Dancing Shoes: And the Winner is.

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Hermione found herself only mildly surprised by the straight forwardness of the question, after all Slytherins weren't exactly famous for their bluntness now where they? Hermione shook the shock away quickly realizing he would probably want an answer sometime tonight. Besides she was a Gryffindor and it wasn't their goal to leave a man waiting in suspense for too long but, she decide she might as well tease him a bit. After all it wasn't everyday a student got the opportunity to make Snape sweat a bit.

"Yes, I think it would be terribly inappropriate of you. Considering the fact that I'm a student and you're a professor." She said sweetly though her eyes were watching his lips more than his eyes. Hermione watched the reaction he looked rather disappointed and was about to pull away from her when she spoke again.

"But to hell with being appropriate." She muttered throwing her arms around his neck and pulling his head downward slightly to meet her lips in a passionate kiss. Hermione didn't usually act like this around the opposite sex and was slightly wondering what she was doing. She decided she didn't really care what had gotten into her, if this was the dark side then she wished she had crossed over to it a long time ago. She almost had to giggle at that thought, good girl Hermione Granger was ready to become a bad girl complete with black leather and a whip. She banished the strange thoughts as she sighed into his mouth.

God this man tasted good! She thought happily as they continued to kiss in the falling sheets of snowflakes, but she didn't care that it was cold outside or that anybody might see them. In fact the only thoughts her brain could possibly swallow at the moment was that with a boyfriend like Snape she would never need dessert ever again. And to think she would be saving herself from all those fatty calories. She they both pulled back from the kiss at the same moment. Both willing it to go on longer but knowing that winners were to be announced soon and they would be missed and people might come looking for them and stumble upon a very inappropriate sight.

She took a deep breath of air meeting his black eyes with her brown eyes. "That was lovely." She said lamely, after having stepped across such a big line between them neither was really quite sure what to say to the other. He gave her a sexy smirk which at that moment she enough to turn her knees to jello but, amazingly she remained firmly standing.

"Are you always this eloquent Miss Granger? Or is tonight a special occasion?" He said with sarcasm but more to tease than to actually mock.

She raised an eyebrow feeling in a particularly Slytherin mood tonight she met his smirk with one of her own. "Do always call people "Miss" after you've engaged in tonsil hockey with them or am I just special?"

For a moment his smirk faltered thought only slightly Hermione caught it. Yes, she though triumphantly Snape 0, Hermione 1.

"Touché, Hermione, Touché." She said offering his arm to her.

"Shall we head back inside? There should be a few more dances and the winners should be announced. It would be a shame if we were to win and not be there to accept the prize." He said his voice practically dripping with that Velveta cheese voice of his.

Merlin, did she ever love the way this man pronounced things. It was enough to make her feel a tingle all over her body. She nodded not trusting her vocal cords as she placed her arm in his and headed back toward the warmth and laughter of the castle at Christmas.

Her arm felt his slightly muscled strong one entangled with hers and she had to wonder what this dead sexy man had to look like without those stifling black robes of his. Another shiver this one of arousal and excitement raced down her spine. What an absolutely delicious mental image that was. She thought, quickly leashing her imagination before it could conjure a very enticing and distracting metal picture. After all she didn't think it was within proper manners to think about a person naked while having a conversation with them it just simply wasn't conducive to polite conversation and she was starting to understand why.

They reached the doors of the Great Hall before she had even realized they were back within the castle. She quickly released his arm and smiled up at him.

"I should go to my friends they'll be wondering where I was." She said simply knowing she had to go to them before rumors and suspicions were born out of her and Snape's simultaneous disappearance.

He smiled again at her lack of graceful speech. "Than go by all means." He gestured her to enter before him. Damn, she thought Snape 1, Hermione 1. She went in silently feeling him follow in right after her. Their ways parted there as she made a Beeline for Ron was sitting comfortably sipping his punch happily as he watched couples dance around the crowded dance floor.

She walked over to him leaning over him slightly to make sure he heard her clearly with all the noise. "Where's your sister at?" She asked curiously thinking she simply had to tell Ginny of this exciting new development. He pointed silently to Ginny who was currently being led gracefully around the dance floor by Harry her eyes alight with pure childish glee as though she were opening Christmas presents instead of just dancing. Hermione pushed through the throng of students quickly reaching the couple in the middle of the floor. She seized Ginny's arm practically starting to drag her away from Harry in her hasty.

"Oui then, what's the big idea?" She exclaimed Ginny's turned her head and looked at her. "Oh it's you Hermione. What's up?" She asked curiously watching the strange emotions on Hermione's face.

"Not here, follow me." She said carefully leading Ginny to a deserted table in a quieter corner of the Great Hall. Ginny had managed to grab a glass of punch on the way and was now sipping eagerly as she sat down beside Hermione her ears open for new and obviously important news.

Hermione was not one to disappoint and she went straight out and said it after all there was no need to dance around the issue with Ginny. The girl was impatient as anything and liked people who went straight to the point. Which was probably one of the major reasons the girls were friends in the first place.

"He kissed me! Snape kissed me and I do mean full out frenching." She said a dopey grin on her face as she thought of that positively blissful kiss they had shared. Ginny who had been sipping on her drink performed a sudden spitake that resulted and a wet and slightly red Ravenclaw who had been passing the table at the time. She girl glared at Ginny as she stormed off but Ginny simply wasn't paying any attention to her. For her wide eyes were focused right on Hermione.

Hermione mistook the reason for the girl's reaction. "Certainly it doesn't shock you that much, Gin."

Ginny shook her head her eyes going back to their normal size as a grin spread across her face. "Oh no, I'm not shocked by that at all it was perfectly obvious to me it was bound to happen sooner or later." Hermione raised an eyebrow silently questioning the reason for Ginny's drastic reaction.

"It's just that I was thinking. Harry owes me Twenty Galleons now." She said a delightful look on her face a she sipped down the last of her punch. Now it was Hermione's turn to have wide eyes.

"What are you talking about?" She asked slowly.

"Oh, me and Harry had a bet. I betted him Twenty Galleons Snape was going kiss you by tonight." She said nonchalantly as though she was talking about the weather.

It was now Hermione's turn for a spitake as she nailed the same Ravenclaw who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time for the second time tonight. The girl's eyes filled with tears as she yelled in a whiny high- pitched voice.

"You are so hurtful!" She exclaimed running toward a corner of the room. Looking for comfort from a friend.

Hermione wasn't paying attention to the girl she was too busy staring at Ginny as though she had just exclaimed she had been abducted and probed by alien beings. Just as Hermione opened her mouth to respond, Dumbledore stood at the head table gesturing for silent. Within a second the entire hall was silent as a tomb, as everyone waited anxiously for the results of the competition.

"I'm pleased to say that the results of the Dancing Competition have been tallied and the winner have been determined." He stated eyes twinkling as she unrolled the parchment and started to read from it. "Our Third place winner of tonight's competition are..Professor Lupin and Blaise Zambini."

The crowd cheered loudly though not wildly as Professor Lupin and Blaise accepted the award, which was a small Bronze Dancing Heel on top of a small black stand, and a small plate in front inscribed with their names.

Dumbledore clapped, along with the rest as he happily handed the statue to the couple as they took their seats back amongst the crowd. "Well done Miss Zambini and Professor Lupin you both did splendidly. "

"Our second place winner are.." He paused a moment frowning then his face breaking out into a grin announced. "Myself and Miss Ginny Weasley." He exclaimed as Ginny bounded up from her seat next to Hermione and quickly accepted the award with a Silver Dancing Heel on it her cheeks flushed bright red with pride. As she quickly smiled at the crowd and headed back to her seat placing her new award on the table as she smiled over at Hermione and gave her thumbs up for good luck.

Dumbledore watched as Ginny descended from the stage and smiled at the crowd his eyes twinkling like mad. "And the moment you've all been waiting for our first prize winning couple is......Professor Snape and Hermione Granger." He proclaimed loudly and for a spit second everything was silent as Hermione rose slowly from her sitting position. Then all hell broke loose as the students cheered and clapped loudly some even giving loud wolf whistles as she made her way steadily up to the Head Table. She met Snape there both holding the award with one hand as they raised the small award with the Golden Dancing Heel atop it.

The crowds cheering continued though went down slightly in volume as Dumbledore was handed a camera by Professor McGonagall and happily told Hermione and Snape to strike a pose.

Hermione elated to find out they had actually won the contest. Threw her arms around Snape's neck and pecked him on the cheek just as the flash of the camera went off. Forever capturing Hermione's display of fondness for the man and forever capturing the rare yet strange alluring smile of Severus Snape.


To this day the picture framed sits behind the award in a Trophy Room of Hogwarts the Golden Heel still shining from the many polishings it has received almost constantly from students serving detentions. The picture is almost living legend in it's own right for any student who has ever been taught by Severus Snape believes it is the only picture of him smiling ever to exist. And for once .the rumors are right.


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