World 1

The hero dismounted the tame Yoshi, staring carefully up at the tall castle. Iggy Koopa lived in there. The first of Bowser's ugly children. The door opened. Time to face the castle.

The hero jumped quickly through the first room, climbing on the fence while dodging the koopa minions who had also latched onto it. The mid-point tape fell quickly. In the next room, the hero dodged the giant presses, jumping over pits and dodging the advancing wall on the left side of the room. The large, red boss door loomed before the hero, who wasted no time entering.

Inside, on a tilting platform surrounded by lava, stood Iggy Koopa. He took one look at the hero and his jaw dropped. That split second of delay was all it took for the hero to launch a series of jump attacks, forcing him off the platform.

There was a single room beyond Iggy's room, with a chair, a table, and a Nintendo DS. Toad sat there, playing video games to pass the time. When he saw the door open, though, he stood up."Thank you, Mario," he said, "but our princess is in another— Princess Peach?!?!?!"
Princess Peach, who had made her way through Iggy's Castle, smiled at Toad. "It's all right, Toad," she said. "We decided to try switching places this time around." She took Toad by the hand. "Come on. Let's get out of here before the explosives go off."

Meanwhile, in Bowser's Castle...

Bowser regarded his new captive with a toothy grin. "Gwar har har har!" he said. "How does it feel to be the one imprisoned for a change, waiting for your lady love to come and save you?"
Mario, who was immobilized with quite a lot of rope, glared at Bowser. "You'll-a never defeat the both of us!"
"Gwa ha ha ha ha!" Bowser chortled. "Perhaps. But enough of that... let it not be said that I was a bad host." With one clawed hand, he swept a curtain back, revealing a table full of food. "Would you like a meal while you're waiting? We can discuss... entertainment... later."

Mario, knowing it was going to be a while, agreed.

To Be Continued