Author's Note: Okay, so Sheik's parents get a more proper introduction. They're OC's, because I couldn't think of anyone in the series who would fit the descriptions I've already lined out. But oh well. Names are entirely chosen at random.

~Chapter Sixteen~

Link sat with his hands folded in his lap, staring intently at the polished table top. Dark was on his left, Sheik on his right; Zelda and their father, Lyel, sat on the opposite side of the oval. Their mother, Gemina, had been setting the table when the four had walked in, and Impa helped her bring out the food, insisting that introductions wait until they were all seated. So everyone sat, quiet, some fiddling with utensils, until the two women finally set the last of the food on the table and took their seats.

The silence stretched, awkwardness increasing with each second, until finally Impa sat forward and laced her hands on the table and said, with as straight a face as possible, "I'm sure you're all wondering why I've gathered you here."

Another heart beat passed, then Dark snorted and started laughing. Link gave him wide eyes, Sheik smiled wryly, and Gemina wore a tiny smirk. Zelda and their father had blank expressions though. "Oh come on, lighten up," Impa laughed. "This isn't exactly a solemn occasion. Now, someone pass the wine, and start making small talk."

Lyel took the bottle and poured himself some before passing it down. "Alway the comedian," he sighed, but he was smiling now, and it seemed the mood had lifted somewhat. Zelda's expression was still plain, but she seemed to take the cue from her father and relaxed a little. "So, Link and Dark," Lyel continued, "I've heard quite a bit about both of you."

Link nodded as Dark passed him the bottle. "All good things I hope, sir," he said, taking a small sip of the red, earning a roll of the eyes from his brother.

"Nothing terribly incriminating. And you're both welcome to call me Lyel. No need for sirs."

"Oh, and call me Gem," their mother said as she started dishing up food and passing trays around. There was more silence as everyone piled foods on their plates, thankfully less stilted this time.

Everyone started digging in, happy for an excuse not to talk, but it seems that down at their end of the table Gem and Lyel were having a silent conversation based on expressions and small gestures. Eventually Impa leaned back behind Dark and murmured to Link, "I think they're having a hard time figuring out how to navigate. 'Meeting your child's same sex partner' isn't exactly covered in your average parenting book."

"I heard that," Lyel said. "It really isn't though.

Gemina was rolling her eyes a little though. "Its not any different than if Zelda or Impa brought someone home."

Lyel gave her a long look, then turned to Link with a slightly amused expression. "What are your intentions with my son."

"Dad," Sheik sighed, interrupting and sparing Link his dying fish expression. "What kind of answer are you even looking for with a question like that?"

"An honest one, if possible."

"Is that really what you'd ask if Zelda or I brought someone home?" Impa questioned.

"It'd be a good start. If any of you are serious enough about a person to have them meet your mother and I, then I would hope they'd have given some thought to it already. If they haven't then its simply a waste of everyone's time."

"Wasting your time because he doesn't have every detail of our lives thought out? That's ridiculous," Sheik scoffed, staring at his father challengingly.

"That's not what I meant, and you know it. Have you not given your future any thought?" he said, staring back.

"You know I have."

Link cleared his throat then, trying to put a stop the argument, and everyone looked at him. He started to speak, then frowned and thought a little for the right words. When he spoke the words came slowly, nervously at first. "I have thought about it. Quite a bit, actually. I don't know about marriage, or children, yet, we haven't really talked about it, and I think that's sort of jumping the gun right now. But everything I can think about doing with my life, even the really dumb impossible things that'll never happen, I know I want Sheik to be there. And I want to be there for him. He's become my family, and all I know is I want it to stay that way."

Sheik stared at him the entire time Link spoke, and when he was done he looked down at his hands with a soft smile. Then he looked up at his parents with an expectant arch of a brow. "Good enough?"

Gem beamed and nodded, then looked to her husband. Lyel was watching Link contemplatively, then nodded his head once in assent as he grabbed his wine. "It'll do," he murmured against the rim.

Author's Note: Gah, short, and so unhappy with it. And I have no idea what to do about Zelda.