Dancing Shoes

By: The Duck

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Summary: The trio is in their 7th year. Dumbledore holds an interesting contest. Several students sign up for the madness. This is their story! S/H Warning.


Hermione Granger age eighteen trotted down the steps into the warm and well-lit Common Room. A smile on her face as she glanced around and sighed. Rolling her eyes she leaned against the wall near the steps, which lead to the Boy's Dorms.

"Harry! Ron! Would you two hurry up and get down here! If you don't hurry we're going to miss all the good food."

Several moments later her call was answered as Harry and Ron practically fell down the steps. Ron gave a goofy smile. "Sorry, we were working on our homework and didn't realize how late is was." He said as he straightened his brand new robes and rubbed proudly at his Head Boy badge. Hermione rolled her eyes at Ron who at the age of seventeen had become a tall and rather charming young boy. He had finally become more serious in his 5th year at Hogwarts and excelled in all of his subjects and to nobody's shock but, his he had been elected Head Boy in his 7th year.

Harry gave a snort of laughter at Ron's behavior. "You start rubbing that thing anymore people are going to start mixing you up with Percy." He said as he ruffled Ron's reddish hair. Ron's arms snapped back to his sides and his face looked somewhere between shock and utter horror. Hermione gave a giggle at his reaction. Rolling her eyes she grabbed Ron's limp and hand began to drag him along as Harry followed chuckling behind them. "Ron, you silly prat move your legs Before you make us miss dessert!" That got him moving and he quickly grabbed one of her hands and one of Harry's pulling them both out of the Tower, as the portrait slid back into place.


Hermione and Ron made their way up to the Head Table, they had both decided that today would be a good time to use their new privileges considering Harry was too busy showing his teammates his new game plans for the upcoming match against Hufflepuff.

Hermione soon found herself sitting in between Professor Lupin (Who had returned for her seventh year) and Professor Snape who seemed completely unhappy about having to dine with his students and colleagues. Lupin turned away from a conversation he was holding with the Headmaster, McGonagall and Sprout. "Hello, Miss Granger. How are you this lovely winter evening?" He asked kindly giving her a friendly smile.

"I'm fine, sir." She said as she bit into a piece of broccoli that had been on her fork. She had been wiping at her mouth, as Lupin was about to answer her when everybody at the Head Table turned their attention to Minerva McGonagall as she almost shouted at Dumbledore. " Really, Albus. If you think that Muggle Dancing is so much better than Wizard. Than you should hold a contest." She stated a bit hotly as she took a sip of her drink thinking that she had put an end to the argument. Unfortunately for Minerva, Dumbledore had other ideas he merely scratched at his beard for a moment and stood holding his arms out for silence. Every voice in the hall soon faded into silence as Dumbledore spoke. "It seems that several of our teachers are having a bit of a disagreement. Now, I have decided that a contest is needed to determine who is right. So, the rules are simple any 6th or 7th year student can sign up. You will be randomly paired with a Professor of the opposite sex and the two of you will have two weeks to prepare a dance of the Muggle or Wizarding type. The pairs will perform at the start of this year Yule Ball and all the students will vote for the best pair. And the winners will split a prize of 100 Galleons." He clapped his hands twice and at the back of the hall a sheet appeared on the wall. "Space is limited as we only have a certain amount of professors so once that sheet is filled no more students will be accepted." Dumbledore finished his speech and several students got up to sign the sheet.

Hermione sighed and smiled as she pushed back from the table and walked to the back of the Hall. And got in line behind Ginny Weasley who was also signing up. Harry and Ron soon got in line behind her. "Hey Harry. I didn't know you knew how to dance?" Harry promptly blushed and muttered. "I know a little."

Hermione quickly signed her name to the list and smiled to herself as she walked out of the Hall. It was already pretty late and she wanted to make sure she could get some reading down before she went to bed later that night.


Hermione yawned widely and snapped her book shut. Causes a bit of dust to fly into her face. She coughed loudly and waved her arms as she cleared it away quickly. It was at this time that Crook shanks gave a meow and jumped up on the bed quickly making himself comfortable on the side of her. She gave Crookshanks a small pat as she turned off her bedside lamp and snuggled into the warm covers. Thinking for the first time that night who her partner would be?


Hermione awoke the next morning as Crookshanks got up on her small chest and gave a loud yowl. She sat straight up scared by the sudden loud noise that had interrupted her dreams. She found that she had accidentally made her cat end up in an orange heap on the floor. "Sorry about that, kitty." She said trying to apologize. Unfortunately the cat was still indignant about the whole incident and merely stuck it's tail up at her. "Well, I never." She said as she got out of bed and grabbed her robes and a couple of towels as she retreated to the bathroom to take a refreshing shower.


Hermione walked we Ginny into the Great Hall. Later that morning only to find that the dance partners had been posted and all participating students were looking up their partners. Hermione excitedly pushed to the front dragging the smaller redhead behind her. Ginny broke out into a grin as she read who her partner was. "I got Dumbledore." She said as she looked over at Hermione who was reading the list, which looked like this..

Ginny Weasley with Professor Dumbledore

Harry Potter with Professor Trelawney

Draco Malfoy with Professor Sprout

Susan Bones with Professor Flitwick

Ron Weasley with Professor McGonagall

Millicent Bulstrode with Hagrid

Blaise Zabini with Professor Lupin

Hermione Granger with Professor ……

Hermione blinked as she looked at her partner not believing her horrible luck. Her eyes widened her mouth dropped open and she promptly fainted to the floor. Just as Ginny Weasley had turned to ask her who she had been paired with.


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