There was nothing like watching Project Runway on a lazy afternoon, Kurt thought as he sprawled out on the couch. He moaned loudly and remembered; it was even better when your cock slut boyfriend was servicing your penis at the same time. Blaine had just picked up the hard, throbbing organ he'd been playing with absently for the last half hour and gave it a long, leisurely lick, large hazel eyes meeting Kurt's at the same time. Blaine whimpered under Kurt's hot gaze, taking the head of the penis into his mouth and suckling on it, like a wayward toddler might suck a thumb. It was both adorable and sexy as hell, and Kurt threw his head back and groaned.

"You're being naughty, my pet," Kurt whispered, reaching over to play with Blaine's hair. He resisted the urge to take Blaine's face and shove it down to his pubes.

Blaine hummed around the cock head in his mouth, sending little shivers of pleasure up into Kurt's spine, and strengthening the urge. Blaine released his cock with a tiny pop, "It's so big and pretty. Can I put it in my ass, please?"

Kurt's penis twitched, voicing its approval. He'd been listening to the wet squelch of Blaine's fingers in his hole for a while now, and he wanted inside his boy. He met his boy's eyes, his voice deepening with lust, "Go ahead, darling."

Kurt barely stopped the moan as his penis head popped into Blaine's tight, slick, hot little hole. He glanced down at his boyfriend and nearly came. Blaine's head was thrown back, his large chin and Adam's apple thrust forward. His shoulders were tense, his arms on Kurt's stomach bearing his weight as he hovered over Kurt's cock. His pecs were glistening with aroused sweat, cute little nipples standing at attention. His stomach was taught and trembling, hips thrusting gently. Blaine had a decent sized penis for his size, and it was already red and throbbing. And there, between his legs…

Kurt knew he had a large penis. Large even for his size and he was big compared to Blaine. But to see the huge, throbbing organ, with its pink-red hue and its giant, throbbing veins, taper off into a large mushroom head caught in Blaine cute little hole made him want to fill the slick spongy flesh squeezing him with his come. He gave Blaine a second to adjust to the penis stretching his insides and grabbed his hips in his hands, slowly forcing Blaine down around the rest of him.

"Oh, yeah, Kurt. Feed my hole, make it stretch around your giant cock, oh, feels so good. Oh, yeah, fill me with your come and make me your bitch, Oh, it's so big, it's too big, it's too f-fucking big… Ohhhhh…. Oh!" Blaine threw his head back, pulling up until just the tip was inside him and then slowly gyrating his hips, letting Kurt's cock head massage his outer muscle gently. Kurt's whole cock was in ecstasy. Blaine bit his lip and lowered his gaze, teasing Kurt with his demure glance up through fluttering eyelashes. Kurt smiled angelically, grabbed his hips….

And shoved Blaine down onto his cock in one swift motion.

"Uh, Kurt!" Blaine squealed, jerking wildly around Kurt's dick, "You're going to rip me in half! You and your monster cock," he didn't sound like he was complaining.

"Oooooo, I love you," Kurt moaned, "I. Love. You."

"I love yo – oooooo!" Blaine fell forward, the change in position doing interesting and wonderful things to the flesh caressing all up and down Kurt's organ. Blaine pressed his face into Kurt's neck; wet, open mouthed pants were making their faces stick together in a way that was oddly comfortable. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Kurt! Oh! Keep fucking me, please, I am so close! I love you, oh, thank you…"

Because Kurt had wrapped a duck fat softened hand around Blaine's swollen penis, the other hand rubbing up and down his baby's back, occasionally running fingers around the edge of Blaine's hole. It only took a few expert thrusts against Blaine's prostate, a few rough strokes of his hand, and another hand on Blaine's shoulder pressing him into that glorious hot hardness before Blaine was convulsing, his face twisted in pleasure as he came. Kurt rode those glorious waves of Blaine's muscular contraction, refusing to orgasm just so that he could thrust into his boy while he was all soft and hyper-sensitive. Blaine whined softly against Kurt's neck, but didn't resist. Blaine never resisted.

"My sweet little bottom boy," Kurt whispered, then gasped as his orgasm ran through him. He finally snuggled in with Blaine, turning his eyes to the TV and his mind to how lucky he was to be loved and trusted by this perfect human being. Kurt put his arms around his limp boyfriend and gave him a little squeeze. Blaine hummed happily, soaking in the affection. "I love you so much, you know that right?"

"I love you, too," Blaine sighed softly, and both boys smiled as they fell asleep, Kurt still soft inside his boy.