I stood shaking violently at Edward's side as he gingerly held out his hand, which Aro was grasping tightly. I remembered how it felt as I crashed into Edward to push him away from the sunlight. I remembered how he had backed me up against a wall to shield me from the cruel stares of the Volturi guards. I remembered the harsh words that he had said that day in the woods before he left me, broken and unable to keep moving forward in life. I took a deep breath and forced myself to focus on the present. Edward was here. Alice was here. But unfortunately, so were the Volturi. I knew I was going to die. But hopefully, I could get them to spare the Cullens. I did not know how I was going to manage that but I would. Just then, Aro released Edward's hand and looked at me.

"Isabella, you are really special. I have never met anyone, mortal or immortal, who was an exception to my gift or that of Jane's. It would be a pity to have to destroy you. You would make for an extraordinary vampire." Aro spoke softy, his eyes locked on me as he ignored the furious hisses of denial coming from Edward and Alice.

I saw the burly vampires that held them yank them both backwards to keep them in check.

"You will never touch her Aro!" Edward growled as he tried to fight the vampire that held him. His face was twisted in anger.

"Ah, Edward. I can't let you and your family off so easily either can I? You broke the most important rule of all. You revealed yourself to a human. But I know you love the girl despite everything that has happened. And so, I will make you a deal. But bear in mind that I don't usually do this. I shall make the exception only because you are Carlisle's son and you have too many gifts that would benefit the Volturi. Would you like to consider the options?" Aro asked quietly.

"As long as Bella and my family stay alive, I'll do anything." Edward replied roughly. But I could see the quiet submission in the way he seemed to relax in the strong hold of his captor.

"You could leave the girl here with me where she will be killed. But you and your family shall go free. Or, I transform Isabella but all of you, including Isabella and the rest of your family, will have to join the Volturi. Heidi shall escort you to the waiting room where you can confer with the rest of your family. Choose wisely young ones." Aro nodded towards Heidi and she motioned for us to follow her out of the throne room.

I was in shock as Edward pulled me along with him out of the room. Aro had just made it so easy. I would die but the Cullens will live! I would choose death without a fight if it meant that the Cullens would not suffer anymore because of me. And Edward did not love me anymore. I had nothing to live for anymore. He would easily agree to the first option. Charlie, Renee and Jacob will come to accept my death. Everything would be fine. I just had to keep telling myself this and everything would be okay.

Heidi brought us to a room with a few red couches and left us there after telling us that she would be back in an hour to bring us back to Aro.