everything that has meat in it and he has these episodes every now and then." Jean's father whispered to his wife. She quietly nodded.
"Big brother are you okay?" Rena questioned. Jean turned to her and nodded his head.

...Twilight's house, Ponyville...

"I can't let him go." Twilight said before she magically took a tissue from Spike and blew her nose into it. Spike wrapped his left arm around the back of her neck.

"Twilight he isn-"

"Spike, I know you're trying to comfort me but Jean...he...he was the first stallion I ever fell head over hooves for. He and I would cuddle and stay up reading some of my favorite stories." Twilight said taking another sheet of tissue and wiped her eyes with it. Before Spike could say a word the front door opened.

"HELLOOOOOO!" Pinkie called as she closed the door behind her.

"Pinkie?" Twilight questioned standing up on her hooves.

"I got news from Fluttershy, she said she doesn't want anypony but Jean." Pinkie announced as Twilight and Spike emerged from the kitchen. Twilight stared at her in shock as she saw the pink pony smile.

"Pinkie, why are you smiling? This isn't exactly great news..." Twilight said.

"Well, becauuuse it means we have a reason to go and find our husband!" Pinkie said as she hopped up and down. Twilight and Spike shook their heads.

"Even if I wanted to, there is no way we could possibly get to him. He's in another world. Besides, it wouldn't be safe for him to come back." Twilight said turning away from Pinkie. Pinkie stopped hopping and stared at her in disbelief.

"What do you mean not safe? Just because Rainbow Dash and AppleJack swore to tie Jean to a tree and buck him in his stomach until he passes out doesn't mean we can't bring him bac-"

"Rarity, AppleJack, and Rainbow Dash have all decided to move on and find another mate. We should too. We should also help Fluttershy find ano-" Pinkie slammed a book down in front of her causing Spike and Twilight to jump in fear.

"We can't just give up on him Twilight." Pinkie said as she scooted the book towards the purple mare. Twilight quickly turned around and stared angrily at her.

"Pinkie! What have I told you about slamming my books on the ground like that!? Some of these books date back to-"

"Shhhh! Look." Pinkie said pointing her left hoof at the old brown book. Twilight huffed as she magically lifted the medium size book off the floor and held it in front of her. Twilight, took in a deep breath and blew off the dust. After reading over the title, Twilight gasped causing her to lose focus and dropped the book.

"This...this can't be right. I've read every book in this Library and never did I see a book like this." Twilight said staring at Pinkie.

"Come on! let's go! let's go!" Pinkie said hopping up and down. Spike scoffed as he read over the title.

"Personally, I like the idea. That way I get to see Jean get what's coming to him." Spike mumbled.

"It's too dangerous, Pinkie. Who knows what things lurk around in the human world...besides. I-"

"I want Jean back and I know you want Jean back and Flu-"

"I don't want Jean back! He is the last stallion I want to see right now." Twilight said, turning her head away.

"That isn't true, silly. I heard you in the kitchen from outside." Pinkie said.

"She isn't lying, the window is open." Spike said as he peered into the kitchen. Twilight snorted as she opened the book.

...4 hours and 15 minutes later East bay High School...

"Let me teach something off the topic to you young ones." The teacher said as he paced left and right in front of the classroom. The sun rays danced off the brim of his glasses and showed itself on the wall behind the many heads of children. Jean was one of them but he let out a quiet groan then dropped his pencil on his desk.

"Oh gawd, fucking cutscene." Jean thought as the caucasian male teacher took off his thick glasses and placed them softly on the desk.

"You all of you have entered into puberty and...discovered that your bodies went through changes. Many of you have formed relationships with one another." The male teacher paused as he heard a mixture of giggles and groans.

"Wait everyone hear me because it ties into Romeo and Juliet. They made a promise to only love one another. They loved each other so much that when one saw the other dead...they decided to join the other in the afterlife. You teens in your lifetime will find love. You'll love the other so much that you'll make promises to the other. Listen up boys cause this is important. If you keep your promises it will strengthen your relationship with your significant other...but if you don't. You will break the other's heart. A broken heart can in most cases kill. This may not tie in completely with the material I taught today but it's food for thought. Breaking a promise may cause somthing more than just a heartache." The teacher said. The room went silent for a second but was quickly erased by the sound of bell. The teenage students quickly gathered their things. Lound scuffing of shoes and chatter echoed through the room as some headed towards the door.

"Remember class! There will be a test on that story and don't forget to bring a number 2 pencil to class tomorrow! Enjoy your lunch time!" The teacher yelled amongst the noise. Jean sat quietly in his chair.

"I made the right choice. There's nothing to be sad about." Jean assured himself before reaching under his desk and pulling out his backpack.

...Lunch room...

"Hey there!" A voice rang out. Jean looked up to see a boy, around two to three years older, looking down at him. "You mind if I sit here?"

"There's a reason I'm sitting alone dipshit, so fuck-off noob." Jean snapped as he opened a bottle of Mtn Dew. The older boy blinked and smiled, sitting down despite Jean's disapproval. "What the hell! Didn't you hear me you fucking grunt? Get the ck away from me or I'll frag your ass!" Jean yelled before taking a sip.

"Dude, no reason to snipe. If you sit here alone you look like a camper." The boy replied. Jean looked at him with wide eyes.

"What did you call me?! I am not a fucking camper you cum guzzli-"

"Calm down. If I didn't insult you, you wouldn't listen to me."

"What the fuck do you want assbreath?"

"My name is Roy. It's nice to meet you Jean." Roy said, opening a Dr. Pepper and sliding deeper into the chair.

"Nice to meet you, fag... wait... How the fuck do you know my name?!" Jean snapped.

"Because, I remember you. from last year. You were pretty damn immature. All you did was sulk around spouting gamer references... it was annoying and nobody liked you, including me." Roy said, taking a bite of his sandwich.

"Well, guess what, vagina-face I don-" Jean stopped as he stared sadly at Roy's turkey sandwich.

"And that proves my hypothesis right there." Roy said sitting up. He placed his sandwich down and his elbows on the table. He crossed his hands and stared at Jean intently.

"Gawd damn, all I did was look at your sandwich. Professor Layton." Jean said resting his right elbow on his knee then slowly resting his head in his palm.

"Let me explain. I remembered you from last year, distinctly because of the way you acted. But now... you're different. You walk different, you no longer look for people to chew out and you always seem so... well... sad." Roy said. "It's completely different."

"Why the fuck would you care? And why are you watching me so closely, faggot." Jean muttered.

"Because, something happened to you that made you change. Something big. However, it ended badly, somhow..." Roy replied, scratching his chin.

"Something did happen, dick-wad, but it didn't change me-"

"But it did. Tell me, when is the last time you smiled? As fucked up as it is, you were happy screwing with your classmates." Roy cut him off.

"Oh my gawd,...why don't you stop hitting on me and get a fucking life." Jean groaned.

"THATS WHAT I WANT!" Roy yelled and slammed his fists into the table. The cafeteria went silent and stared at the table. As nothing happened, the drone of the room began to pick back up. Jean stared in shock at the boy, who began to break down.

"What the fuck dude?" Jean gasped.

"Why is it that someone like you gets to change his life, but someone like me, who doesn't even have one in the first place can't catch a single fucking break." Roy said, forehead resting on the edge of the table.

"What is this Mass Effect? I don't do side quests to help some stupid cunt lizard find his way in the world unless there's an achievement. What do you want?!" Jean questioned.

"For you to miss what happened enough that YOU can't get over it, it must have been pretty damned great. I just want to know what it was..." Roy answered, lifting his head.

"I don't miss a fucking thing! I came back on my own damn choice! What the fuck do you know! Leave me the hell alone." Jean yelled and stormed from the room. Roy let his head fall again, making a small knocking sound as it hit the table.

...3 hours later, Outside East Bay High School...


"Aww, God-dammit..." Jean sighed and turned. "What the hell are you following me for?"

"I... I wanted to apologize... I was an ass at lunch. I understand if you don't want to talk about it and I'm sorry for bringing it up in the first place." Roy explained. He turned and began to walk away. Jean watched for a second.

"Son of a bitch I must be going crazy."Jean thought.

"Wait...That change you were talking about. It's true. I don't fucking like it but it's true. If you want to know what it was that changed me...I'll tell you but you have to promise me you won't be a fag about it or else I'll Hadoken your face into next year." Jean called out. Roy stopped.

"You would do that? ...after everything?"

"Oh my gawd, stop being a pussy and follow me. No homo." Jean said before walking away.