Title: May death be upon you (A different perspective)

Author: earlyable

Setting: After Awakening but before Carentan

Author's Note: I think I'm going to kill myself; I have NO idea what point of view to write this from. *sighs and shakes head* This fic is going to be the death of me! BTW, the multiple updates of chapters, that's me being an idiot.

Author's Note (#2): I have worked it out! Admittedly, not well, so this chapter is going to be really short because there wasn't much I could do unless I wanted to do Mel's POV and that would be exposition that you don't need to know yet (read: I haven't worked out yet). Anyway, I had to repost the second chapter due to some rewrites in the dialogue because of continuity; it shouldn't make any difference to the plot if you've read the companion piece to this fic. Oh and this chapter is set the morning after the escapade. *looks pointedly at Arones* Also, you might want to read the companion to this piece because I actually can't be bothered to summarize what's happened.

Rating: T (same as the original, if the original's rating goes up or down, so will this one… maybe…)

Chapter Three: Torchwood, Blackmail and some Food

"Man, this is going to take forever." I point at Tesla and he shrugs. "It's not my fault if your pathetic system can't handle an overload, Tiny Tim."

"Dude! Stop calling me that!" I shout at him. I shove him towards the door and yell, "Get out!" He walks out stopping in the doorway to comment, "Now, now Tiny Tim hasn't Helen taught you any manners?" I walk over and slam the door in his face and flip the lock before I sit down to do some work on the server. I manage about ten minutes before I hear the door open and Declan say, "Hey Henry." He walks over and sits in the spare seat. "Yeah, dude, do you want something? Only I have to get back to server, 'cause it's still offline."

"Yeah, I'll hurry. We got an email from a place called Torchwood and apparently we have their pet. I was wondering if you could trace it back to their location."

"Sure thing, man. But I'll have to do it after finishing up the server and a few other things for Magnus."

"Yeah, just do your geek boy thing and email me with the location."

"Well if I'm a geek, then I could probably just find some security footage of you and Rose..."

"What are you saying?"

"I'm saying if you don't stop calling me geek I'm gonna blackmail your butt into the New Year." I laugh as Declan stares at me and then walks out only to barge into Will. I hear muffled voices and then a minute later Will walks in. I grin at him, "Thanks for the tip, dude, that's the last time he'll tease me about being a geek." Will shakes his head amusedly, "Don't tell me what you said, I want plausible deniability." I laugh and turn back to the computer screen, "I've put the security update in, but it seems to be messing with the EM shield because it's fluctuating and last I heard, Druitt was nowhere near us. So I don't know what's happening." He shrugs at me in complete bafflement and I know he means that this is my area and not his. "You keep on it; I'll go tell Magnus, okay?" I've already gone back to work as he walks out. I glance over at the clock a while later to find that quite a few hours have gone past and it's now mid-afternoon. My stomach grumbles and I heave myself in the direction of the kitchens.