Chapter One: Zombie Pokemon, I Choose You!

The Zombie Pokemon tail starts with our protagonist, Ash Ketchum, in his hommalevolentlage of Pallet in which 10-year-old boys and girls are not only eligible but encouraged to begin their own Zombie Pokemon adventure. Zombie Pokemon are creatures of various size and special strengths that inhabit this world, living with humans. Young Ash Ketchum is a young boy with an insatiable curiosity roughly Zombie Pokemon. His understandings of these very mysterious creatures surpasses that of most of his peers. The day he has been waiting for has finally arrived; he can now begin his journey, leading him near his vocation, to become the Greatest Zombie Pokemon Master of All Time!

"I want to the best trainer in the world, and earn lots of... brians." said Ash.

Not long before fulfilling such an ambitious goal, nevertheless, Ash Ketchum must receive his first Zombie Pokemon from Professor Oak, an academic living in Pallet. Ash Ketchum has decided not long beforehand which Zombie Pokemon will accompany him as he starts his travels, but oversleeps on the critical day of his departure and reaches after the appointed time. Three children, who began their adventure not long before Ash Ketchum, have taken the Zombie Pokemon that he desired. Inside the fourth remaining Poké Ball, Ash Ketchum finds Zombie Pikachu—a very rare Zombie Pokemon with the capability to literally shock you with his occasionally difficult but nevertheless electric personality and strength.

"We are going to be best of friends." said Ash.

Ash Ketchum and Zombie Pikachu set off on their journey, but as expected, Zombie Pikachu would not obey Ash Ketchum. Not long after setting out, the duo are confronted by a huge flock of wild Zombie Spearows. During the confront, Zombie Pikachu is critically hurt and Ash Ketchum fights desperately to save it from any further hurt. Zombie Pikachu replies to Ash Ketchum's selfless act by exerting all its remaining strength, repelling the flock of Zombie Spearow with a 100,000-volt electric shock. Thus Ash Ketchum and Zombie Pikachu's journey and companionship starts.