To Crave The Darkness

Chapter One – Normal Life

By Crow Skywalker


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Pairings/Warnings – Spike/Buffy, bits of Angel/Buffy. Rated R for language, sexual themes and whatnot. You've been warned.

Summary – Spike comes to Sunnydale in search of a mate..and finds the Slayer? Infatuated her he begins courting her..but Buffy cant seem to figure out who her secret admire is. Will she fall for him anyway?


Things weren't what you would call 'normal' in the small town of Sunnydale, California. For one, it was built on top of a hellmouth that attracted all things nasty and evil. Demons and vampires alike came to the town, and people disappearing and dying was a normal occurrence. Nobody ever stopped to think about what was going on, so none of this was really noticed. It was written off as freak accidents, gang murder and other mishaps. Nobody except the Slayer.

She had been chosen, like all of the other girls before her, when she was sixteen. She had been very reluctant at first, but when she finally moved to the town of Sunnydale, she realized she had to do what she had been chosen to do. She fought vampires and other nasties, and the streets were much, much safer to walk at night since she had arrived.

Things were going fine for the Slayer. Having finally accepted her duties, she had managed to get through the last few months after the Master's death. The Master had almost killed her, and she had been left shaken after he was killed. But now, months after he was dead and gone, things were certainly looking up for her.

School was going okay. She was still struggling with her marks, but with the help from her friend Willow, Buffy was doing much better. She would have been doing even better if Sunnydale High's newest principal would get off her back, but that was something she could handle. Family life was as fine as always. Living alone with her mother had some perks that she didn't have when she was with her father. Her friends were great, and with them by her side and Giles, her Watcher, teaching and training her as the Slayer, everything was as good as it possibly could be.

Except for her love life. It wasn't that she didn't have a man in her life. It was all very confusing. The person in her life wasn't really a man, but a vampire. She knew she had feelings for Angel, despite that fact, but he didn't want to pursue a relationship with her. But there was definitely something there, and she was very attracted to him…no, wait…was she attracted to him, or the darkness, mystery and the thrill of the fact that it was wrong to have such feelings for a vampire?

She often thought about such things, mainly when she was in class and the teacher was lecturing a topic that didn't interest her one bit. Like now for example, she was sitting in class, thinking about vampires and creatures of the night, when instead she should have been listening to what was going on in class.

"Miss Summers, could you please tell me what you think of the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet?"

Buffy Summers blinked, finally tuning back into the real world. "Uhm…could you repeat that question again?"

Her teacher gave her a stern look. "Miss Summers, I know that being back in school after the summer holidays must be hard on you, but could you please pay attention?" She asked, then turned to another student and asked them their opinion on Romeo and Juliet.

Buffy nodded, looking down at her empty note book and silently wishing she was anywhere but in class. She would rather be out kicking some bad guy ass than being in school on a bright and sunny day.

But no luck, she thought to herself, the baddies mostly only come out at night. No hopes they'll interrupt this boring class, either..but at least I can take my frustration out on them tonight!

That thought made her feel a bit more better. Having returned from summer vacation at her father's in Los Angles, her friends had finally helped her set her priorities stright. The whole dying and fighting the Master thing had been a bit traumatizing for her, but knowing that the Master's bones were mere dust now was comforting. The nightmares had finally stopped, and she felt a lot better knowing there wasn't a big baddie out there plotting her death.

The school bell finally rang over head, and she quickly gathered her things. She had to get out of there fast, or the teacher would probably make her stay behind and scold her again. The sooner she got out of there the better. The warm sunny day was much too tempting, and she had friends to meet. Thank god it was the last class of the day on a Friday, and the torture of the week was finally over.

Stepping out into the crowded hallway, Buffy made in the direction of her locker. Around her people chatted and laughed, and she found it hard to push through the crowds that were blocking her way. She was beyond frustrated by the time her friend Xander found her.

"Hey Buff! What're you planning on doing tonight?" He asked, and her frustration melted away as she smiled up at him. Xander was the kind of guy you couldn't help but like, and he always made her smile and laugh.

"I'm going to kick some ass… know, the usual." She grinned, and he grinned back at her.

"The Bronze?" He asked, and she nodded.

"The Bronze."

"See? I really should take up mind reading for my profession!"

Buffy laughed, finally making it to her lock. She turned the dial to the lock, opened it, and was greeted by her familiar pictures and books. She scowled at the books, wondering if she had any homework. The books also made her think of Willow, who would most likely spend her weekend studying. "Where's Will anyway? Did she say anything about going to the Bronze tonight with us after some major slayage?"

"I haven't seen her since Lit.." He was interrupted by none other the person of topic herself.

"Hey guys," She stood next to Xander, a small smile on her face, "What am I missing?"

"Willow!" Xander faced his best friend, "How'd the Lit test go? I'm pretty sure I failed," He lowered his voice, "What'd you get for 46b?"

"Xander, I'm sure you didn't fail!" Willow rolled her eyes, "If you paid attention when I was tutoring you, then I'm sure you did fine!"

"That's what I'm worried about." Xander answered, mumbling, "Maybe I should have paid more attention, and slept less."

"So, Will," Buffy changed the subject as she closed her locker, having gotten the stuff she would need for the weekend, "We Bronzeing it tonight?"

"Definitely!" Willow perked up excitedly, and Buffy smiled. When she had met Willow, Willow had been the quiet type. She was slowly turning into the talkative party type.

Buffy followed her friends as they walked down the hall and waited as they, too, got their things from their lockers. The hall was less crowded now, since normal teenagers didn't stay behind on Fridays. Many were in a hurry to get out and make plans for the night.

"So, Buffy, have you talked to Giles today? He'll want to know about your patrolling last night." Willow asked having finally finished with her locker, and they were ready to go.

"Hmm, no. I was hoping to drop in before we left…do you guys mind?" Her friends shook their heads. "Thanks. Although I don't see why I need to check in…it was the same as every other night."

"Kicked ass and killed some evil?" Xander asked, heading towards the school's library.

Buffy smiled and nodded. "Same old routine."

Opening the door to the library, they soon found themselves totally alone and surrounded by the dusty old books that were found in the school's library. People rarely ventured into the library, so it was a good place to hang out and talk about things that they didn't want others to hear. This was also where they met Giles, Buffy's Watcher, since the library was deserted most of the time and it contained important books and information that could help Buffy with fighting demons.

"Giles?" Buffy called out, setting her book bag down on one of the large tables in the middle of the room.

"Hey G-man! Where are you?" Xander followed.

"Xander, haven't I told you time and time again not to call me that?" A familiar voice finally answered from the main office.

"Sorry." Xander grinned sheepishly. He, too, dropped his things on the table and took a seat closest to Buffy.

Giles soon appeared carrying a large armful of books which he laid down on the table as well. "So," He finally turned to Buffy after doing so, and pushed his glasses up his nose, "How did it go last night?"

"Same old," She smiled up at him where she sat.

"No demons? Master worshipers trying to bring him back from the dead once again? No sign of the Anointed One?" Xander asked himself, leaning back in his chair and shaking his head, "It all seems really odd – Sunnydale's been pretty quiet for a while now." He shrugged the thought off, returning to reality to find his friends staring at him. "What?"

"It is kind of strange if you ask me," Willow admitted, and then added, "In a strange good kind of way I guess."

"Yes, all the need to step up on training," Said Giles, taking his glasses off to clean them. Buffy stared at him unbelievingly.

"Why would I need to train harder?" She asked, "Shouldn't I be taking a long needed vacation instead?"

Giles put his glasses back on, and gave her a stern look. "Because there may be something going on that we don't know about, and we have to be prepared."

Buffy waved it off as if it wasn't a problem. "I'm sure that whatever is out there I can handle."

"Don't be so sure of yourself, Buffy," Giles warned her as he crossed to room to get more books. "You never know what you might be up against next."

She sighed, looking down at the floor. Deep down she knew Giles was right – if she didn't continue her training the next big baddie that strolled into Sunnydale could be the end of her. She had once been arrogant about spending time in the dusty old library training with Giles, and had skipped and weaseled her way out of it. But after the whole Master business and her dying – she had learned that training was important. Still, it would have been nice to take a break from her duties for once.

"And I believe that you should stay here and train right now," Giles went on to say, and Buffy's eyes shot up as Giles pulled open the metal gate that contained the few sparring weapons he had, "Since you're already here." He finished, grabbing hold of some things and turning towards her.

She frowned, looking over at her friends who were waiting for her and back. "I uh..really wasn't planning on staying after school today," she told him, but he gave her a look and she quickly added, "But I guess I have to now." She returned her gaze to her friends, giving them a apologetic look. "Sorry guys."

"Does this mean you're not coming to the Bronze with us?" Xander asked, his smile sinking.

"Oh…the Bronze..well," She paused for a moment, thinking, "I should be done by then..and I can patrol on the way if it's alright with Giles." She looked back at her Watcher, who was busily getting ready for sparring and putting his equipment on.

"Yes, yes – as long as you do your duty." He groaned as he lifted his padding over his head and shifted it comfortably onto his chest. Buffy blinked in surprise – it wasn't a very Giles-y answer – usually he was against her having any bit of a social life. She shrugged, forgetting about it.

"So I'll meet you guys there, okay?" She gave them a small smile, and watched as Willow dragged a protesting Xander out of the library. She then turned to Giles, who was ready and waiting for her.

"Are you ready?" He asked, throwing her a weapon.

She nodded, twirling the weapon around in her hand. "As ready as I'll ever be."


Spike sat in a dusty old chair overlooking his new home. Taking over the old place had not been hard – all he had had to do was kill the stupid Anointed child, whom it seemed the vampires of Sunnydale worshipped. But that was nothing big, and once the boy was gone, Spike had immediately taken charge and settled into the large building that he was now calling home.

Spike yawned, shifting comfortably in his chair. Things had certainly been boring since he had arrived in Sunnydale. Although from what his new followers told him, there was supposedly non-stop action in the small town.

A Slayer, he paused at that thought, a small sadistic smile creeping across his lips, and a strong one at that! He had heard that she had taken out the Master – a great accomplishment indeed. Should be fun.

However, he had yet to come face to face with the so called Slayer. Not that he hadn't kept an eye out for her – he was quite obsessed with finding her, fighting her and adding another Slayer's life to his growing list of ones he'd already killed. She was just really hard to find, no matter how hard he looked.

He sighed, running a hand through his bleach blond hair. Outside the sun was already setting – he could see the shadows extending and the pink glow through the covered windows. Soon he would be free to roam the night once again, and it was only a matter of time before he found her…

And killed her.

To Be Continued…