Author: Lilypadprincess

Title: I Just Missed Your Heart

Fandom: Hanna

Rating: T (femslash)

Warnings: femslash, mentions of violence/ murder, SPOILERS

Summary: Hanna just missed Sophie's heart, but this is something she can't correct.

Word Count: Stupidly Short.

A/N: haven't seen Hanna? GO WATCH IT.

Adapt or die.

It was a rule that had been engraved into Hanna's brain since she could speak. Raised in the forest,

surrounded by snow and beasts and nothing, it was a pretty simple and effective code by which to live.

Point being, it was the only way to live.

Hanna had known one purpose throughout her life; kill Marissa Wiegler.

This mission was outlined with the rule, Adapt or die, and it meant everything to Hanna.

Success meant freedom, integrating into modern society, moving on with her life.

Killing Marissa meant music. It meant electricity and television and electric tea kettles. It meant a new life,

with her father, where they wouldn't have to hide in the wilderness and hunt deer.

It meant that Hanna could learn through experience, and not from the cold, lifeless pages of books.

It was feeling, where she had been genetically altered not to feel.

It was people; their lives and how they were different, how they interacted with each other.

Success meant Sophie, and as Hanna approached Marissa's prone form, she knew that victory was hers.

"I just missed your heart."

The bullet was released, and it tore Marissa's life away, and all of Hanna's restraints, as well.

As she turned away, intent on losing herself to the world and the CIA agents bound to follow her, Hanna knew she

had spoken those last words not to Marissa, but to someone else entirely.

Sophie sat in the holding tank, terrified, for herself, for her family, and even Hanna.

But the image of Hanna murdering in cold blood chilled the English teen to the core. As freaky as Hanna was,

Sophie had liked her.

But no matter how perfect Hanna's aim was, Sophie knew the other girl would never pierce her heart.

And, somewhere off the grid, laying low until she could better blend with society, Hanna felt a single tear escape one

stunning blue eye.

Arrows really weren't her strong point.


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