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The sun glinted across the snow, turning the heavily laden branches into something beautiful, a postcard image of real live Christmas trees glinting in the early dawn's light. The dark green pines formed a rough circle with a clearing in the middle of the pine tree wind break, the natural choice for skiers camping overnight, ready to hit the slopes in the early dawn light.

The tussle of tents was quiet, here and there a bird called, but nothing moved, no one spoke.

Nearby a white rabbit paused atop a small hump of white, its whiskers twitching, ears turning to catch any threat, fluffy tail held high and black eyes reflecting the sparkling diamonds of the snow covered ground. Finding no threat he turned and loped off silently into the overhung branches that touched the high banks of snow.

Minutes later there appeared a white fox, nose to the prints left by the rabbit, and he, too paused. He sniffed and turned away from the tracks, his hunt for a rabbit meal quickly forgotten.

He cautiously moved forward, sniffing the air, ears pricked for any sound as approached several bright colored tents torn and collapsed in a clearing in between the snow covered trees.

The scent from the tents was intoxicating for the fox and he continued into the ravaged campsite, stepping gingerly around and over scattered bags and camping items, until he found the bodies, the blood starting to freeze, the warmth quickly fading from the motionless humans.

He started to lap at the red stuff that was quickly congealing on the torso of a mangled person when the crackle from a shortwave made him jump to one side, frightened by the sound cutting through the winter silence.

When nothing moved, and the crackle faded in and out without giving him any cause to fear it he turned and grabbed a large chunk of flesh, then turned and ran off into the forest, the hunk of human buttocks weighing him down.

Silence returned to the small clearing, the occasion crackle from the radio the only disturbance in the crisp dawn air.

After an hour or so, the fox returned and grabbed another chunk of cooled human flesh and ran off with it, ready to bury it for a later feast. He jumped a large furrow in the snow, the blood already frozen on the sides of the deep trail, a weird twisting road leading off into the dark forest.

The crackle of the radio cut in and out, echoing gently through the still forest.





Bobby turned the page on the newspaper as he forked another hunk of French toast. Sam was also at the small table with another part of the paper, he'd already finished eating and was drinking his coffee. Dean slapped his piece of toast out of the pan onto his plate and screeched the last chair out from the table, grabbing his coffee mug as he sat.

"Anyone tell you you're a good cook? Gonna make someone a great wife one day"

Dean smiled at Bobby. "Why thanks, Roberta. What's in the news?"

"Nothin'. At least, nuthin' that affects us. Quiet day on the front of the weird."

Sam flipped his paper over as he sipped his coffee. "Huh"

Both Dean and Bobby looked up. "Huh, what? Good or bad Huh?" Dean asked him.

Sam turned the paper for them both to see. "Just, huh. Lots I missed out on while I was downstairs."

Bobby chuckled. "Yeah, probably a good thing, I'd say" as he looked at the entertainment gossip page Sam held up. "Hang on a minute" he grabbed the paper form the young man and smoothed it out in front of him.

He read quietly then got up and went to his study, carrying his coffee mug and the paper.

Sam and Dean made eye contact, and Dean shrugged. "Bobby? Something you wanna tell us?"

The boys got up and followed their surrogate father, Sam pulled up a chair and sat at the desk Bobby had plonked himself behind, while Dean moved over a pile of books to sit on the desk itself.

"What you got there, Bobby?" Sam asked.

Bobby was flicking through a book, then pulled a magazine from a pile on the floor beside the desk. "Just something I saw in that paper you had. Here" he placed in front of Sam and pointed to an article at the bottom of the page. "See, they're making a movie"

Sam read it and handed the paper to Dean. "I don't understand" he looked at Dean, then back at Bobby. "You're interested in the movie?"

Bobby gave him a sour look. "Yeah, I'm thinking of trying out for the part of the love interest. Here, look at this" he handed Sam the magazine and pointed to an article circled at the bottom of the page.

Sam read it, his brow furrowed before handing it off to his brother. Dean flipped it to the front page.

"National geographic? This is ten years old"

Bobby tossed a manillla folder on the desk and Sam opened it. It was filled with clippings, zeroxed pages and hand written notes. Sam spread them out and Dean grabbed a couple of the clippings.

"Every twenty two years there's a report like this, bodies found in the snow, torn apart and consumed. By the time the bodies are found the local wildlife has its fair share of the buffet and there's no clue as to what happened. Usually it's put down to a bear attack, that kinda thing. But I'm pretty sure bears don't run to a twenty two year time table"

Dean shuffled through the clippings he had, and he leaned over to the newspaper. "It says here that the movie is based on the incident that happened ten years ago, but that they found a new bunch of dead skiers just a couple of weeks ago." He frowned then grabbed the magazine back. "Bobby, there's only ten years between this attack and the old one"

Bobby leaned back in his chair. "My point, exactly. With all the madness that's going on lately I'm thinking whatever killed these people has broken it's cycle."

Sam pulled up a very old photo copy of an article. "This one happened in Russia, over a century ago. Thirteen people torn apart. They blamed a tiger"

Dean sat another article in front of him. "This one is nearly two hundred years old. They pinned it on a madman who disappeared from the local asylum a month before."

Bobby grabbed a book from a pile beside him and opened it to a book marked page. "There are studies going back centuries, all twenty two years apart, all in snowed in or arctic regions, all dead, torn apart." He turned the book to show the guys. A crude drawing of a large bear like monster standing on its back legs, front legs high, claws and teeth dripping.

"Yeti? Seriously?" Sam asked, his brows raised.

"You know most folk tales had a beginning in fact. Check your lore on about any legend, there'll be some supernatural creature behind it"

"But bigfoot? Yeti? They don't exist!" Dean stood and walked around to Bobby's side of the desk and read over his shoulder. "Unless, of course…"

"Unless it wasn't yeti" Sam finished for him. "You got any ideas, Bobby?"

"Grab a warm coat and a pair of snow shoes?"

Dean looked up at his brother, his face twisted with distaste. "Really? There's no one else that can take this one?"

Bobby pushed back from the desk. "Yah big pussy. You want I should lend you some long johns?"

"No" Dean pouted. "It's just that.."

"What? It's just that, what?" Sam asked him.

Dean gave him an embarrassed look from under his eyelashes, then ducked his head. "Nuthin"

Sam smiled at him. "It's never 'nothing' with you, Dean. Spill. What is it?"

Bobby grinned at Sam as he moved from the rear of the desk and headed upstairs to pack his bags. Dean walked off without answering, but Sam had seen an opening and was not going to let go.

"Dean? What's the problem? Why don't you want to do this job?"

Dean whirled back to face him. "It's nothin', all right? Just leave it alone this time."

Sam frowned. "Dude, I can help, if you just tell me.."

Dean scowled, no longer looking embarrassed. "I said leave it. Do you think you can do that, Sam, just this once?"

Sensing the growing anger and deciding this time not to poke the bear, Sam nodded at him. "It's cool. Hey, if you wanna talk, I'm here, okay?"

Dean turned to storm off. "Yeah, when I grow a vagina I'll do just that, buddy"

Sam frowned, wondering what could've made Dean react so. Deciding to leave it till later to get to the bottom of things he also walked off to make sure his bags were packed and that his coat was stowed in the car.





Sherry-Anne was a cute, tiny blonde girl with a mass of golden curls, huge brown eyes and a soft, pouting mouth. She was well aware of her good looks, of her tight, athletic figure and how it looked in her ski suit, and wasn't above using it to her advantage.

She did not want to put up her tent, and was determined that one of the guys would do it without too much fuss on her part. She bend over, displaying her firm butt at the group of guys as she huffed and struggled with her tent bag until two of the young men hurried over to help.

She flirted with them and praised their manliness and strength until her tent was erect, her camp bed made and her bags stowed away.

He best friend Holly moved closer. She was just as pretty, her bright red hair and cat-green eyes often giving her an advantage over Sherry-Anne with the guys, but she rarely used it the way the blonde girl did. She rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"What?" Sherry-Anne smiled at her. "Like you didn't benefit from this as well, seeing as how we're sharing a tent!"

Holly grinned back at her. "I still have to set up my camp bed, and no hunky guy moved my bags in"

"Yet" a deep voice behind her laughed. "No hunky guy has moved your bags yet"

She turned and grinned brightly as the very tall and very handsome Alec picked up her bags, and he smiled back at her, his gaze lingering, welcoming, then he turned and hustled her bags into the tent, then set up her camp bed. When he finished he stood her skis up in the snow.

"Anything else I can do to help, Holly?"

She shook her head, the red gossamer dancing in the wintry sunlight. "Not right now, Alec. How can I thank you?"

He grinned back. "I'll let you know!" he laughed, and moved off to join the guys.

Sherry-Anne elbowed her in the ribs. "Who's using their god gifts now?"

"Oh, girl, he offered me, I didn't dangle my thang in front of him till he couldn't fight back!"

The both laughed and linked arms to walk over to the campfire where the other eight girls and ten guys were waiting.

The coach driver had left leaving only the teenagers, four chaperones and one ski marshal. The trip had been planned for months, twenty kids from very privileged families on a four day skiing adventure. The chaperones would have their work cut out for them, but had planned ahead with the girls and boys tents quite a distance apart, and the chaperones' tents and a large campfire in between.

Night fell on the large group laughing and enjoying the well prepared barbeque, campfire crackling and guitar music accompanied by a half dozen young people singing. It was a happy and very well behaved lot, everyone excited about hitting the slopes first thing in the morning, all with a healthy appetite for fun and exercise.

The two male chaperones, Mike and Gary, stood up, Gary clapping his hands for attention.

"Okay guys, it's a little after eleven, and we all want to be up early to hit the slopes, so I want everyone off to bed now. And we'll be taking shifts to keep watch, so no sneaking into the opposite sex's tents!"

A smattering of laughter drifted to him, but everyone made their way to their respective tents without a single complaint. Gary turned to Mike and the two female chaperones, Marcie and Julia. "God, I hope the whole four days goes as smoothly as this one!"

Julia slapped him on the back. "You know that's not what's going to happen"

"Yeah" agreed Mike "But we can only dream!"

Marcie yawned and stretched. "I don't wanna take first shift, I want to get some sleep. Who's up for first? I'd like to go second, or third, if that's okay"

Mike nodded. "Happy to be first. You next, Gary, then Julia, then Marcie. All sound good?"

They agreed, and the three made their way off to supervise the kids while Mike set himself up at the campfire, a pot of coffee in the coals and a comfy camp chair and blanket along with his iPad. All good.

The first shift was quick and not too cold, he built up the fire again before Gary took his shift, and he, too passed the time with no problems. He was in the middle of feeding the fire when Julia made her way over, her hair tucked under a beanie and a heavy coat pulled tight around her.

"All clear?" she asked him, and he leant forward and planted a kiss on the tip of her nose.

"Nothing to report, captain" and he grinned brightly. "Want me to sit with you for a bit?"

Julia smiled back at him. They had been married for twelve years, no kids, and loved these camping trips with the school groups. Free holiday, chance to get away, and they got paid double time and a half for the whole time they were here…not a bad gig at all.

"Sure, hun, that'd be great. Any coffee left?"

Gary shook his head. "I'll make you up a fresh one, okay?"

She snuggled into the chair, wrapping the blanket tightly around herself. "If you don't mind, I'd like that"

"Not a problem" he called back and busied himself washing out the pot and refilling it.

A crunching sound of perhaps someone walking in the snow caught Julia's attention, and she swung the industrial sized flashlight around, trying to catch a wayward young man off to the girls side of the camp site.

She couldn't see anyone.

The noise again, and she turned and called out to her husband.

Gary nestled the coffee pot into the coals at the side of the fire and grabbed the flashlight from his wife. "Where'd you hear the noise?" He asked her.

"I'm not sure, hang around a bit, see if it happens again" she answered, and Gary pulled a camp chair up beside his wife and sat.

They sat quietly for a while, the only noise the crackling and polling from the campfire, then the coffee percolating to perfection.

Gary poured them both a cup and sat back. "Think it must've been just some snow falling from the trees, maybe?" he asked his wife.

Before she could answer there was same the noise again, this time it was accompanied with more of a swoosh, something slithering, perhaps, through the snow.

Gary shone the light at the direction of the noise but could see nothing.

"Wait here" he told Julia as he stood.

"Why don't you just call out?"

"I don't want to wake everyone. I'll just get a little closer, see if I can figure who's the horny one"

Julia pulled the blanket a little tighter. "Well, be careful, what if it's a wolf or something?"

Gary chuckled. "I don't think there are any wolves in these woods, bit I'm sure if it's not a kid, I can scare whatever it is off before I even get close to it"

He stepped around the fire, flash light shining into the darkness ahead of him.

Julia couldn't see Gary's shape almost as soon as he stepped from the campfire's bright glow, but she could follow the path of the torch quite easily. In all of the times they had chaperoned these trips, summer or winter, there was at least one young man, or girl, that tried to cross over to the opposite sexes tent site a night.

Tonight was obviously no exception, but as it was nothing out of the norm she was not worried, and sipped her hot coffee and watched the flashlight dance across the landscape, searching for the hormone crazed youngster in pursuit of a good time.

The light danced and swept over the snow covered ground, hitting the occasional tree or shrub, but not stopping on any teenager.

She heard the swishy crunch sound again, and the flashlight swung in the direction of the noise.

The light went out.

"Gary?" Julia called.

No answer.

"Gary? Are you okay?" she reached for the other flashlight, they had at least three around the campfire.

A loud crash shattered the night's peace, and she heard her husband scream the way no human being should ever have to, or be capable of.

"GARY!" she cried and rang towards her husband, grabbing a flaming branch from the fire a she ran.

Around her teenagers and her fellow chaperones spilled from their tents, confusion and fear reflecting on all of their faces.

"GARY!" Julia cried again, and Mike and the ski marshal made eye contact, then gathered up the remaining flashlights. Mike turned back to the tent and quickly retrieved his gun, kept only for emergencies such as the rare but still dangerous bear, and they ran towards the light from Julia's flash.

Before they could reach her light went out, then she creamed, long, painful, and the scream abruptly ended, cut mid breath.

Mike paused briefly but the ski marshal kept on, his light ending just as Mike caught up to him.

The teenagers in the camp flew into a state of complete panic when both of the men started screaming, the same horror and agony in their voices as the previous screams, both cutting short just as abruptly.

A thump, and something landed in the coals at the edge of the fire.

Marcie stepped forward to see wheat it was, two or three of the teenagers with her, and she, too, started to scream when she got close enough to recognize Gary's severed head.

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