To Crave The Darkness

By Crow Skywalker


Disclaimer – I don't own BtVS, nor do I claim to. No profit is being made from this.

Author's Notes - Well, I've finally decided to rewrite this whole fic. I don't know why, really…people seem to like it. But I want to write it more detailed, and try to fix some things. So, to start off the new TCtD, here's the challenge, and the prologue will be posted after :)

NAME OF CHALLENGE: To Crave The Darkness
SET AFTER: Spike first arrives in Sunnydale
SUMMARY: Spike comes to Sunnydale looking for a strong mate having
gotten rid of a whining Dru long ago instead he finds a Slayer finds
Buffy. He soon becomes infatuated with her begins stalking her he
begins courting her. Buffy cant seem to figure out who her secret
admire is but she finds herself falling for him anyway. Nobody seems
to know her like he does not even Angel the one she is meant to love.
When she finds out who he is well she turn him away or well she
choose to turn from everything she knows everything she believes for
him or well he change for her.
This Requirement all depend on which path you wish to take
Path 1) Spike turns buffy but she keeps her soul
Path 2) Spike turns Buffy and the become the new master and Queen of
Path 3) Spike gives up the hunt for Buffy
1) Buffy/Spike have to end up together
2) Spike claiming Buffy with Angel watching on they can no he is
there or not
3) Buffy being turned she can keep her soul or turn evil whichever
4) Angel being violently Jealous of the fact that Buffy is happy
about having a secret admirer
5) Buffy if you decide to turn her she has to claim Spike
6) Spike teaching is new childe his new mate aka Buffy to hunt
7) Spike giving up the hunt for Buffy deciding he well only feed of
8) Spike getting Angry at the fact that Buffy remains close with
Angel but have her proving spike is the only one she wants
9) Giles and Xander fainting when they find out about Spike
If anyone else is interested, email For details.

Now, on to the fic!