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"Brother? No way... you... were..."

"Yes Nunnaly, I destroy worlds... create.. worlds"

"Brother! BROTHER!"

Year 2018: Night after the demon emperor's death

"No, brother couldn't have done this"


"You killed him! Guards!"

Suzaku/Zero, was taken aback by this, fortunately, Cornelia appeared in time to save him from the new empress' wrath.

"Sister! What madness are you doing? Don't you see? Your the empress now. Zero here is to ensure your safety."

"But... he killed brother!" Weeped a distraught empress. Unbeknownst to them, a certain green haired girl was loitering around the royal graveyard.

"Ah here we are! It is time for you to complete your contract!"

In front of the green haired girl, is a gravestone, where these words were inscribed:

Here lies the 99th emperor of Brittania

"Hmph, so much for being a demon emperor, seems like your subjects don't have any good things to say about you." said the girl, as she started digging, with a shovel that she brought with her.

Time of Lelouch's death

"I destroy...worlds"

His own blood was now flooding his throat.


He can't take it anymore, he knows that this is it, the climax of his master plan, in a few more milliseconds, his own blood is going to flood his lungs, and drown him to death.


With his last words, he entrusted everything to his little sister, he entrusted the world which he has made for his sister, a world of peace for his dear Nunnaly.


"No, this can't be, my plan, I am still alive, but wait,I am buried, yes no one will find out that I am still alive..."

"Alive!" Gasped Lelouch as he hit his head on the surface of his coffin.

"Ugh... well at least no one will find out, the question is how am I still alive?"

"You got your fathers code my dear."

"Huh?" Thought Lelouch, as he tried to figure out where those words came from.


"Of course, I am here to fulfill our contract, oh and don't bother to ask how I am doing this, we code bearers share a link."

"A link?" Lelouch diverted his energy to thinking.

"Yes a mental link"

"Then that means... no... I am immortal, I can't fulfill our contract anymore."

"Hmm? And what makes you so sure about what I want?"

Lelouch froze at this, what would C.C. want aside from the death she has been craving for centuries?

"Have you figured it out yet?"

"C.C. I am supposed to be dead, I can't fulfill any contract when I am dead."

"No your not. Lelouch vi Brittania is dead, but L.L. is not."


"Its your new name, we decided upon it 2 hours ago."

"But why L.L.?"

"You don't like it? And I was the one who suggested it."

"Fine, you win, now please get out of my head." Lelouch thought as he tried to sleep.

"No, you are gonna fulfill your contract."

"You know as well as me, that I can't take your code anymore."

"Take my code? Now why would I do that?"

"C.C. what do you mean?"

"Alright, I am gonna tell you about our contract..."


"Nevermind, I don't feel like it anymore, I'll tell you once your out."

"Out? No, don't tell me, no!"

"NO!" Shouted Lelouch, as he was dragged out from his coffin, by two hands.

"Phew! That took longer than I thought, you were buried beaneath 3 meters of earth!"

"C.C. You weren't supposed to do that! What would people say... no what would people do if they found out I am still alive!"

"Le- L.L. Keep quiet, and just follow my lead."

Lelouch, was taken aback with his new name, he decided to get more answers.

"C.C. about the contract, how am I supposed to fulfill it if I already have a code?"

C.C. looked away from Lelouch as he asked this question.


"Nevermind about that now, just follow me already!"

Lelouch, still weak from his death, topples, on his first few steps.

"L.L.! Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, C.C. does this always happen when you revive from a death experience?"

"Don't worry Lel- L.L. You'll get used to it soon."

Lelouch, was surprised, by C.C.'s answer. "C.C. what do you mean by get used to it? Does this mean that I am gonna die a lot?"

"Get up L.L. We should hurry, before someone sees us."

Lelouch, upon hearing those words, remembers that he is supposed to be dead, and quietly follows C.C. throughout the night.

Year 2019

Nunnaly vi Brittania, 100th empress of Brittania, was having the best day of her life, ever since the day of her brother's death.

"Nunnaly seems really happy today, doesn't she Zero?" Asked Cornelia, who was carrying several folders about humanitarian projects.

"Of course your highness, her friends from the now liberated Japan are coming over to visit."

"Zero, I see that you are now getting friendly with my sister, but under no circumstances will I-"

"Don't worry your highness, I do not have such thoughts, I am, however glad that she has finally accepted me as an ally."

"No, she trusts you as a friend Zero. Please do not betray her trust."

"Do not worry your highness; I am under a vow that I will protect her from all harm."

Cornelia was appeased by this statement, and shows it, by handing Zero all the paperwork with smile.

"Zero, can you sign and check all these for me?"

Pendragon Airport - 4 hours later

"And this is Milly Ashford wishing you all a wonderful day!"

"And cut!" While several crew went to fix up Milly's make-up and clothes, they were suddenly sent flying all over(the crew), in a more literal term noticed and began to walk out, as a loud voice boomed around the airport.

"MILLY!" screamed a little girl, as she was pushed slowly on a wheelchair by Zero.

"Nunnaly!" Milly waves over.

As Nunnaly and Milly meet up, a red-head, and a blue haired boy appears from within the crew.

"Kallen! Rivalz!"

"It is nice to meet you again your majesty!" Bowed Rivalz, as he earned a giggle from the empress.

"Your majesty?"

"Rivalz! Were friends!"

"Oh yeah! I forgot about that sorry!"


"Yes Nunnaly?"

"How are you?"

"Nunnaly, everything has turned out for the better after..." Kallen looks down upon this, as she frowns.

Nunnaly, learning how to read body language from Schneizel, as instructed by Zero, noticed, Kallen's sudden change in attitude.

"Kallen... if its about brother, I am sure that he wants all of us to be happy."

Rivalz and Milly were a bit shocked by this, but forgot, as Nunnaly gave them some presents.

"And this is for being good friends for me and my brother during our stay in Japan!" Smiled Nunnaly, while she wept inside.

"Brother, everyone is finally getting better, Kallen's mother just woke up, Milly has become well known, and Rivalz... well is being Rivalz!"

"Hey Nunnaly, want to eat lunch with us?" Asked Milly, as she smiled at the empress.

"Of course! Can Zero come too?"

"Umm... sure!"

Zero then leaned down and whispered, "Your majesty, this isn't wise, what if they find out?"

"Don't worry Suzu! I got it all covered!" Nunnaly whispered back.

It was the day after Lelouch's death, when Nunnaly found out about Suzaku.

1 day after Lelouch's death

It was a quiet peaceful morning, Nunnaly was eating breakfast, while being guarded by Zero.


"Yes your majesty?"

"Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course your majesty."

"Was it all Lelouch's plan?"

Suzaku, froze on the spot. He gulped, and mustered up all his courage and lied. "Your majesty, I killed the demon emperor because he was abusing his power by sending a lot of people to their deaths."

"Hmm, but I found no report of deaths... Zero, lend me your hand, and please, don't lie, tell me, what really happened?"

Suzaku, knowing Nunnaly's ability to know if a person is lying through their hands, gave up, and after making sure that there are no nearby ears to listen in on what he is about to say, he told Nunnaly everything, from Lelouch's Zero Requiem plan, to his role as the original Zero.

"Suzaku... Brother was..."

"Yes Nunnaly, now please, keep it a secret, we don't want all of your brother's work to go to waste."

"I understand Suzu."

Suzaku was at first didn't react, and then a moment of realization hit him.


"Suzu for Suzaku!"

"Nunnaly! We can't have anybody know that I am Suzaku. Please refrain from calling me this."

"Fine, but I will call you Suzu in private."

"Of course your majesty."

Pendragon Airport Restaurant

"So Nunna, what would you like? An apple tart or a chocolate cake?" Asked Milly.


"Nunna?" Milly begins waving her hand in front of Nunnaly.

"Oh no, no response, this calls for a choco stick!"

As Milly was about to stick the chocolate stick into Nunnaly's mouth, an explosion calls their attention.

Year 2019 – China

In an room full of computer monitors, a green haired girl wakes a purple-eyed boy up.

"C.C. what happened?"

"A terrorist attack was launched on the Pendragon Airport; the Knight Police has already been dispatched, along with the knight of the round."

"Knights of the round... this is a bit overkill for a normal terrorist attack."

"Then that means..."

"Yes C.C. it's an attack on my sister."

"Should I call the others?"

"Yeah, but only call the four team leaders, were gonna observe the situation for now."

"Of course my King."

As C.C. exits the room, L.L. starts hacking into the airport security mainframe. What he sees next forces him to run outside the room, and call the entire team himself.

Pendragon Airport

Explosions and death fills the airport. Several civilians, and children were shot right in front of Nunnaly, and the group.

"I am Zero! I order you all to stop this act of violence!"

"Its Zero! Shoot him in the name of the Ondraedan Knights!"

The terrorist soldiers then raised up their rifles, and were about to shoot, when a man suited up in all white, signalled them to stop.

"Your majesty, and Zero, I am Astor Blancardin, leader of the Ondraedan Knights." The man said, as he bowed.

"What are you after?" Asked Zero.

"What we are after? We are after a world cleansed of all Brittanians, and all their benefactors!"

"Leave our friends out of this!" Screamed Nunnaly.

"Ah, your majesty, you see, those who decided to befriend Brittania, after all that abuse, and pain, decided to take the easy way out, and chose to appease you. However, we the Ondraedan Knights will never bow down to Brittanian rule!"

As Astor finished his monologue, he turned away.

"Knights, feel free to do what you want with them." As Astor left them, the knights, again, raised their weapons.

"That yellow-haired woman is mine! Don't shoot her!" Declared one of the soldiers, as their commanding officer, identified with a white cape, gave them the signal to start shooting.

"Whatever man, but that red-head is mine."

"You two shut up, were to kill all of them anyway."

"Exactly." The second man said.

"Ugh, you guys are sick with your necrophilia and shit."

"FIRE!" Their commander said.

Nunnaly and her group were powerless of the terrorists.

"So this is how it ends... brother I am sorry..."

"Your majesty! Please run, I will hold them off!" Zero said, as he pulled out a gun.

"No running away from us! Surround them!" An officer said, as the soldiers formed a circle around them.


"This can't be the end! Brother save us!"

Nunnaly cried, as she hugged Milly.

"Oh is the all powerful Brittanian empress crying like a baby? Let me solve that for you your majesty!" One of the soldiers said, as he aimed his gun at Nunnaly.

"Gah, where are the others at a time like this!"

Outside Pendragon Airport

Jeremiah, and his team, are under heavy fire, at this point, Jeremiah was having thoughts that he won't make it.

"No, I won't fail my duty again."

"ALL HAIL BRITTANIA!" Jeremiah shouted as he lead a charge, utilizing his cyborg body and taking in all the damage unharmed, while shooting several terrorists on his way in.

Just then he saw knightmares that had the same color as the uniforms of the terrorists.

"No! This can't be! At this rate I won't make it!"

Jeremiah thought as he took cover behind some debris.

Pendragon airport

"Brother! Save us!"

As the men started firing, an ominous green barrier appeared around Nunnaly's group, deflecting all the bullets.

"We are the Knights Templar under the direct command of Masters L.L. and C.C.! We order you to drop all your weapons or face the wrath of the Geass Order!