Author: earlyable

Setting: After Awakening but before Carentan

Author's Note: Yeah, yeah, I know I said that I would only be doing this if anyone showed any interest, but I had this sitting on my USB and to be frank, it's screaming at me to upload it, can't you hear it? It's screaming Upload me! Upload me! Upload me! Upload me! Upload me! Upload me! Upload me! Upload me! Upload me! Upload me! Upload me!And yes, I do know that this chapter is kinda short compared to what it would be if it contained the dream, but the dream was a good quarter of the chapter in my other story. If anyone wants a specific chapter from a specific POV, then chuck me a PM or leave it in a review.

Rating: T (same as the original, if the original's rating goes up, so will this one)

Chapter One; Paperwork, a Doze and an Unknown Request

I slammed my paperwork down on the desk, I couldn't take this anymore. I hadn't heard anything from outside my door, so Magnus hadn't gone to bed yet. I decide to go see if she's in her office and, if she is, make her go to bed. I get up and ease my sore muscles that are cramped from having been seated for over eight hours. I glance over at the clock and see it is 2:49am. I sigh and start walking down the hallway to Magnus' office and when I heard a muffled flailing noise I hurried down the corridor at a run. I dart into the doorway and see her sitting on her couch fast asleep and twisting every few seconds. I walk over and kneel in front of her as she wakes up. "What...?" She mutters as she slowly sits up.

"Magnus, are you okay?" I make sure I sound concerned as she gradually comes to grips with the situation. "Yes, I'm okay Will. I must have just dozed off." She says slowly looking around at her clock, "Maybe a bit more than just doze off; more like fell asleep." I say humourlessly as she shakes her head back and forth slowly, "I saw the light on and thought I'd drop in." I'm lying, but I don't want her to know I'm worried, that would just serve to get her guard up. She raises an eyebrow at me, obviously doubting my statement and I cover quickly, "I couldn't sleep, came past to see if you were up too, thought we could discuss tomorrow's schedule. It's going to be hectic. Would you like a cup of tea?" I'd gotten up as I was talking and started walking towards the door and dangled the question in front of her. She nods and says, "I'll follow you; I just need to finish packing up." I know she simply wants to gain some composure, but I let her get away with it and walk away. I hear her grab the files she was reading and follow me down to the kitchen.

I grab the suitcase and heave it off the bed; this thing must weigh a tonne, "What do you put in these things, bricks?" Magnus laughs and I start thinking twice about my gallant act when she responds with, "Well, I have to have some formal wear, fighting gear and stuff to wear to bed, along with underclothes and any weaponry that might be needed should I get called on a mission on short notice." I pause in the hallway, I think, I shouldn't have asked. So I voice that thought aloud, "Forget I even asked." We walk down the stairs (because the lift chooses today to go out of service, I think it knew how much the suitcase was going to weigh) and I say, "Well, knowing our luck, I'm putting my bets on our new arrival escaping." Magnus laughs and replies, "I hope you don't mean that, this species can get very violent when cornered." I sigh and shake my head, "What do you think will escape?" She gets a very pensive look on her face and replies with a faraway look in her eye, "I think the Pinepex will probably escape when Henry updates the security system, you recall what happened last time that happened?" I groan and we continue down the stairs in that vein. When we arrive downstairs I haul the suitcase into the back of the car while Magnus remarks to Henry, "Oh, and make sure that all new arrivals are screened before they enter the Sanctuary." I say to Henry just before I drive off. "We don't need another episode like last time."

"Will do, Doc." I hear him response, "Anything else you'd like me to do? I finished the new security system yesterday and I've already sent the update to the other Heads, all I have to do is finish installing it here."

"No Henry, take the day off." He nods and walks away and I turn to Magnus, "I don't suppose I could have the day off too?" I ask without much hope.

"No, you need to finish the stuff that I mentioned and Henry doesn't exactly have the patience to deal with it." Is the calm remark.

"Damn, I knew there was a reason I was regretting you leaving." I grin and notice she isn't smiling back, Jeez, I think, I wonder why this is so important. "Remember, it's time sensitive, so if you could deal with it sooner rather than later." I nod to placate her and say, "Sure I'll get right on it. See you tomorrow." I want to remove the distracted look on her face and lean down and kiss her on the check to engage her in the real world and then I walk away before she can tell me off. I hear her open the car door quite a few seconds later and peek around the corner to look at her face as gets in the car, she looks distracted but in a different way and is holding a hand up to her cheek and doesn't seem aware of it as she closes the door and she drives off that she still has it there.