"Over there! Look! I think it's a girl!" A young boy yells to the ship. The captain looks over his shoulder. "The boys right! Man overboard!" the captain yells in return. The crew gets to work, two men jumping into the water to take the young girl back to the ship.

They carry her up the last part of the ladder to find towels only for the girl. They walk away cursing under their breath, going to fetch an old rag to warm themselves up and left the others to the rest.

The young boy watches at the captain pushes on the girl's chest in quick sharp movements. The boy, expecting her to cough up a heap of water, takes a step back, but it's not water that spills from the girl's lips, its air.

She takes a deep breath in and out, in and out, gasping for breath, until she slowly starts to slow her rapid breathing.

"Where am I?" she asks between gasps of breath. "Why, your on the Silver Tail you is!" The captain replies proudly. She gave him a blank look that knocked the smug smile off his face.

"I'll go get ya a drink." He says, walking towards the dinning room. He stops and turns back to the group and shouts, "everyone, back to work!"

Everyone walks away mumbling to themselves and goes the their posts, except the boy, who sits next to the girl, who feel unconscious again, so he started looking for clues of where she came from.

A silver piece of seaweed around her neck catches his attention. He pulls at it, expecting it to break, but it doesn't. He pulls at it harder, but it doesn't break free. He lifts it to the light to find a small clamshell at the bottom. He takes it from her neck and inspects it, trying to open the shell, and failing.

The captain returns with the water and dumped it next to her, spilling it everywhere, not caring. The boy hides the necklace in his pocket, then notices the shine coming from her leg, he lifts her pants leg slightly, to find a thin layer of scales covering her legsā€¦