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Chapter 2: The Return

~ Previously ~

Taking a few minutes to collect his thoughts, the Sandaime sighed and let a few tears roll out of his eyes like a leaking tap and whispered "I'm so sorry Naruto, I have failed you and your father. If only your mother was here from the beginning. Please forgive this foolish old man and be happy. Wherever you are" With his peace done, he recalled all of the Ninjas and headed back to the village to grief of the death of his beloved grandson, in anything but blood. What he or any other Ninja didn't realize is the small flicker of crimson energy that disappeared as soon as it appeared.

Most (which means all) people in the village WILL celebrate the death of the demon while some (approximately 5... maybe less) would grief the death of their beloved Naruto. The ignorance of the village has cause what could of been the leafs most promising Ninja to become something even more feared than the Kyuubi for Naruto would return and when he will, he would raise hell to Earth and bring upon his fury. This shall act as a warning. Be prepared for HISreturn.

~ Present ~ 10 Years after Naruto's Disappearance ~ Hokage's Office ~

It has been a long 10 years for one Sarutobi Hiruzen, he has 'lost' his surrogated grandson to the stupidity of this village that he protects, and said surrogated grandsons mother and twin turns out to be alive and well and are now residing in the village after they heard the death of the 'Demon'. The council even broke his law about the Kyuubi being sealed inside Naruto; now everyone in Konoha knows the truth of what happened in October 10th, fifteen years ago. 'Sigh' he could only sigh as he thought of all the bad things that have happened to his beloved grandson in all but blood. Kushina, Naruto's Mother, and Naomi, Naruto's twin, have returned to the village about a year after Naruto disappeared; stating that since the Demon is gone, she could finally live in peace with her "only" child in peace within the village.

The villagers were shocked that the wife of the Yondaime is alive, as they thought that she has died along with her husband. Of course, they don't know that Naruto was her and the Yondaime's son and only thought that Naomi was the only child of the late Yondaime and the current head of the Uzumaki and Namikaze clan, Kushina and only took Naruto's similar appearance to the late Yondaime as a joke by the Demon to remind them of their loss. Kushina and Naomi have been hailed as heroes when they walked through the gates of Konoha, they celebrated the return of their heroes' wife and daughter after the villages 'noble' deed in getting rid of the Demon. Some even proposed that they were the one who did it and had 'the right' to take the hands (in marriage) of Kushina and Naomi for doing something that the Yondaime couldn't even do. Of course they were shot down harder than a Nuclear Bomb the size of a Mountain.

Getting back to the story, Sarutobi can't help but let another 'Sigh' escape his lips as he wished that he had done better to protect Naruto from all his misfortunes. He only wished that wherever he is, he would be safe and well protected; something that he, the 'God of Shinobi' and 'The Professor', couldn't do.

~ Few Kilometres away from Konoha ~

A figure standing about 5'11 with broad shoulders and a massive sword behind his back is walking towards the Village Hidden in the Leaves in a leisurely pace as if he can sense someone attacking him a week before the attack would happen. The man, as judging from the way he walks and carries himself, is wearing what appears to be a Ninja outfit fit for an ANBU member of the Leaf Village. He wears long, black baggy jeans with many pockets that reach his ankle, steel-toed combat boots that seems to have hidden blades inside the sole of the boot. He also wore a sleeve-less mesh shirt with a short sleeve black shirt that hugs his body like a second skin and shows of his six packs. He is also wearing a midnight black gauntlet that covers the back of his hand and forearm; it also has small spikes at the tip of his knuckles and leather protecting the rest of his right arm made of reptilian skin/armor. On his left he just wore the usually ANBU forearm armour only midnight black with the same material. He also wears shin guards though it could not be seen due to the long baggy pants. He wears ANBU like vest armour, which is made of a material that could come from a lizard like creature (Dragon), and a black face mask similar to one Hatake Kakashi only it has crimson red lines, similar to the colour of magma, vertically running from both sides of his cheeks (Like Ichigo's Hollow mask, the newest design one after he went full hollow on Ulquiorra). The figure is also wearing what appear to be shoulder guards made of the same material as the vest and gauntlet.

The odd thing is that his eyes, they were red like blood and seem to burn with a raging fire storm that could level the highest mountain and decimate a whole nation of Ninja's. There is also what seem to be red, tear like marks running down the bottom of his eyes and disappeared behind his facemask (like Ulquiorra). He also seems to have sunny-blonde hair with red streaks here and there that is shaped in a similar fashion as the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju (his haircut).

The most peculiar thing off all is his massive sword on his back, it seems to have the same aura as Samehada, the greatest of the swords of the 'Seven Swordsman of the Mist', only stronger, more potent and wild. The size of the sword is nothing to scoff at eather, it's nearly twice the size of Samehade in a shape a triangle, though it seems to be made of something that is considered to be a myth, Dragon Skin. The edges of the blade is made out of the toughest of all materials, even tougher than the Samehada, the blade also seem like it has magma like blade in the middle of it that makes it look even dealier. This is the Sword of Legends, a sword that not even the Sage of the Six Paths knows of, a Sword even stronger than the Kyuubi, this is the Sword that is made from the shell, tail, claw of the all mighty beast, Akantor; and the name of the Sword? Akantor, the Death Bringer (Shini no Hakobi-Shu).

(If you want to know what the sword really looks like, please visit this website: .com/wiki/Akantor_Broadsword, sorry if the description isn't that good... But I'm trying my hardest. And if you're wondering what the armour material looks like, Google Akantor from Monster Hunter and imagine the skin of it being made as armour.)

This Man is none other than Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto, or Namikaze Naruto since his traitorous mother decided to abandon him, he shall abandon the Uzumaki name (will explain how he knows later). Right now, he is making his way to the place where everything started and where everything is going to end. He is making his way towards the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He wants answers, he wants what is rightfully his, and he wants it now.

~ Few Minutes Later ~ Konoha's Main Gate ~

A man could be seen walking towards the gate of the village, the Gate Guards, who have been relaxing since their shift began, straightened their backs and tensed their muscle due to the fact that they were getting a bad vibe coming from the figure that is walking towards the gate. They noticed that the man, judging from his posture and they way he walks, is about 5'11 tall which brings them to think that the figure is in his late teens to early twenties. They also noticed the massive sword stuck on his back which indicates that the man is trained and judging from the way he seems to be relaxed yet guarded at the same time proves that the man is experienced in combat.

The time the figure took to reach the gate seems like hours as the tension between two parties started to rise higher and higher. As the figure is but a metre or two away from the Guards, one Guard said "Halt, and stat your business"

The figure did nothing but raise his right hand, which has the gauntlet strapped or melded into the skin, and reach for the handle of the sword which is located on his upper right shoulder, just above the shoulder guards. The Chunin Guards, taking this as a sign of an attack, took out their Kunais and launched it at the figure who acted as fast as lighting and drew the sword behind back to fast that it nearly made the Chunin think twice about attacking the man since nobody, no matter how strong, could never imagine to hold or even lift a blade of such size with that kind of speed.

Reacting quickly, one of the Chunin Guards flared its chakra to alert every Ninja in the village of a possible attack. A second later eight ANBU appeared since they were patrolling near the area and felt the pulse of Chakra from the Chunin. The ANBU saw the figure and his massive blade drawn and, like the Chunins, thought that the figure was about to attack and drew their Katanas' from their back and charged at the figure in a pincer formation where they would corner the figure and trap them in a octagon like formation, which would block the figure from going anywhere without having to face ANBU, unless the figure jumped, but there were ANBU's that just arrived to stop that.

As the ANBU came closer and closer, the figure just stood impassively, and just as the ANBU was within a few metres, the figure made a slashing movement with its drawn blade and red lava like part of the sword extended and caught four of the eight ANBU's and severed they upper body from the bottom. At this, the rest of the ANBU regrouped and finally took a good look at the sword, which terrified them to the very core as it looks demonic yet majestic at the same time. Having lost four ANBU is one swing, the rest pulsed their Chakra several times to call in for reinforcement and the Hokage, or anyone powerful.

It didn't take long for reinforcement to arrive, as they felt the second pulse of chakra and knew that it has to be urgent as the pulses have meaning. One pulse means intruder which usually takes a few ANBU to take care of it, the second pulse means reinforcement is needed, the third pulse usually means that they need the assistant of the Hokage him/herself but, if the ANBU pulsed their Chakra several times in a row, that mean that any available Med Jounin above should come to the location no matter what, and pulse several times the ANBU did; I mean, the man just killed four elite ANBU in a few seconds in one swing, sure they underestimated him but hey, better safe than sorry.

It only took a few more seconds of tension as the reinforcement arrived and surround the figure. Some are on top of the gate while some are in the roof of the buildings that are near the gate, the common thing that the reinforcement share is that they have their Kunais drawn and their muscle tensed and flaring their Chakra bit by bit. At the front of the crows is none other than Sarutobi Hiruzen, the current leader of the village before/after the Yondaime Hokage, who is also known (The Sandaime, not the Yondaime) as the 'God of Shinobi' and 'The Professor' for his knowledge of all the Jutsu's in the Ninja World, wearing his usual battle armour that fits for a samurai type of armour.

Next to the Sandaime is his ever loyal ANBU and some very powerful Jounin namely Hatake Kakashi, Sarutobi Asuma, Kurenai Yuuhi, Mitarashi Anko, Maito Gai, and other Jounins that have been successful in battle and mission wise. Though the most shocking of things is none other than the appearance of Uzumaki Namikaze Kushina, who seem as if she hasn't aged ever since anyone has last saw her and beside her is none other than Uzumaki Namikaze Naomi, the 'official' daughter of Kushina and Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, or better known and feared as the 'Yellow Flash'.

As the reinforcement arrived, the figure that have been the centre of attention for awhile did nothing but rest his sword on his shoulder and impassively stare at the Ninja and Hokage that have arrived before him. As the figure stood still, the Sandaime slowly yet carefully approached him whilst he ask "State your name and business in my village, and what have this village done to you for you to cause such a ruckus at this time?" Question/Demanded the Sandaime in a voice that leaves no argument

The figure did nothing but slowly clenched and unclenched both hands. The Ninjas in the area knew what this meant as they prepared their weapons and Jutsu. The Sandaime was about to ask again but was interrupted by Kushina as she screamed "Hey, you with the big sword! You got some nerves to actually ignore the Sandaime and attack the strongest village in the Nation! Why don't you speak before I force your voice out of you by ripping you a new mouth!"

The figure seemed to notice this, judging from the way he looks at Kushina for a few seconds before he looked back towards the Hokage and said "You really need to keep your Shinobi in line, or don't be surprised when you find the wife of the great Yondaime in a coffin next to her husband". The voice seem to creep the Ninjas in the area as it had a tone of authority that could only be achieved by royalty and also have a sense of deadliness in them, like he could kill you by just using his voice... which would be sad.

The Sandaime was about to reply but was interrupted by Kushina again "Are you threatening me?" Question Kushina as an aura of darkness loomed above her head and her eyes were covered by her bangs.

"No, merely stating the obvious, Kushina, and telling you that little Naomi might end up motherless by the end of the day" The figure replied. That was it for Kushina as she charged towards the figure with her sword drawn. She was known as the 'Red Death' (Is she?) for nothing as she is a sword master on par with the 'Seven Swordsman of the Mist' but unluckily for her, the figure (which is Naruto) is on a level way beyond the 'Seven Swordsman of the Mist' or the Juubi even. But nobody except him and his summons knew that of course.

Kushina was a mere centimetre away from the figure and was about to behead him when her sword was suddenly block by the massive blade. She, and everybody else in the area, was surprised that the figure had such strength to lift such a massive blade with ease. Due to her shock, she didn't notice that the figure had pushed her back and lifted his blade high up his head to a downward slash. A mere second before the sword reached her head she, along with the Sandaime and Konoha's Resident Sword Master (Yugao and Hayate) blocked the blade with their respective weapons, which is Enma in his Adamantium Staff mode for the Sandaime and the respective custom blades for Yugao and Hayate enhanced with chakra. As the Sandaime, Kushin, Yugao and Hayate blocked the blade, they felt a pressure like no other as the ground below them cracked under the strength of one swing from the figure. They felt their bones and respective weapons creak under the stress and pressure of the one powerful swing. The ground below finally gave in and created a crater; large enough to fit five people and have enough space to move, and picked up dust. Once the dust cleared, the Ninjas in the area saw an amazing scene, four strong Ninja have been brought to their knees and looked to be sweating up a storm by one swing from a man who is no older than twenty and the figure keeps on adding pressure to the tip of his blade, which indicates how strong he really is.

Just when they thought that the figure was about to finish the job, he stopped adding pressure and spoke "Now, now, now, that's no way to welcome me back to the village. I've only been gone for 10 years and this is how to you welcome a family member. I'm hurt, Ji-san, Kaa-san" Stated the figure which caused Kushina and Hiruzen to widen their eyes in epic proportion as they figure out who the figure is. The only person who could say that to both of them and has blond hair... though a little different. He is...

Uzumaki Namikaze Naruto

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