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It was a windy day on the grassy plains outside New Pendragon. A large white villa with flower decors and a garden pathway could be seen from the sky, as the place could not be seen from the eyes of those on the ground.

Kallen remembered that day, as she used her geass to create a large protective shield around her and the others as they tore through the crumbling cave on Kanime Island.

"This is Q1, the sky is clear and secure; preparing to land." Kallen said through her radio, as she began to sink into her thoughts.

"Kallen!" Zero's voice, the original voice noted Kallen, boomed as she got down from her Guren's cockpit.

"Here are the profiles of the candidates, there is also an address list attached if you ever want to visit them." stated as they passed through a corridor.

"These are just numbers." Kallen complained as she gazed at the address list.

"Room numbers." Lelouch corrected, as he pointed at a line at the top of the list.

"Geass Order Main Headquarters..." Kallen muttered. "Right." Lelouch responded as they continued walking. "They are all excellent kids, they just need someone to look after them, and seeing as they were only taught how to fight, I concluded that the best person to teach them about what is right and wrong is someone who has first-hand experience in fighting." Lelouch said as they passed through a doorway, with a sliding mechanism. "You really think that I will simply be a nanny?" Kallen complained as their argument was interrupted before Lelouch could think of a retort.

"WELCOME BACK ONII-SAN!" Nunally shouted as the lights inside the room, which was in fact a large lobby with a large staircase in the middle, popped with confetti, and several people.

Cornelia then stepped in front of the group and then said, "Lelouch, I understand, and i-"

"Cornelia; I do not deserve your understanding... with what I did to Euphie..." Lelouch's face then became grim, as Cornelia then interrupted him.

"Lelouch vi Britannia! You will always be my brother, and I am sure that Euphie will feel the same, and forgive you." Cornelia broke through her mental barricades and hugged her brother, and then stepped back to make way for the others.

"Master LL, we thank you for saving us and taking care of us." Noland and the rest of the knights templar kneeled in front of Lelouch who then patted his head and smiled."

"Haha! I sort of expected this." Laughed Lelouch as he put his hand on his face, and did his usual pose.

"As fabulous as ever your majesty!" CC teased, as Lelouch immediately fixed his posture and sighed.

"Thank you CC." Lelouch responded with no emotion, while glaring at CC.

'CC seriously...'

'Yes seriously Lelouch.' CC telepathically responded teasingly as the other people in the room started noticing their stares at each other.

"They are at it again!" Nunally happily sighed with a blush, as the said couple stopped what they were doing and looked at opposite directions.

'Nunally? Blushing? No Lelouch; your little sister is grown up now, she is the empress of course she knows what l-l-love is.' Lelouch's consciousness began to break, as CC suddenly walked up at his front and said, "You're face is pale MY LL." CC said the last few words seductively, that Nunally got a nosebleed, as Cornelia, who noticed what was happening then grabbed Nunally and dragged her out of the room, as Suzaku, who was ever innocent, looked dumbfounded at what was happening while Jeremiah simply shed a tear and muttered something about how fast they grew up and left the room to give the couple some privacy, and the Knights Templar, who were by now used as to what to do in this situation simply walked out of the room to avoid becoming collateral damage.

"You know, you have Kallen as well now." CC purred, while giving Kallen a glance, as said girl began to take steps back.

"CC... somehow you always turn a situation upside down, no matter how bad or good it is, you always manage to turn the tides." Lelouch muttered with a smile as he made a face palm, and to strengthen his theory was his first loss as Zero in the Saitama Ghetto, which thanks to CC he was able to make it out alive.

"I always do, don't I?" CC responded with a smile, as she chased after Kallen whom by now was running through hallways towards her Guren for escape.

"You won't get away from me!" CC called over as she ran after the red headed girl.

Lelouch then looked at the staircase, the staircase where everything began, where his mother was killed, where Nunally lost her eyesight and legs, and where he started his life of revenge on the culprits.

'To think that to where it began it would also end...' Lelouch thought as he walked outside through the front double doors, and looked at the sky.

'So peaceful...'

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