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Sam: 23

Dean: 27

Cas/Jimmy: 25

Harry: 18

Jamie: 9

Pairing: possibly Harry/Cas still unsure

Genre: Family

Word Count: 1,590


It's cold and cramped in the small bedroom as Harry and his 9 year old brother, Jamie, tried to sleep. Harry and Jamie had been with the Durseys ever since their father, James, had died in a car crash when Jamie was 2 years old. Their mother, Lily, had died when Jamie was born. The cold seeps through the small gap under the door and Harry pulls the small, thin sheets closer to him and Jamie. They had been locked in the small room for hours and Harry doesn't know whether it's morning yet or not, due to the window being blacked out with paint.

His question was answered when a loud banging started on wooden door. He hears the locks unslide and sees the door open.

"Get up and make us breakfast, Boy!" Harry's whale of an uncle yells.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon!" Harry replied quickly, not wanting him or his brother to get hit.

After his uncle left to go to the dining room Harry quickly, got out of bed, got dressed and tucked his brother in so he could sleep more. He left the room and closed the bedroom door and ran to the kitchen to cook the Dursleys their breakfast. He went to the fridge and got the eggs, bacon, sausages and bread out and cooked them.

"Hurry up, Freak!" Harry's horse of an Aunt called.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia."

Harry quickly finished the breakfast and plated it up, then rushed to put the plates on the table. Harry knew not to make any for himself because when he did he or Jamie always got hit.

"You weren't fast enough, Freak!" Vernon yelled and backhanded Harry across the face.

Harry fell to the ground holding his face. He didn't say anything because that made things worse, but he glared daggers into his uncle's face. If Harry talked back his brother would get hurt and Harry didn't want that to happen.

"Listen carefully boy!" Vernon said menacingly, stalking towards Harry with his finger pointed, " We are going out tonight and we want this house spotless when we get back! If you don't I'll make sure you regret it!" Vernon yelled bits of spittle coming out of his mouth. He had a sinister smile on his face and Harry knew that he would hurt Jamie.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon." Harry said tightly, fearing for his brother.

Harry got up off the ground and started to begin the dishes. He has been putting up with the Dursleys shit for years, all for Jamie's sake.

He remembered the first time that Jamie had gotten punished for because of him, Harry was 14 at the time and Jamie was only 5. Jamie had been sick and Harry had been getting some medicine for Jamie from the medicine cabinet in the kitchen. Dudley had seen Harry taking the medicine and ran to tell his dad. After being told, Vernon had stormed into the kitchen and smacked Harry across the face. Vernon started yelling at Harry and then he got a manic look in his eyes. He left the room and came back into the kitchen with a struggling Jamie being pulled behind him. Vernon had yelled at Harry some more and then started to hit Jamie. Harry had tried to stop Vernon from hitting his little brother, but this resulted in Jamie being hit harder. So Harry had to sit by and watch his brother get hit, it was torture for the little 14 year old. When Vernon had finally stopped hitting Jamie, he was a bloody mess, with cuts and a few broken ribs. Vernon and Dudley had left after that and Harry had taken the medicine and gave it to Jamie and then wrapped up Jamie's chest. Harry had tears streaking his eyes and he started apologising over and over again.


It was half an hour until the Dursleys were due to go out and Harry had already been beaten at least 4 times, Harry had kept Jamie in the small room so that he would be safe.

For around 6 months Harry had been planning a way to get away from the Dursleys with his brother. He was the legal age now and he could get money from his mum and dads will, which was around $50'000. He would have left earlier but he had to plan everything out and he didn't get much time to do that. He thought that tonight would be the best night to leave because whenever the Dursleys left the house they kept the bedroom door unlocked so they can clean the house while they were gone.

When the time came for the Dursleys to leave Harry was getting excited, but, of course, he couldn't show it until they left. Harry was pushed into the bedroom and the door was slammed closed. Harry listened carefully for the sound of the car leaving the driveway. When it did Harry turned to his little brother and smiled.

"What are you smiling at, Harry?" Jamie asked in a small voice.

"Because little brother we are going to leave the Dursleys," Harry said happily, "So come on!"

Jamie quickly got up and went into the lounge room with Harry.

"Ok, just wait here for a minute I need to do something," Harry hesitated for a second, "on second thought, go to the bathroom for a quick shower. Make sure it's very quick though."

Harry went into Vernon and Petunias room, Harry already knew where their money was. He went into the large cupboard and pulled out the small safe hidden inside. He cracked it open and pulled out the money in it, which was around $5000, and his and Jamies' passports, for when the Dursleys had to take them to Australia for a business trip that Vernon had to go to for Grunnings. Harry went back into the hallway and saw that his brother was waiting by the bathroom door, all dressed and hair dripping. Jamie looked a lot like Harry except his eyes were hazel instead of green. His black hair is just as messy and untameable as Harry's.

Harry had a quick shower and then went downstairs to use the phone. Part of Harry's plan was to go to the airport and leave England all together. He grabbed the phone and called on of his friends, Jared, from when he was allowed to go to high school for a semester. The phone rung 3 times before a male voice could be heard.

"Hello?" The voice asked.

"Hey, Jared. Could you come and pick me and Jamie up from the Dursleys?"

"Yea sure, man. Why?"

"I'll tell you when you get here."

With that Harry hung up the phone and waited for Jared.


Ten minutes after the phone call Harry heard a car pull up in the driveway. Harry quietly walked to the lounge window and looked out. Luckily it was only Jared pulling up and not the Dursleys. It had only been twenty minutes since they left, but Harry was still paranoid.

"You ready little brother?" Harry asked Jamie as they stood in the hall, their money and passports in one of Dudley's backpacks.

"Ready as ever, Harry!" Jamie said happily.

"Then let's go!" Harry smiled.

Harry took his brothers hand and got inside Jared's car.

"Where will it be?" Jared asked.

"The airport, and fast mate." Harry replied.

Jared started driving and Harry looked out the window with Jamie leaning on his side. He saw the buildings and cars fly past. He was mesmerised until he heard Jared ask a question.

"So, Harry. Why do you want me to drive you to the airport?"

"A change of scenery I guess. I mean I'm old enough to live on my own with my brother now, so why continue to live with them?" Harry replied, looking out the window.

The rest of the drive was fairly boring. Jamie was picking at a cut in Jared's car seat while Harry was staring out the window thinking that they finally got away from the horrible family they were put with.

Before long they were at the airport and Harry was saying thank-you to Jared and was heading inside the building to buy tickets. Once inside Harry walked up to the lady at the counter.

"Hi, I would like to buy 2 tickets to Sioux Falls, please."

"Passport please."

Harry passed there passports over and waited while she did something behind the desk with it. She said the price and Harry gave the amount to her and she directed them to where they needed to go next.

Harry took Jamies' hand and led him to the right terminal. Their plane was leaving in half an hour. During that half hour Harry held James close and let him sleep.

Plane to Sioux Falls boarding now.

Harry heard over the intercom. Harry woke Jamie up and they walked together to the terminal where they gave their tickets to the guy there.

They boarded the plane and eventually Jamie fell asleep waiting for they long trip to America to finish. Harry didn't know what they were going to do when they got there, but he had enough money for food and water to last a couple of months on the street. He hoped that he could make his and his brothers lives a bit better than it had been at the Dursleys. He looked at his brother and smiled. As long as they were together and safe everything would be fine.


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