First of all, I am so very sorry that it took me so long to finish this. I've been writing and re-writing everything trying to get it perfect. Since this is the last chapter of this story, I honestly hope that everyone enjoyed it. I'm fairly happy with the end of this, really... Again, I'm sorry it took so long. Also, thank you to everyone that stuck with me!

Donna couldn't been more pleased over the next few weeks. She watched from her desk, delighting in Harvey's efforts to get to know Mike better, and as Mike blossomed under Harvey's careful attention. Questions were asked; some important, some not important, and some just for the sake of asking. Harvey learned of Mike's deep love of words and how he always felt that he did them an injustice, Mike learned about how hard it was for Harvey to express anything that he was feeling that did not reflect the professional facade that he had behind. Then, as always, there were flowers. None of the flowers were the typical flowers, one might receive in a relationship. In fact it wasn't until the fourth date that the flowers reappeared.

Mike wasn't sure how he did it, but when he awoke the morning after his fourth date with Harvey, there they were. The vase was slim, made of simple glass but cut in a delicate and beautiful crystal pattern, the kind that looked far more expensive than they actually were. And in the vase, were thin, delicate stems topped with equally delicate blooms. The distinct shape flowers telling Mike exactly what they were. Snapdragons, seven different ones, each a different color, ranging from gentle orange to a pale blue. Snapdragons always Mike's favorite flowers as a child. One of the few remaining memories of his parents was sitting near the driveway, squeezing the gentle blossoms just enough so that they opened. It was something that he mentioned Harvey in passing on their second date, something that he was actually surprised the older man remembered.


It took a full month before Mike took Harvey to meet his Gram. In that time, they closed three major cases, successfully wrapped up two pro bonos, successfully ruined Louis' birthday much to Harvey and Donna's delight, celebrated Jessica's birthday, had half a dozen dates, missed half a dozen others, had an entire Saturday devoted to Star Trek (Harvey choice) a Sunday devoted to Lord Of The Rings (Mike's choice) and realized that despite the fact that they were both incredibly busy people they could actually manage to make this work.

So when Mike shyly asked Harvey to visit his Gram with him, Harvey had accepted immediately, knowing the honor that Mike was giving him. The two did not go to the nursing home together, instead preferring to meet there. Mike spent the entire morning sitting with his Gram playing cards and catching up, while Harvey spent the morning picking up the perfect gift for this woman who was so important to Mike. When he arrived, Harvey willingly allowed the elderly woman to study him with her sharp eyes, before presenting her with his gift. The Cattalya Orchid, had always been one of his favorites, not because of it's rarity or the beauty of the flower itself, but because he had always appreciated the vivid color of the petals. The one he gifted to Mike's Gram was pale purple with a hint of white in the very center. While Gram appreciated the gesture, the meaning was meant for Mike.


The first time that Mike spent the entire weekend with Harvey, three weeks after the older lawyer met Gram. Harvey awoke Monday morning, to a light scent. It was a subtle scent, associated with summer barbecue, and laying in damp grass while staring at the stars. The source of the scent, was a small clump of honeysuckle, resting on the pillow that still had the indention of Mike's head. Another clump resting on the counter in Harvey's luxurious bathroom and a third nestled next to a slightly cool plate of breakfast, yellow blooms brilliant against the cool gray counter. While part of Harvey was disappointed at waking up to an empty apartment, something that had never bothered him before, he understood really, the need to take some time after making such a declaration.

Harvey's own declaration, while not as straightforward as Mike's was just as heartfelt, Mike knew that the moment he saw the large flower. The petals were large, a rich burgundy, the scent sweet. Azalea's were not one of Mike's favorite flowers, but he couldn't deny the statement that only that flower could make. Mike's love of words, his knowledge of Harvey, all of it, made this single flower mean more than Mike could ever express.


The day that Harvey decided exactly what the something was between him and Mike, wasn't a special date. It wasn't an anniversary, or Mike's birthday, it wasn't even Donna's birthday, despite the fact that strange and mysterious things tended to happen on that day. It was an average Tuesday, during a slow week, when Mike casually wandered in to Harvey's office, smiled wearily, traded half a dozen fat files, and one odd looking flower for a new batch, and left again. The flower was not one Harvey was familiar with. It had a thick stalk, with pointed petals of a reddish-orange color. The oddest thing about the flower was that the petals and the sepal were fused together. It didn't have much of a fragrance, but it was lovely in it's simplicity. Harvey spent several minutes on the phone with an old friend who knew a lot about flowers. The Protea, as he learned it was called was an old flower, rare and considered a special gift in older cultures. When Harvey figured out what it meant, he realized that this something between them had turned into a feeling that Harvey wasn't willing to let go of.

Harvey tended to stay away from the more cliché expressions. Roses in particular were, in his opinion, over used. However, there was one that he felt was the only appropriate response to Mike's latest message. Picking up his phone again, he quietly planned his reply.


It had been four days since Mike had given Harvey the Protea, and he was growing worried. When he met Harvey, he had been completely honest with the suave lawyer. He had been lost, unsure of where his life was headed, and that was something he had learned to live with. What he hadn't admitted was that it bothered him, far more than being kicked out of school, than loosing his dream. Leaving that flower, one that he had spent days trying to find, was like leaving himself exposed, open and vulnerable. By the time he left the office and rode back to his apartment, Mike was convinced that he had made a mistake, moved too fast. It wasn't until he reached his apartment door that he was pulled from his thoughts. There attached to the small clip just below his apartment number, was one small tea-bud rose, and an envelope. Normally, Mike would assume that the envelope was from his landlord, as that's the only person that uses the clip, but the flower made him pause. Carefully, he pulled the brilliant yellow rose out, fingering the soft petals, before opening the envelope. Inside was a small key, and one of the blank cards that could be found at any floral store.

Partially confused, Mike flipped the card over, looking at the neat letters written there. 'You're at the wrong place, come home.' Mike actually read the card twice, despite the words being etched in his mind after the first glance. His mouth twitched into a smile, eyes darting from the small yellow rose to the words and back, before his smile turned into a full blown grin. Tucking everything back into his bag, he turned around, in a hurry now to get to his home.

Snap Dragon - The mystery of my affection.

Cattalya Orchid – Matronly charm

Honeysuckle - The bonds of love

Azalea – Renewed passion for life.

Protea (King)- Faith in the future

Yellow Roses (Tea-bud) - Eternal devotion