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Chapter 7: Battle - Part 3

~ Previously ~

~ With the Daimyos ~

The Daimyo's were discussing what would be the fate of the Namikaze heir be, they were discussing on who get to keep him when he 'wins' the tournament... it's actually quite obvious on who was going to win on who was going to win, especially if the Blonde could summon other Monsters the same size as that Royal Ludroth, not that they knew the name, or that he could summon something as big as a quarter of Konoha (and that's really big). They were having a heated argument, each Daimyo giving 'legitimate' reason on why they should have the Namikaze heir, but before they could declare war on each other and before the Iwa Daimyo could insult the size of the Fire Daimyo's wife, they heard Naruto say, in a soft yet clear voice

"So, shall we dance?"

~ Present ~

With that, Jiraiya and Kushina went into their respective fighting stance, whilst Naruto just stood on top of the Rhenoplos and put his battle face on, which is technically a glare, something he learned when he was a kid that intimidation helps bring foes down. A tense silenced followed by, not one being made a noise, even the still struggling Royal Ludroth is completely still as he observed the Master's Opponent. A second later, Naruto and Kushina blurred from view and they collided in the a few metres from their original position, their swords stopped in mid-sing in front of their face, sending small shockwaves that lifted the dust and pebble near the area, whilst Jiraiya bit his thumb and summoned two wrestling frogs, both were the colour red with blue, uneven 'dot' like characteristics across their body, wearing samurai like armour. Both frogs knew what to do as they hopped and jumped on top of the Rhenoplos and began to pound it with their webbed hands; the Rhenoplos, already knowing that the bone like padding would protect it from any harm, decided to run around to get Toads of off their back, ramming into the walls ever so often and creating small 'earthquake' every time, poor wall.

Naruto and Kushina was locked in mid-swing, both not gaining any ground against each other, of course Kushina knew that Naruto is not using his full strength, since she has experience it during the red zone a month ago. Just Naruto was about to pushed forward; he was forced to jump back as Jiraiya came down with a Rasengan in his right-hand, creating a crater where he once stood, dust and debris lifted, creating a dust cloud around Jiraiya and Kushina.

~ Inside the Dust Cloud ~

"Kushina" started Jiraiya "I will engage Naruto to an all-out battle, I will tire him out, even if it cost myself in the battle. Once he's tired, you are to engage him with 'them' okay? Surprise him and catch him of guard, if playing dirty is the only way to get him to stay in the village, then playing dirty we shall"

Kushina only nodded her head as she understood what he is implying to, though her reason is not because she wants that Demon to stay, she wants to beat the living shit out of him for taking her husband away from her!

Jiraiya, waiting for the dust cloud to settle, started to charge up another Rasengan to help it 'disperse'

~ Outside of Vortex of Dust~

The audience did not know what is transpiring inside the cloud of dust and before someone could complain that it was too boring, the dust started to move in a vortex like pattern, before it all gathered in the centre of Jiraiya's hand, which shows that he is holding a Rasengan.

Jiraiya, not knowing what is happening outside of the Dust Cloud, closed his eyes in a dramatic way and said "Naruto! This is for your own good! I will fight you to the best of my abilities! Knowing that my sensei and everybody in this village that care about you is backing me with this! I will make sure that you remain in the village! So Here, I, GO! RASENGGGggaaaannnnn... where'd he go?" said a confused Jiraiya as he finally opened his eyes when he was about to charge at the blonde with the super awesome dust powered Rasengan, only to find that the blonde is nowhere in sight...

Everybody in the arena, young and old, sweat dropped at the epic fail that just transpired before their eyes, Jiraiya Of The Sannin, the strongest of the Three, just said a heart-felt speech in a dramatic fashion to a person that he wants to 'bring back' only to realize that said person is nowhere to be seen. That brought up another question... where is he?

Everybody search far and wide, high and low, but did not find the blond. Jiraiya, having a sense of De Ja' Vu, looked left, 'nothing', right, 'nope there too', up, ' no, he should've landed by now', behind, ' I only see Kushina-chan', that's when he realized, he looked down, and just as he guessed it, there he was, crouched low, hiding inside his shadow, 'amazing, hiding right under my nose, literally, without me detecting him', before Jiraiya knew what had happened, Naruto sent a hard uppercut with his elbow and flung Jiraiya into the air, while Jiraiya was still air born, Naruto grabbed hold of his blade and swung it at a horizontal arc towards Kushina, who by now realized where he was and was fast enough to bring her swords up to a blocking position, but not before reinforcing it with her unique chakra so that it would, at least, not break the sword in half.

Once the blades touched each other, Kushina was flung to the other end of the arena, since she forgot to put chakra to her feet as she was concentrating it on her sword. She 'skiiped' across the hard ground and came to a stop when she landed with a large 'BOOM' as more dust and large pieces of the arena wall and ground flew away from where Kushina lay, embedded to the wall. Once the dust settled, there standing (or more like leaning) at the wall, was Kushina, all battered and bruised in that one swing, it was embarrassing. The Yondaime's wife, being beaten up (wink wink) by her own 'son' with one hit, it was a disgrace to her name and power. Naruto was about to charge at his so called 'mother' when Jiraiya landed in front of him and engaged him with a flurry of punches and kicks though being the Close Quarter specialist that Naruto is, he managed to dodge, re-direct and block all attacks.

The experienced and old Ninja's in the audience knew that Jiraiya is buying time for Kushina to recover after that powerful hit, and knew that he doesn't have to hold on for long since Kushina is part of the Uzumaki Clan, and for those who knew who they are, they have high healing rate. A few minutes later, Kushina was able to stand on her own two feet, Jiraiya, noticing this, jumped back; dodging the massive blade as it almost cut him in half.

A chuckle escaped Naruto's lips, before a smirk adorn his face and said "Come on, I really wanted to face you both, I came all the way here for this? What a joke, Jiraiya, the strongest of the Sannin, and also the Sage of Mt Myouboku, and former Sensei of the deceased Yondaime Hokage, is taking hits from a teenager, even though I am his son, you should've done better" earning a scowl and determined look from the Sannin, before Naruto looked at Kushina "and you, the Wife of the Yondaime, Konoha's Red Death, said to be a master of swordsmanship, couldn't handle a single attack by her own 'son', I don't know what Dad saw in you" stated Naruto. That was it; that was the last straw, she has held on to her urge of killing this... this Demon, at the gate, even at the office, and because of IT, she has lost her relationship with her daughter, it had embarrassed her in front everyone in the stadium and in front of the Kage's, now, now she wants revenge!

Charging straight to the blonde, Kushina raised her sword in a vertical, downward slash, only for Naruto to use his right hand, which has the gauntlet on, as a shield to block her swing. Bringing her blade back, she put the flat side of the blade near her face, put her forearm on the top part of the blade, in a block position as Naruto used his right leg to try and kick her, though what Kushina didn't count on was the hidden blades that are located at the top part of the sole of the shoe, which nearly stabbed her brains through her left ear. Kushina then ducked and twirled around once before she brought her blade in an upward slash, only to have her target disappear and reappear behind her with his gauntlet hand in a piercing motion. She was about to dodge to the left and only sustain a small gash on her right stomach, before a 'Clang' sound stopped her and revealed Jiraiya blocking the gauntlet.

"Kushina, remember the plan, let me handle this and you rest up, I have more experience so I should be sufficient... for awhile" said Jiraiya, though he whispered the last part so that only he could hear, but he didn't know Naruto heard it too, due to his enhanced hearing. Giving Jiraiya and eye-smile, Naruto said to him "Why don't we take it up a notch? You summon your Boss Summon, while I summon something within its calibre? Okay? Make it much more interesting" Jiraiya didn't like the sound of that, 'Summon something within its calibre? Is the boss really that powerful?' he thought, though seeing that the regular summons have defeated Elite Jounins, it wasn't that much surprising.

Thinking of the pros and cons, Jiraiya thought if Naruto summoned something bigger, then they could discover or uncover more secrets from the blond and probably determine his strength and weakness, this also prove as a major boost in Konoha's standing if they manage to fight off a summon from Naruto, especially if it isn't the boss and they manage to win. Nodding to Naruto, they separated to different sides of the Arena, as Jiraiya was about to start the sequence of hand signs for the summoning technique, Naruto called out "You know, I don't think Hokage-Jiji would be happy if we destroy the village in our summon fight, so why don't we move out of the arena and go outside of the village, hmm?"

Looking at the Sandaime, Jiraiya received a nod and with that, Jiraiya and Naruto teleported outside of Konoha in their respective ways, the Ninjas in the vicinity all jumped to the roof of the arena and other building, the Kage's were about to follow their examples but he Hokage stopped them and pointed towards the Hokage mountain; getting the message, the Kage's Shunshined towards the heads of the Previous and Current Hokage's, though they before they did that, they brought the Daimyo's of their country with them since they have been complaining about their guards leaving them behind due to the action and seeing a live battle between summons, since it is rare to actually see one and live to tell about it.

Once the Kage's and Daimyo's arrived they positioned their heads towards the horizon were they assume the battle of Summons would appear and true to their words, two giant puff of smoke appeared. Once the smoke cleared, one of them revealed to be the boss summon for the Frogs, Gamabunta, he is a big rusty-red frog, as big as the Hokage tower, wearing a blue vest. He has a gigantic (in normal human perspective) Kiseru Pipe with a giant Dosu Blade, strapped on his make shift bandage belt. The other cloud of smoke revealed something that is considered extinct, a dragon, a red Dragon with no front legs to be exact. Knowing the Blonde and his stunts, it's not surprising that he could summon something such as this but having three different contracts? C'mon! It's so ridiculous it's not even funny! Once they got over their shock, they observed the Dragon with a closer eye, it scales seem to be spiky, having bone like spike jutting out of its back, leg, and wings, and looks to be as hard as the best steel that the Nation could make, maybe even stronger, the scale also seem to seem to glow an eerie red that put off some people. The size of the dragon was nothing to scoff at either, it's only half the size of Gamabunta because of the fact that the dragon was meant to be 'standing' that way, though the wing span of that thing is truly amazing too when it gave out that mighty roar and stretched out its wings, showing something achingly similar to a tattoo in its wing-skin. Overall, it looked really, really dangerous, especially with its spiked tail and wings.

~ Few Minutes Earlier ~ With Jiraiya and Naruto ~

Both competitors appeared in a clearing a few miles away from Konoha in their respective ways, Jiraiya using the Leaf Shunshin whilst Naruto used plain, good old speed. They stared at each other for a while before nodding at each other and performed the same Jutsu in perfect conjunction. Once they slammed their hands on the ground, giant plumes of white smoke covered their bodies and as the smoke dispersed, it reveal Jiraiya standing on top of Gamabunta, a determined look on his face, and Naruto, standing on top of the Red Dragon like creature.

As usual, Gamabunta complained about being summoned and said, in an annoyed voice "Jiraiya, why have you summoned me? And have you found the... Gaki... yet?" his tone growing confused at the end as he was facing a growling Dragon, something he have heard in Legends and Myths "Am I really that bad of a Summon Boss for you to Summon me facing... THAT?" Gamabunta questioned the Gama Sennin whilst he pointed animatedly to the growling red Dragon.

"Well" Jiraiya started "You are to me... But that's not what I summoned you here for, as much as I'd love too" he whispered the last part, before he said "And the Gaki you mentioned, Minato's Kid, He's right there" Jiraiya finished his sentence and pointed towards Naruto, who is standing on top of the Dragon, waiting patiently for the battle as he crossed his arms over his chest, an eye-smile present on his face.

"By GOD!" exclaimed Gamabunta "He's been missing for ten years and suddenly appeared here on top of THAT?... but he does have some resemblance to Minato, the hair and...that's pretty much it; though the determined look on his face could also be inherited by him" Gamabunta wondered, mostly to himself

"It's nice that you were my Father's Summons an all but really, could we get on with this fight, Rathalos-chan here is getting edgy and is itching from a fight that I promised before I came to the village" stated Naruto in a bored tone, as the now identified female Rathalos, who gave a mighty roar that shook the land itself and shuffled her feat in anticipation though before they fighting could begin Gamabunta asked "What? What fight? What are you not telling me, Jiraiya?" he questioned with narrowed eyes and a dangerous tone in which he got a nervous reply from said person "Well, he kind of wants his inheritance but Kushina wouldn't allow it so we're having a battle royal to see who will earn the Gaki's alliance and the Namikaze Inheritance, look, I promise to explain everything later but right now, could we concentrate on this right now, I kind of want him to stay in the Village with the Inheritance and all" Jiraiya said, getting a serious expression once he neared the end of his short sentence.

"Well, you finally summoned me for something useful, no need to talk any further Jiraiya, I'll help you get the Gaki back" Gamabunta said and with that, he jumped high into the air and did a single hand sign and called out "Water Style: Gunshot" and as soon as he said it, he breath in giant gulps of air and breath out three 'Water Bullets' towards the Rathalos, who just turned to her side and used her wings as a shield to defend her Master. The 'Water Bullet' hit the wings of the Rathalos, though it only managed to make it skid a few metres back. Once all bullets have hit the target, the Rathalos roared once more and spread its wings before it took flight high in the sky, meetwing Gamabunta along the way. Gamabunta landed with a heavy 'THUD' and caused ripples around the now, slightly soft ground. Jiraiya, thinking fast asked "Bunta, give me some oil" in which he got a nod from the Giant Toad and they both began to perform different set of hand seals simultaneously and called out their Jutsu "Fire Style: Big Flame Bullet" "Toad Oil Bullet". The techniques meet up 'halfway' to its target, the Rathalos, and combined with each other, before Jiraiya and Bunta shouted "FireStyle:ToadOilFlameBullet" in which it resulted into a massive stream of fire, so hot that it could be felt kilometres away from them, not that anybody did. The massive flame continued its course towards the Rathalos and hit it, causing a great explosion to occur in the sky, as the clouds in the area turned red and seem to glow.

Jiraiya, fearing that he might have killed his Godson, grabbed his head and screamed animatedly followed by Gamabunta "AAAAHHHHH". This continued for a few more seconds before they stopped... and looking the flaming cloud expectantly, hoping/praying to any Deity in this Nation that his Godson would survive, "AAAAHHHHH" only for both of them to scream again, this time, in terror, as they saw a flaming Rathalos, descending towards the both of them in high speed, roaring all the way, making it look like a massive meteor which reminded Jiraiya of a similar type of technique that Gai once used at an unfortunate enemy Ninja. Due to Gamabunta's size, and the shock of seeing the Rathalos to be fire-proof and flying towards them in a 'Kamikaze' kind of way, they were hit with the full brunt of the 552 Tons flaming Dragon with caused an explosion the size of the Hokage Tower, and shook the Nations' core itself. Dust cloud reached the skies, polluting it with the smell of burning flesh, and flaming leaves/trees that are so unfortunate to be in the middle of it all. The ground that, also has the misfortune of experience a miniature olden days Atomic Bomb, was left a crater the size of a quarter of Konoha in its wake.

The dust cloud took minutes to clear, and before it did, a mighty roar could be heard from within, telling the wide-eyed spectators who have won the fight between summons. Once the cloud settled, it revealed a slightly injured Rathalos, with a scorch mark that covered the whole of its face and parts of its neck, slightly limping as it walked backwards to gain a bit of distance. The spectators were anxious to see the result of such a devastating attack, they wanted to see what has become of the Great Gama Sannin and Gamabunta; they didn't have to wait long as the dust cloud completely settled to unravel the current condition of the Toad Boss Summon, though they now wished that the dust cloud remained in the air for they don't want to see what has happened to one of Konoha's Greatest Ninja and Summon. Gamabunta looks, for lack of a better term, fucked up. His blue cloak is now nothing but a piece of scorched and still burning cloth, his sword has chips and missing pieces located in random places of the shaft of the blade and his favourite pipe is nowhere to be seen. Gamabunta himself looks worse for wear; his whole body is completely covered by scorch marks, except for his cute little tail at the bottom of his back and a straight line that ran across his right 'waist' to his left shoulder, indicating that he must have used his sword to lessen the impact; but it obviously did little to nothing.

Everybody that was watching were either busy gawking or picking up their jaws that manage to dig itself two metres underground, could not believe that something like this could happen, such power, and to someone so young, who most of them have bullied, glared, throw rocks at, and even starved. Some were scared shitless; they have probably tortured the world's strongest being when he was nothing but a defenceless kid, but now, he's... he's... THAT!

Gamabunta, still standing, blew out a plume of black smoke from his mouth, closing his eyes ever so slowly, fell forward to the ground with a thundering 'THUD' and dispelled back to Mt Myouboku, while to those who have a keen eye, or the Byakugan, could see a small dot, that they assume was Jiraiya, falling towards the ground. They would have observed the dot more if it wasn't for a female civilian to scream and distract them, they looked at her, and noticed that she was looking up to the sky while pointing in fear; following her fingers, the Ninja and Civilians saw the Rathalos descending towards them in a leisurely pace, indicating that it was going to attack, but since Civilians aren't that smart with these type of things, and they tend to overreact, most of them screamed and ran in terror, only to be quieted down by a roar from the Rathalos as it landed on the roof of the stadium and slowly lower its head and reveal Naruto, who's left arm was scorched and part of its facemask to be burned, showing the red, tear like mark from its left eye.

Once the Rathalos is only a metre from the ground, Naruto jumped of the Rathalos and landed in front of the now fully healed Kushina, who has landed on the arena as soon as she saw the Rathalos heading their way, looking at him in shock and slight fear at such a power. The Rathalos, seeing her master safely on the ground, rose to its full height, spread its wings and gave off a final mighty roar as it dispersed into a plume of white smoke. The whole of Konoha was dead quite, not even a baby was crying, the insects remain still, birds fled the Village in fear of the Summon, dogs quietly whimpered, the wind stopped blowing and the sun seem less bright. Everybody, who could see, was now looking at Naruto, in shock, fear and respect, mostly fear; shock that a teenager is able to do something in that calibre to the landscape, fear at the thought that that field could be Konoha and respect at his strength.

Naruto was about to approached Kushina and end the battle but a black blur the size of an average man landed in the middle of his path towards his 'mother'. The blur landed with a 'CRASH' and made a small crater where he stood, it slowly revealed that the blur was none other than Jiraiya, a very burnt, very beat up Jiraya; though something was different, his nose seem bigger and looks to be similar to a toads, same thing with the eyes. He was breathing heavily and everyone could tell that he would fall in a few more minutes. Jiraiya took his time to catch his breath; "If *huff huff* your Father *huff* was here now *huff huff huff*, he would be *huff* very, very *huff* proud" he said in between 'HUFFS' and grinned at the very end of his sentence before he charged and Oodama Rasengan and with the remaining strength he has on his person, ran towards Naruto, who was surprised at the speed that a weakened man has, 'But of course, he's not a Sannin for nothing' Naruto thought, as he saw that Jiraiya was but within striking distance; Jiraiya rammed his Oodama Rasengan at Naruto, who seem surprised and had no time to react, and was sent flying towards the wall.

People were stunned the feat the Sannin performed but this is coming from the strongest of the Three so it wasn't that much of a shock. The audience were cheering at the Sannin as he lay in the ground, barely conscious from the last assault, thought the cheering stopped when they heard movement and the shuffling of rubble at the place where Naruto impacted, and saw said person coming out of the crater with blood running out of the side of his slightly exposed mouth and a wide grin adorned his face. "Congratulations Jiraiya, You're the first person to ever injure me, if Dad was here right now, he would have been proud of both of us. You deserve the title" said Naruto, seemingly not finishing his sentence on purpose for a few seconds to let the information settle, "Kyoufu" he finally finished his sentence in a soft voice towards his Godfather, who was looking at him with wide eyes, and a similar grin to his Godson, a few tears escaped his eyes before he succumbed to unconsciousness.

The crowd applauded at such a spectacular and loving display that the duo has 'performed'. Civilian, who have gotten out of their fear the moment Jiraiya appeared, and Ninja's alike rose from their sitting position and clapped, the cheers could be heard all across Konoha but that all ended when they saw the anger in Naruto's eyes as he look upon his 'mother'; now everyone quieted down and the atmosphere in Konoha returned to its previous one. Everybody is sitting at the edge of their seats, wishing that it was longer so that they wouldn't have to fall every few minutes.

Naruto and Kushina are now in a stare down, one of them having legitimate reason to have each other, while the other has her own personal reason that no one understands. A leaf fell from a tree and once it landed on the muddy ground that is the Arena, both Naruto and Kushina blurred and met halfway from each other, like the first time they clashed only this time, they didn't stop, swing after swing, 'CLANG' after 'CLANG', they didn't stop, didn't let up and definitely, didn't gain any grounds; that is until Naruto made a mighty swing in which Kushina instantly blocked, though that was a bad decision on her part as she was once again flung back towards the wall, probably breaking her back in the process. She was about to stand up and fight again but found herself within the shadows of her 'son' lifting his blade up high and was about to cut her in half, before Kushina smirked and wasn't surprised when blood was splattered across her face, but it's not hers.

Naruto stood, wide-eyes, he was winning and was about to finish Kushina off when suddenly, he felt a piercing pain through the non-vital parts of his torso. He looked down to the smirking face of his 'mother', then down to the two jutting blades on his torso. He looked behind him to see the sad, concern and sorry faces of Uzuki Yugao and Gekkko Hayate.

'Gomenasai' they both whispered

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