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The 8th Sword of the Mist:

The seven swords of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist are said to be the most powerful swords in the ninja world. Of course all would say that the most strongest of the 7 swords is the Samehada, but they are all wrong. There was an 8th sword made and it was made to be the most powerful sword in the world. No one has been chosen by the sword, but that changes when 5 year old Naruto runs away from the Leaf Village and runs into a person, who holds the sword and has been looking for a person to be the true sword master for the legendary 8th Sword. When the sword reacts to Naruto, the person holding the sword decides to train and raise. Watch out world because Naruto is going to become the greatest swordsman there ever was. K, the story pairing has to be from a NarutoxHarem to a Massive Harem, also your allowed to have turn the guys into girls(except Naruto).

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Chapter 1: Escape and Rebirth

~ Konohagakure No Sato ~

It was a regular time in the village of Konoha, the birds were singing to the end of the day, shops closing, sun setting over the horizon, and mobs of civilians and Ninja's alike are chasing a 5 year old blond. To strangers or travellers, this may seem strange and/or unorthodox; why would a mob with NINJAS that's duty is protect the people of the village be chasing down a boy with intent to maim or kill whilst shouting 'DEMON' 'Burn in hell!' 'This is for the Yondaime and everyone you killed' and throwing anything they can get their hands on from rocks to Kunais to sandals?

To answer that, this is no ordinary boy. This boy that has bright blue eyes that could make the ocean itself jealous, with bright sunny blonde hair, spike in every direction imaginable, and an ever present grin that to those who knew the boy knows that it is forced. This boy is none other than Naruto Uzumaki, the villages pariah, the villages demon or for those who are Chunin above, the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi No Kitsune. Not that he know of it yet.

Today is the fifth anniversary of the defeat of the Kyuubi No Kitsune and shops are closing early due to the fact that they want to open up their stands near the town centre for increase rate of customers and income (Sorry, just had accounting tutorial at school today and it was kinda stuck in my head :P) since the main festival of the Kyuubi's defeat will be held there. Back to the story, shops are closing early and Ninja's who have been sent on missions are returning to attend this yearly event and to try and have a chance to try out the most popular attraction; the 'Fox Hunt'. This attraction doesn't usually open until halfway during the festival but the civilians and Ninja's this year have been very eager to attend so they decided to start early.

So we now find ourselves watching/reading the view of Naruto being chased by the mob of angry civilians and Ninjas as they led him to the edge of town where the Sandaime or his 'guardians' will not be able to find him for a few minutes... or hours; which leaves enough time for the mob members to have their way with the village proclaimed 'Demon'.

~ Naruto's POV ~

Run, run, and run. That's all I can think of right now. Gotta run so that those mean people won't be able to catch me! C'mon! Don't fail me legs! I kept running and running until I saw the gates and knew that the stalls and booths are going to block any other escape route. I made a mad dash towards the gate that seemed to be open just for me and the mob. I saw the shit eating grins that the gate guards and the people near the booth gave me. Their so mean, what did I ever do to deserve this? How could I make all this pain go away? I question myself.

As I thought those words, I didn't realize that I have made it out of the gates and have reached the woods/forest that represents the Fire Country. I was about to stop and turn back because they (the mobs) usually stop chasing me after I pass the gates; when all of a sudden a kunai grazed my left cheek and I screamed in shock and pain (He's five... just a remainder). I looked behind to see that mob circling around me like a pack predators hunts its prey. I was about to beg for forgiveness for whatever I have done when all of a sudden they pounced at me.

~ Normal POV ~ Few Minutes Later (More Like 45 Minutes Later) ~

A half-dead, bloody and barely conscious Naruto lay in the ground in a pool of his own blood. His once vibrant blue eyes are now dull and grey (metaphorically), his usual bright sunny blonde hair are now stained crimson red and his annoying grin turned upside down as a small whimper escaped his lips every few seconds. The mob has beaten him with everything they have, not to mention the Ninjas that have been passing by on the way back to the village after a mission. They beaten him with sticks, branches, Kunais, Shurikens, Swords and anything they could their hands on that would cause the slightest pain to the poor five year old.

Naruto lay there... already accepting that he will die... accepting that he will never fulfil his promise to become the greatest of the great to his Jiji. He won't be able to see Ayame-nee-chans smile again, he won't be able to eat Teuchi-ji-sans delicious ramen again, and he will forever disappear from the world.

He was about to cast his last breath when all of a sudden, he felt a power surge through him, he felt power like no other... originating from an outside source, it feels like a volcano the size of the biggest mountain in Iwa has erupted inside of him, he felt his resolve re-'ignite' with determination that would put Guy and Lee's to shame.

'I won't die now' He thought 'Not when I haven't done anything to impact this world' He paused for a few seconds 'there's still plenty of opportunities for me to achieve my goals. I haven't died yet, I'm still alive!' He screamed in his mind 'I won't die! Not yet! I want to live! Make me live! C'mon! Live! Live! LIVE!' with that the power that he felt earlier exploded out of him like a volcano eruption that shook the very earth itself. The chakra that has exploded out of his person is crimson in colour with yellow and black streaks of chakra here and there that seems to flow like lava. His wounds begin to heal at an impossible rate and he began to sit up. When he stood, he ran towards the location where he felt the outside power source that has helped him in his resolve.

He didn't know how long he ran but when he arrived, he saw a sword (Zanbatou) stuck in the middle of the platform with ancient runes around it glowing red. The platform seemed to be camouflaged by the ever growing leaves, trees and grass of Fire Country as it is near impossible to see without the glowing crimson light that it is emitting. Bringing his small tiny hands to the handle of the Zanbatou, he grasps it; only to gasp in slight shock as he felt more power enter his being and seemed to fade out of existence in a flash of crimson and yellow streaked light, with the blade and platform, and would not be seen or heard of for 10 years...

~ Konoha ~ Before Power Surge ~

The mob that is returning from their yearly 'Fox Hunt' has arrived at the gates of Konoha, only to met a very, VERY angry Sandaime and a squad of ANBU Black Ops that is loyal to the Sandaime and respected the Yondaime's last wish/will.

The mob slowly approached the Sandaime, weary due to the rage that is present on his crinkled face. Once they were a few metres away, the Sandaime spoke "Now, I will only say this once... Where is Naruto?"

"We don't know what you are talking about, Sandaime-sa—" An unknown ninja who is not important spoke only to be cut of as a kunai lodged in his head, startling the other ninja's in the area

"I'm warning you, if I see him bloodied and bruised, I will personally torture you, and send you back to your family in box so small that they would need a microscope to examine your remains; if there is any" The Sandaime said the last part ominously

Just as he finished saying that, the people of Konoha and most likely the entire Shinobi Nations felt an earthquake stronger than one of Iwa's most powerful Earth Jutsu's. They also saw a bright light that looked similar to a volcano in the distance where the mob presumed to have been. The Sandaime and Ninjas of the village paled as they thought the Kyuubi might have escaped only for the earthquake and chakra/power surge to stop; followed by an even stronger chakra/power surge a few minutes later and disappeared.

The Sandaime was the first to re-collect his thoughts as he called out the orders "Get all available ANBU's and Jounins here NOW! Have the Chunins and Genins to evacuate the civilians to the Hokage Mountain!"

Few minutes later we found the Sandaime, 50 ANBUs and 100 Jounins tree-hopping towards the location of where Naruto was before he got teleported into god-knows where. They arrived a few minutes later only to find a field... or what used to be a grassy field covered with scorch marks everywhere. Some of the rocks and boulders in the area have melted into something similar to magma and the trees that have been proudly grown by the Shodaime turned into ash... The Sandaime told the Ninjas to scatter and look for clues on what could have caused this catastrophic event whilst the Sandaime stood where the Sword, Platform and Naruto used to be, not that he know it. He looked down only to see an orange cloth that he could recognize anywhere.

Taking a few minutes to collect his thoughts, the Sandaime sighed and let a few tears roll out of his eyes like a leaking tap and whispered "I'm so sorry Naruto, I have failed you and your father. If only your mother was here from the beginning. Please forgive this foolish old man and be happy. Wherever you are" With his peace done, he recalled all of the Ninjas and headed back to the village to grief of the death of his beloved grandson, in anything but blood. What he or any other Ninja didn't realize is the small flicker of crimson energy that disappeared as soon as it appeared.

Most (which means all) people in the village WILL celebrate the death of the demon while some (approximately 5... maybe less) would grief the death of their beloved Naruto. The ignorance of the village has cause what could of been the leafs most promising Ninja to become something even more feared than the Kyuubi for Naruto would return and when he will, he would raise hell to Earth and bring upon his fury. This shall act as a warning. Be prepared for HIS return.

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1. Shini ringā - Death Bringer

2. Maguma No Arashi - Magma Storm

3. Jigoku no satsugai - Hell Slayer

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