Hurriedly opening the door, Tate slipped through it and quietly shut and locked it behind him. He was the master of stealth, though Violet was definitely a fast learner and was starting to become quite the sneak. Turning around, an immediate grin plastered itself across his face as his eyes fell on Violet sitting in her bed reading a book. Letting her toss it at the foot of her bed as she hopped out and happily crossed the room, automatically wrapping her arms around the boy's waist, face pressed comfortably against his chest. It felt like home.

"That did not feel like an hour."

Vi had changed her class schedule, switching AP English with study hall so she could leave school an hour early, thus getting her home at the same time as Tate was to be finishing his session with her father. Today she had a half day, which most kids would relish in, but it only made the time drag on at a painfully slow pace.

"Did you have any phenomenal break throughs?" Returning to her bed, Violet cracked the nearest window before lighting a cigarette. Thank God for no screens and the invention of air fresheners. One day her mother would realize what she was doing in there, but she hoped it would take the dense broad at least until the day she left for college.

"It's hard to channel your inner demons when all you can focus on is sex." Discarding his cardigan, finding it's respective place over the arm of a chair as he stopped to toe off the back of his ancient Chucks. Rolling up the sleeves of his shirt, his eyes went to the smoke rings forming outside of his girlfriend's mouth. Oh her mouth..

"God! Shut up." Blowing excess smoke in his direction, she couldn't help but laugh as her eyes rolled. "You're fucking ridiculous."

"You know what's ridiculous? This fucking town. Let's get out of here."

Since when did he propose they do ANYTHING outside of the house, Halloween aside? Rolling her eyes without even giving the comment a second thought, Violet set her cigarette in the ash tray on her nightstand to free her hands to pull off a layer of clothing. One down, three to go. Back in Boston she would have had six layers on this time of year, but the lack of seasons definitely had it's advantages in this town. Raising an eyebrow curiously as Tate plopped onto the bed next to her, grasping her hand closest to him in an urgent matter, she reached for her abandoned cigarette with the free one.

"I'm serious, Vi. I want to be rid of this place. I want a fresh start. I want freedom from it all. Let's leave.. we can go to Seattle? Seattle has seasons. It's like Boston I'm sure, only rainier. We could start our life together there."

As hopeful as his voice sounded with the prospect of their freedom, they both knew it was impossible for their own reasons. For Violet, it was Vivien. As often as she wanted to stone her mother, she still loved her more than life itself. For Tate, it was literally impossible for him to go anywhere. Still, no one could stop them from dreaming. What was life without hope? Miserable, no doubt. They deserved some hope, even if it was as plausible as the Harmon's marriage having a happy ending.

"Did Kurt Cobain's spirit get trapped in your body when he died? Geez." Violet wasn't as eager to play pretend. It was just depressing to imagine a perfect future for them when she knew nothing was set in stone. Knowing how her stubbornness would depress her boyfriend, however, made her give up and throw him a bone. "Let's go to Wyoming? I'm tired of busy cities, we need lots of farm land and buffalo. We could get a horse. You'd look pretty sassy in some overalls.. we could change our names to Billy Bob and Barbara Jean."

"I'm more of a Beaucephus.." Reaching for her cigarette, Tate quickly put it out and lightly pushed the girl onto her back, sliding into the space next to her as he did so. He knew she was just playing along to make him happy, and he appreciated it. Laying on his side, he continued smiling lazily at his girlfriend as his hands held securely onto her waist. "Barbara Jean.. wasn't that Marilyn Monroe's real name? You could totally be a Marilyn. I could be your JFK."

"Well that just ends badly for everyone. Me with a boob job and you with a bullet in the back of your head.. it's almost as tragic as Kurt and Courtney."

Stopping herself as thought about both couples, her eyebrows knit together as her brain processed all it's useless information. It seemed as though everyone, famous or not, had their indiscretions. Courtney with Billy Corgan. Marilyn with a married JFK. Did anyone not cheat on their spouse? Tate was right, it was a filthy god damn horror show they lived in.

Her thought process hit a brick wall as Tate's lips pressed firmly against hers. She didn't need plans for a future, she didn't care about the future. Not right now. Right now was here and fucking beautiful. Reaching up to hold onto his neck, Vi pushed her small frame against his, desperately seeking as much as contact as she could get with their clothes on. Rolling over as Tate's body moved, pining her's against the bed, her head turned, breaking the kiss as she heard her mother's voice in the hallway, quickly followed by her father's. A heavy sigh signified her annoyance of the increasingly frequent arguments that filled her household.

"We're never going to be like that." His words were confident but quiet against her ear. They brought a smile to her thin lips because of the truth they held. His adamant tone made the comment sound like it was gospel. "We actually love each other. We won't be like them."

His words caught her off guard, even after he had stopped talking, her face was painted with all the confusion she could show. He loved her too? Licking over her lips, Violet raised her head to meet his lips, kissing them softly before falling back against her pillow, her eyes as serious as her intentions.

"Show me."

Their first date, she thought she was ready. After he saved her, she assured herself she was really ready. This moment, though, it made the other times seem insignificant in comparison. They clearly loved each other, they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Why shouldn't they share all of themselves with each other? She was convinced, they were young, in love, ridiculously reckless, worthy of having books written about them. Romeo and Juliet would have nothing on them.

"You said something wasn't going to happen every time I was in your room.. you liiie." Smirking as his hands tugged at the sides of her shirts, Tate moved his body away long enough to strip the girl down to her bra. Leaning down to kiss her shoulder, his eyes shifted to the night stand as Vivien's door slammed down the hall. He felt so badly for not being able to be by Violet's side constantly. He wanted to be a continuous reminder that love existed. It didn't have to be painful and angry, it could be honest and exhilarating. "I don't want to have sex just yet.. I want it to be really special. Your first time is supposed to be special."

Sitting up, Tate looked down at his half naked girlfriend. She was gorgeous, absolutely stunning in a very under appreciated way. From the first time he saw her he wanted to be inside of her, but the more he got to know her the more he wanted to be patient with her. A girl who cut her wrists over her bathroom sink wasn't the type of girl you fucked out of convenience. She wasn't the kind of girl you 'fucked', not the first time anyway. He wanted it to be intimate and careful, sure he'd probably give in and be a little rougher than he'd intended, but he wanted her to remember her first time as being something she did out of love, not rebellion.

"You're seriously going to give me a fucking complex if you keep shutting me down every time I try to get in your pants."

Sighing quietly, she knew she couldn't be too pissed. She thought she was ready, but how could she be 100% sure? Turning onto her side to face her opened window, she allowed herself to sulk for a moment. She had every right to! She was a horny teenager with a very attractive boyfriend and all she wanted to do was have sex. Making it special was probably important too, or so she'd try to convince herself. Feeling her annoyance fade as Tate's arm wrapped itself around her waist, his clothed chest pressing itself against her bare back, Vi grinned as his lips pressed against her scapula.

"You know I wanted to have sex with you from the first time I saw you, don't even play stupid."

Randomly placing soft kisses over her shoulder and back where he could reach easily without having to move, Tate lightly traced her belly button with a rough finger tip. He knew she was most likely a little pissed off, mentally prepping herself for sex and then not getting it, but she'd thank him later. Gently gripping the girl's hip, he pulled her closer still, stopping only when a small surprised gasp barely left her lips. Using his growing erection as proof that he definitely found the young girl worthy of fornicating.

Reaching down for his hand, Violet found no reason in why her anger towards the situation couldn't turned into something else. Aiding his hand in shoving it's way past the waistband of her ankle length skirt, into her underwear, her fingers forced Tate's hand to aggressively cup her groin which was already hotter than any other part of her and increasingly moist. Pulling her own hand back, her hips rolled forward, doing her best to grind her aching mound against his warm palm, urging his fingers to push past and into her. Reaching up to slide into her bra, cupping her own breast, Violet found something strangely erotic about not being able to see the person who was doing unspeakable things to her. She could be just as fucked up as he was, why the hell not?

"After I take your virginity, the first few times are going to be slow, I don't want to hurt this perfect pussy of yours. Once you're used to me, though, it's game on." His voice was deep, husky against her ear as his lips brushed against her earlobe. Letting out a breathy gasp as his fingers thrust themselves deep inside of her, Violet did her best to stay quiet, knowing the walls were paper thin and the last thing she needed was one of her parents pounding on the door demanding to know what was making her scream.

"I'm going to fuck you everywhere I get the chance. Bent over that chair over there," Letting his eyes glance to the plush brown chair in a niche in her room, his eyes closed as he focused on the heat his fingers were being suffocated by. Groaning quietly against her shoulder before gently biting it, his chin tilted up again to kiss the side of Vi's neck. "On your father's desk in the study. In the shower.."

His words were turning her on almost as much as his fingers were. Releasing her hand's grip, Violet abandons her breast and reaches down to grab Tate's forearm, holding onto it tightly, nails digging into his pale skin. Begging him without words to not stop, Vi had to turn her head, pressing her face into her pillow, teeth digging into the plush case as her arousal grew closer and closer to it's peak. She hoped he didn't stop talking - it was one thing to not see who was fucking her with their fingers, but knowing it was him wasn't good enough, his voice, his words, they all made it so much better.

"God. I can't wait to press your wet body against the shower wall. You do look pretty sexy from back here.. that ass, your smooth back. I love it. I'll apologize in advance if I hurt you. There's no way to gently do it in the shower." Licking over his lips, Tate shook his head as his stupid grin continued to grow, just as his cock did. "I want to bend you over and hit that perfect pussy from behind. I'm going to hit it so hard each time you'll feel like you might break, but when the pain subsides it'll be the best feeling ever. You'll be begging me to pound my big hard dick into you even harder after that. I bet you're going to be insatiable."

The muscles spasming around his fingers, drenching them even more, made his dick twitch again like it had in Ben's office. Sighing against her shoulder, Tate didn't stop, he wanted to make her cum again. Maybe see just how many times he could get her off before she cried from exhaustion. Laughing, almost cruel, against her skin, he pulled his fingers out, turning his attention to her clitoris only as he continued speaking against her skin.

"Even in the shower I'm going to want to clean you off before doing it all over and over. Licking your throbbing cunt after I cum inside you, only to fuck you again with tongue. I can't wait to see you beg for me to stop teasing you, sucking on your clit until you cum for me again." Vigorously rubbing his calloused finger tip over the small ball of nerves, his breath is jaded, but no where near as badly as hers. Biting Violet's shoulder gently again as her muscles tightened around her fingers once more, Tate kissed his teeth marks. "Mmm, yes. Cum for me, Vi."

Shaking as she did so, Violet was doing everything in her power to remember how to breathe steadily. Her body was aching in such a good way despite it being tired and her pussy aching, she was torn as to if she wanted to stop him or allow him to keep going. Loosening her grip on his forearm, she went with the latter, figuring if she came again she'd sure scream loud enough that even her pillow couldn't muffle her sounds. God she couldn't wait til she had the freedom to scream as loud as she wanted.

Rolling over once Tate's hands were out of her underwear, she turned over in bed, cheeks flushing even more as his fingers went straight to his mouth, sucking off all the fluid she'd left on them. Shaking her head, Violet pushed her hair away from her face as her body inched closer to his. Licking over her lips before leaning in, she aggressively kissed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth to deepen the kiss but mostly to taste herself on him. There was something strangely erotic about how she tasted on his lips. Grinning as she pulled away, Violet reached up to push his shaggy hair away from his tired eyes.

"I really love you."

"I really love you more."

***The end***